7E wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day

Terry took me to see an classic film in 35mm - An Affair to Remember starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  There’s something special about a good classic and/or black and white film.  I wish more of the smart wit and innuendos still remained today.  

Above:  Engineer/Inventor Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife Mabel holding a tetrahedral kite (Oct 1903). 

7E. Marriage of Art and Engineering. 


7E visits Days and Nights Festival 2014 with Philip Glass - Big Sur, California PLUS BIG NEWS

Last Friday on September 26th, we made a 6 hour drive to the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur to witness an Evening of Music and Spoken Word with Philip Glass and Friends.  

The setting was intimate as we were seated amongst twinkling lights, stars and ancient redwood trees.  While breathing the crisp night air of ocean and sequoia, we witnessed Philip Glass perform some of his works accompanied by a stellar concert band.  They also performed a string trio OP. 9 No. 3 by Ludwig Beethoven.  Beautiful.  

Although poetry/spoken word is not something we follow, (and perhaps not appreciated enough) Jerry Quickely’s piece called Whistleblower was compelling and executed with grace.  


News to Readers: We’re well aware that we’ve been holding off on posting any new articles for several months.  It’s for a good reason… 

We want to announce today to our loyal 7E readers/friends very intimate news that we are expecting our first baby.  :)

Days and Nights Festival was a short soulful journey.  It was great to breathe the good coastal air and witness an ensemble of unique artists. I’ve been extremely sick and weak the past few month but lately I feel I’ve been gaining strength. 

7E was derived from our root concept:  a marriage of Art of Engineering. We’re proud to share our big news to you.  We promise more art and engineering will return.  Feel free to write to us!