Hsiao-Ron Cheng is a Taiwanese illustrator best known for her ethereal, surrealistic works of pastel-colored art that often depict floral motifs.

I often imagine our emotions as plants: they extend like any organic object; they grow and wither. Covering the face with flowers is a way to express the emotion, we can feel it even if we can’t see…


Interview with Hsiao-Ron Cheng (translated)

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Les Dormeurs

Cécile Giovannini is an illustrator living and working in Martigny, Switzerland. Les Dormeurs, which is “The Sleepers” in French, is an introspective series depicting solitary subjects in nighttime landscapes offset by the surreal imagery.

Since I was a child, I have experienced anxiety falling asleep, afraid about this moment when you accept to lose control of your reality. I think a lot of people feel the same…It is a feeling the same as thinking about how big the universe is or fear of the dark. Deep feelings that do not disappear when you grow up.

Interview with Cécile Giovannini

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Tiny People

I think that it really clicked when I realized that it was possible for people like me, who didn’t know how to properly “design,” to express themselves through their own style and there were hundreds of ways to achieve this, it shouldn’t be limited. So I take the plunge and I experiment!

Interview with Alix Leroy (translated)

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