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Outlaw Star Artbook Scans - Aisha Concepts!

It seems that Aisha went through a few different forms before a final design was put together. It seems that since the manga had not reached a point where Aisha is seen without her cloak, the anime had to work out a final design. Early Aisha designs had a sort of magical girl feel, and Aisha carried a staff-like weapon.

Shoulder armor and hair rings were consistent themes in the designs. The staff was likely cut because of Aisha’s inclination towards pure physical strength.


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MD: Seeing all these concepts of Asami’s outfit together really reminds me how important a character’s costume is and how it helps illustrate his or her personality and role in the story. I love the final version, which is a nice balance of formal business attire and fashion-forward elegance. Asami concepts and designs by Lauren Montgomery, Christie Tseng, and Bryan Konietzko. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf and Bryan Konietzko. [x]