Enchanting Vintage Photographs Of Frida Kahlo Perfectly Capture The Surrealist Queen

Her paintings blend tales of personal torment with surreal visions mined from the the wild subconscious. Somewhere between self-portraits and visual mythologies, Frida Kahlo’s artworks depict a subject with an ever-shifting identity. Slipping from a jungle queen to a nursing infant, a wounded deer to a bed-ridden bride, Kahlo as subject was defined by fluidity, flexibility and imagination.

Kahlo as artist was just as adaptable, and just as bewitching. Known and worshipped for her exotic beauty and otherworldly style, Kahlo didn’t just create artwork on her flattened canvases, but on her own person as well. An exhibition at Throckmorton Fine Art, entitled “Mirror Mirror… Frida Kahlo Photographs,” depicts the multifaceted beauty of the rebellious artist, as captured by a variety of 20 influential 20th-century photographers.


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Jean Delville ~ “The Wheel of the World, 1940

Jean Delville was a Belgian painter (1867-1953) who painted heavily symbolic scenes with a occult oriented spiritual perspective. As a mystic strongly influenced by Neoplatonism, Delville believed that visible reality was only a symbol, and that humans exist in three planes: the physical (the realm of facts), the astral (or spiritual world, the realm of laws), and the divine (the realm of causes). These higher planes of existence were the only significant ones. The human body he considered to a potential prison for the soul. <source>