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I'm big into identity politics as an AA, but I haven't consciously sought out works by Asian and AA/European(?) artists to feature on my blog. I wouldn't say they're uncommon on my blog though, so I'm not sure if it's subconscious. I have two AA friends studying art & for the most part their parents seem supportive, but I currently work part-time at an art center & earlier today an Asian father who just registered there told me he hoped his son was going through a phase. Sad, but understandable.

Yeah man, drawing is a gateway. Pretty soon he’ll be snorting pixels off of an intuos, and hocking his monograph at Comic Con. 

I wouldn’t say we’re necessarily uncommon either, in regards to the arts industry or academia. I don’t know the actual demographics, but it seems to me that there are more Asian Americans in art schools now than ever too. In my class of 20, there are 6 Asian students, 3 of which are Asian American. I went to the SOI Student show recently, and there were a fair amount of Asian students represented there too.

We’re also the fastest growing electorate in America as well. I think what all of this means is that we have to ask some tough questions of ourselves on what our role is moving forward.


A Glimpse Into the Life of Harry Mckenzie

Harry Mckenzie is an illustrator living and working in the city of Bristol in the U.K. While Mckenzie’s works are often vibrant with a child-like playfulness, they don’t conceal the darker, existential humor present in many of Mckenzie’s works.

I’m never really sure how to describe my work to people – I guess I like to take an idea and pair it with or inside an image in the simplest way I can think of. Like “I could have done that”. My work is loose and intuitive too. It took me a long time to realise that a “finished” drawing doesn’t have to be redrawn over and worked on for days. If it takes you a minute to draw something that’s fine. I think some of my favourite work is the work that took me the least time to make.

Interview with Harry Mckenzie

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Work-Life Balance

Hudson Christie is an illustrator based in Toronto. His series Work-Life Balance explores the relationship between people’s professional and personal lives, particularly hobbies, which may or may not occasionally make their way into the workplace.

What’s the biggest compliment you’ve ever received as an artist?

Recently someone on Tumblr said “vẽ nude em muốn vẽ nude… nhưng mà rung quá biết làm sao đây !” and I thought that was really sweet.

Interview with Hudson Christie

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#ThisIsAGoodKissSpot, 0707

This is a Good Kiss Spot is a viral street art and photography project started in 2012 by 0707, an Italian street artist and graphic designer living in the UK. Participants can download the sticker template and upload their photos of prime kissing locations to Instagram with the hashtag #thisisagoodkissspot.

The main goal of the project was, and is, to involve the audience in the project, sharing a positive message. Against any odds, the support from the volunteers was massive and as well the impact of the project. #ThisisAGoodKissSpot project was intended to let the people not only to enjoy the “moment” or the place, and remind to “share the feelings” (Otherwise for what the language was born for?) but it was also an experiment to let the people feel that they can change the action and feelings around them in an “active” way, giving a positive contribute to whom will see the sticker on a wall.

Interview with 0707

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Tiny People

I think that it really clicked when I realized that it was possible for people like me, who didn’t know how to properly “design,” to express themselves through their own style and there were hundreds of ways to achieve this, it shouldn’t be limited. So I take the plunge and I experiment!

Interview with Alix Leroy (translated)

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Combinophy, Cristiana Costin

Cristiana Costin is a Graphic Design student based in Bucharest, Romania. Combinophy is a series of pieces in which Costin combines analog photography and digital illustration to create dynamic pieces that spark the imagination in the monotony of daily life.

My main goal is to make something meaningful, that contains a strong message. I want to create things and messages for people’s needs, not for their desires. I want to become a good graphic designer. I don’t even know if I make art or not…

Interview with Cristiana Costin

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A little more than a month ago, I got to go on a tour of the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. It’s one of the oldest arts colleges in the U.S. and it’s been ranked in the top 10 art schools for some of its fine arts programs. Our tour guide was really enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the school and its history. She showed us a number of MICA’s facilities, which were amazing and looked pretty state-of-the-art, so I had a lot of fun checking them out, along with all the jaw-dropping artwork sprinkled around the campus. I was definitely digging the Brown Center, as you can probably see from these photos.


Artandcetera @ The National Gallery Art

I went to D.C. last weekend with a few friends and snapped a good number of photos on my new camera. It was a bit nerve-wracking because I was afraid none of them would turn out well since I’m a bit of an amateur, but some of them turned out quite well and I thought I’d share my favorites.

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