You know what i find so frustrating? Sonas or representational characters… ugh…. i seriously cant pin myself to stick with anything its really terrible. I think iv kinda always had that problem though, it is just REALLY FRUSTRATING my gosh bleh. I mean its really not that big of a deal to me because i don’t really ever draw myself doing stuff so i don’t really need one but it is still something i think is important and has been really keeping me in an artblock lately…. only in that way though if that makes sense? xD i have no idea… I kindof have it in my mind but every time i draw it out if feels too solid or something… like too set or something…

shapeshifters are awesome, ill probably make it that… but still ugh i cant ever feel happy with it its terrible.

Do you guys ever have that problem when drawing your ‘sona’ of any sort?

how do you get rid of it if you do?