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Steam Support: We need to raise Awareness NOW.

Hi guys, Trick here other known as the bunny sniper, I know I am not the best person in the world but I have been from steam just only from 2010 alone and been active for 3 years on team fortress side. May not be a lot but I know what’s wrong from right.

Recently I have been just scammed from a user who did not even needed to be added on my friends list and impersonated my friend to steal my 4 unusuals, and that’s a pretty big deal to me since they were gifted to me and worth about 200 dollars And first time being scammed: Post here. I gotten a response 10 days later to get: 

Translation: We’re not helping you, It’s your fault not ours. 

That’s pretty fucked up too! People used their money to buy gifts to friends and later to find out it was stolen from you is so heartbreaking and most people say. “get over it” or “it’s just items” , But get this before their update on steam support they were suppose to do their jobs to help their customers. Sure there’s more of us than their workers but that doesn’t mean anything, it’s not our fault that scammers and hijackers has been finding ways to get into someone’s account without them knowing. Reporting a account does appsoltely nothing

Speaking of which: 7/19/2015 4:39 AM A friend and I were on a server playing until she crashed out the game twice. When she came back her items were gone and thought maybe it was just the item server and when she checked her backpack. ALL of her items were gone.  My friend Rosie got her professionals,strange,  unusual, gifted items, and 30 keys stolen without her knowing. She worked her ass off to get those things and now it’s all gone which was im sure more than 600 dollars worth. I told her to look through her trading offers and email an showed that a user took her things. She later contacted the user who has her things and asked why would he do this. The man simply said: “ I paid someone to get these items”. and simply ran off. 

Do you mean what this means? They can hijack your account without you knowing. They can add you without you confirming the add or trade. They can can do what they please because  They can steal legally because steam support does not ban those who are running with people’s items and passed a new update that states that they do NO LONGER recover items after being hijacked/scammed even if you have the email on, giving a detailed ticket and show all the proof in the world and you’ll simply just get an Copied/pasted Answer saying your responsibility to know. Even though they are breaking the terms and the agreement steam support won’t do anything because from what I see. They no longer care how they used to.

Steam support is there for a reason: Help their customers.

What’s the point of steam support if you are not going to help or even give sympathy? I followed the guidelines as a normal user to do as much as a i can in less than a day to hope to get help from their team but no Instead I get a huge fuck you in my face.

Please please please REBLOG THIS. No, a like will not help. This needs awareness NOW so they can see how fucking bad their services are now and people are getting scammed more and more and this bad. It’s going to be soon until scammers are allowed to do what they please.

I don’t care if you are not even a gamer, play any games from steam, or even know what steam is. The point the users here are there for getting things and knowing the commuinty is safe enough to know that your things won’t be taken. You spend money for something and next thing you find out it’s all gone.

No one wants that. We need 40,000 People to support this and this will be a long run but this is super duper important.

Please share to everyone you know!