Art & Images - Chroma: Harmonix introduce new rhythm shooter

by Abdul Rob

Harmonix, the developers behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band are developing an intriguing new title named Chroma.

The game is a blend of multiplayer team based FPS shooter (complete with classes and load outs) and a rhythm game, where timing your actions with the music adds to the effectiveness of your abilities and actions. 

Not only does it attempt to blend two genres that we haven’t seen merge before, but it’s also free to play and headed for Steam. Currently the game is in alpha testing (see link at the bottom) and Engadget reports that they do need to polish up the rather hectic experience, as the learning curve is supposedly big and lag needs to be kept to a minimum in a multiplayer rhythm-fps game, as one might imagine.

Personally, I’m excited to see how it turns out, even if this title doesn’t succeed it could possibly pave the way for future titles, and a new breed of game which is always interesting.

via Engadget

Chroma alpha sign up


New images of Deadfall Adventure

by Abdul Rob

Deadfall Adventure is by Nordic Games, who not too long ago bought up a significant amount of THQ’s assets in their bankruptcy auction. The game will see you travel around the world, visiting ancient sites in the 1930’s stealing other nations treasures and seemingly slaying the natives whilst you do so. Don’t worry however as due to the setting (1930’s) none of this is likely to have any repercussions (moral or otherwise) on your character as it is after all being done in the name of European interest. This is so that other conflicting European interests (see Nazi’s and Communists) aren’t able to do so themselves - what could be more purposeful of a people, their history and culture? making it an even more suitable title for public consumption in 2013.

It does pose the question of how a game using one of these settings would have turned out if it were from the view point of a hero and culture from the nation with in which these works (artifacts, structures etc) come from and are located in.

The game is due for release in late Septermber, 2013, by which time we’ll hopefully have a clearer understanding of it’s story’s context.