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Ta da! My first ever artbook/sketchbook Ink & Gold will be available at my booth during Warsaw Comiccon! Make sure to come by~!
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✨Fallen in love with Hawkins, or with Eleven and the gang?✨ This is a potential Stranger Things Zine, centered around the hit Netflix series. Before setting up applications, we’d like to see how many people would be interested in participating or purchasing! 

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The Art of Overwatch: Olivia “Sombra” Colomar
Photos taken with: Canon Rebel T5

This isn’t all there is regarding this character in the artbook, of course, but here’s some of it as a little appetizer.

Hope y’all are looking forward to get your own copy on Oct 24 ;)

A few more under the cut.

[Ana] | [Mercy] | [Pharah] | [Symmetra] | [Zenyatta] | [NPCs] | [Valentine’s Day + Holiday Season] | [A Self Indulgent McCree Dump] | [A Self Indulgent Dragons Dump] | [A Self Indulgent Tracer + Misc. Dump]

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mordeō /ˈː/, [ˈmɔː]

to bite, bite into 
to eat, devour, consume 
to bite into, take hold of, catch fast 
to cut into, wash away 
to nip, bite, sting [figuratively] 
to bite, sting, pain, hurt


Get your copy of vampire and werewolf artbook today!

Campaign ends Nov 1!

And if this world runs out of lovers, we’ll still have each other, nothing’s gonna stop us now

I missed them and I’m pretty much in 80′s mood, perfect for drawing these two. Full artwork in my and @blacksmiley-c‘s artbook!