I need money again so here it is!

SKETCH - $10 $8
no colour, may have some background

colored, may have some simple background with details

colored, characters being into background, something like promo or concept art

ANIMATION - $50-$80 $10-$30
animated gifs, from something simple like blinking for more difficult like something in example

Contact  - tumblr messages prefer, but you can also write on my email:

Payment - paypal

P.S.  About goals!

I need money because i went away from home, so i need money for apartaments like minimum (and i will not be able to get regular job for next 2 months at least for some of personal reasons. So i think commissions now is kind of my job ahhah) BUT there are a lot of other things (like food, medicine, bus tickets etc)
And if i will be able to have opportunety to sell my stuf in local conventions i will be super happy! :3


minimum goal for this and next month - $ 260
(payment for apartaments for 2 months, 130 for this and 130 for next)

and if i will be able to get 400 it will be truly happines!
(food, medicine, bus tickets, printing more stuf like stickers for selling etc)

So thank you so much, and i am super waiting for commissions!

UPD: fixed picture with animation price

Need more blogs to follow

I still don’t think I’m following enough blogs. Also, I wanna meet new people.

Reblog/like if you post:

  • manga caps
  • monochrome art
  • anime gifs
  • scenery
  • fashion
  • nature
  • aesthetic

I’d appreciate if mutuals reblogged to spread <33
I’ll be checking all blogs.