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Cover (tentative) for my upcoming mini fanart book:

L3 - Love.Life.Lust (Victor Nikiforov Edition)

I will experiment with many coloring styles for this book~ Total pages will be around 20 pages, A4 size. Hope I could finish it before AFA ID…

Guest artists:
Emptycicada, Brilcrist, Barechu, Xintaowan, Etansel, Subaru-S, Vickipiki, Deeyosa, Circus-usagi, Mizuno Hikaru

More info coming soon~


Hosoi Mieko’s Illustrations Anime OPs/EDs


Hey ! Just a reminder that the preorders for the artbook I’m currently working on are still open until sunday ! 

It’s about a bunch of screwup mages (and their apprentice) who run a spells/herbalist’s shop, and about their daily struggle to make it in a big city.

As for practical informations : the price is 15€ (plus shipping fee : France - 3€, EU - 6€, rest of the world - 7€), the thing itself is around 80 pages long, softcover, size A5, in colors and all. Be careful, the text is in FRENCH, though.

 I’ll start shipping the preordered books at the beginning of july.

If you’re interested or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email at

From the Miraculous Ladybug artbook

The scanner means that these aren’t overly great, but they’re a hint

Some expanded uses for Ladybug’s magic yoyo

And a couple of extra powers for for Chat Noir too! (Season 2 perhaps?)

And a couple of cute shots of “The Mini Menace”Chat Noir, with his little cat hat!

And this is an interesting shot, which makes me wonder if Chat Noir was originally intended to have the power to generate bad luck rather than outright destruction He’s not destroying the tree here, he’s touching it with the “Cataclysm” effect and it’s just causing some bad luck for Marinette.