7E Guest Artist - Joanie Lemercier

Joanie Lemercier is a French visual artist and former Creative Director of AntiVJ.  He creates spectacular light installations, video presentations, stage designs, projection mapping and sculptures.  His work is inspired by geometry, nature, visual perception and optical illusions.  Minimalist yet intricate in detail, his designs notably consist of triangulations - a network of triangles in 3-dimensional form.  

We’re blown away and thrilled to have Joanie join our 7E community.   


7E Guest Artist - Casey Reas

The first time I was exposed to Casey Reas’ artwork was through installation art he created for Yeasayer. I was excited to see them perform at FYF in 2012 since they had recently added Cale Parks, one of my favorite drummers, to the lineup. I was wondering who created the triangular installation on stage and much much later found out it was Casey in collaboration with Aranda\Lasch. That discovery led to another realization that I had actually been introduced to his work even earlier by using Processing, the programming environment for visual artists. Casey co-created processing with Ben Fry and it has of course also now been adapted as the default development environment for arduino. 

Learning to code was a necessity to express his art. Casey’s visual work is mostly generative, always interesting and spans a wide range of mediums. Jinna would love to own one of Reas’ pattern dresses shown above. As an engineer I deeply respect an artist who has made such widespread contributions across the union of Art + Engineering. Thanks Casey for joining us on 7E.



7E Guest Artist - Marius Watz

Marius Watz is a New York/Oslo based artist and coder “working with visual abstraction through generative software processes.” What this means is that he creates software generated artwork.  He creates pure software works, public projections and physical objects produced with digital fabrication technology.  I’ve mentioned several times in past 7E articles that I have an affinity to art that consist of fine lines.  His geometric forms are complex yet delicate in nature like impressive and gorgeous spiderwebs.  My favorite is his Arc Drawing #1-2.  

Both Terry and I are great big fans of Marius’ work so we are honored he joined 7E.  Beautiful work Marius. :)



7E Guest Artist - Monika Bravo

MONIKA BRAVO is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Bogotá, Colombia.  Her installation piece Landscape of Belief is explained with Mahatma Gandhi’s quote:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny." 

It is a sculptural time-based installation made of glass, mirror, aluminum, projectors, mac mini and custom software. ”The viewer experiences the sculpture as animations composed of text projected and floating diaphanously in glass panels. These texts that generate skylines of real/imaginary landscapes are culled from Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, (both a dialogue and description of illusory cities between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan).“

Watch the vimeos.  The animations are soothing and thought provoking. Thanks Monika for sharing!  

Landscape of Belief from Monika Bravo on Vimeo.

7E wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day

Terry took me to see an classic film in 35mm - An Affair to Remember starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  There’s something special about a good classic and/or black and white film.  I wish more of the smart wit and innuendos still remained today.  

Above:  Engineer/Inventor Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife Mabel holding a tetrahedral kite (Oct 1903). 

7E. Marriage of Art and Engineering. 


Month of Valentine’s Day

Red and pink colors are sprouting lately - from the grocery store to online advertisements.  As you know, February is the month of the love.  7E would like to present to you another playlist, described by Bach as,“a little nostalgic and a little cheesy.”  I say, “perfect!”


Above:  Willem Johan Kolff (February 14, 1911 – February 11, 2009) was a pioneer of hemodialysis as well as in the field of artificial organs.  Notice!  He was born on Valentine’s Day.