One of the things fuelling postmodern art audiences is the ability to understand expression through satirical concepts and simple representation. Something to note is that not all who have this ability may return an equal level of appreciation, since comprehension and appreciation are not entirely dependent on each other. For instance, an installation of a blank canvas pinned to the wall may not appeal to an intelligent person who understands the artist’s intentions. Additionally, one who is of lesser intelligence may be attracted to the same piece of art without insight to its motives.

Don’t be ashamed if you do not appreciate postmodern art. Nobody can rightfully point and laugh at your postmodern blindness; taste is idiosyncratic and intelligence itself is tricky to ascertain.

On art and its marvellous sea

Art. It is the expression of you and I into something pleasing to the eye. It is also unpleasant; the Leviathan of our soul, spewed forth from our chests through a large, dark hole.

Rosemary is rosemary, and thyme is thyme, but art is disobedient as it changes through time. And forward it will, as its sea sees fit, thrusted by ideas that all of us emit.

Is it boredom, or spark, that pulls art through? Is it admired, dissected, or forbidden to construe? Who cares? Who doesn’t? What makes art true? What really is art is art to you.

Art is a wonder; a growing tree. Fed by the world, and left to be. Art is the best of humanity; we live to be in its marvellous sea.


Tumblr Monday 75 

Vladimir Nemukhin (b.1925, Russia)

Soiree evening. Oil on canvas, 100x100 cm (1974)
Composition with a fish. Watercolor, 42,5x50,5 cm (1974)

Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin is one of the founders of the Lianozov group and carries on the tradition of the Russian avant-garde. He calls the basis of his abstract compositions “Russian cubo-futurism”. His compositions include collages, and he frequently painted using mixed media, a painting-graphic technique as it were, as well as on paper. The assimilation of the picture with the subject brought his work close to the decade of the 1980’s with its pop-art. (cf. The Tsukanov art collection) Great thanks to artandopinion for this Monday to introduce us Vladimir Nemukhin!

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Tumblr Monday 42

Nu Ryu (Korea / USA) - Soulmate | Soul mates. Oil on canvas, 36x36inches (2009)

Great thanks to artandopinion for this Monday to introduce one of her favorite contemporary artist, Nu Ryu, a South Korea born and New York-based artist.

“I see nature as the origin of harmony and communication, and animals as messengers to nature for mankind who is lost, and looking for their nature. I act as a translator and storyteller between different creatures and the world. I capture each moment of my understanding, the interaction between humans and nature, and I directly transform it onto the canvas.” (cf. artist’s thoughts) Hope you will enjoy her stunning works as much as we do!

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