Marvel’s Squirrel Girl is coming to Netflix.

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Escaping the taunts of her fellow school students regarding her physical mutation, Los Angeles-born Doreen Green fled into the nearby woods where she quickly discovered her affinity for squirrels. Squirrel Girl subsequently moved to New York City to fight crime, earning quite the reputation as Central Park’s greatest protector.

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xxmylovelylife  asked:

I'm so glad I found your tumblr page! I'm from The Netherlands and I'm going to study international business and languages, also with Spanish. Can you recommend me some Spanish series or tv shows? Beginner level 😅


I found a series on Youtube, it’s old but it’s funny and it’s specially for beginners, and It has Spanish transcript.

On Netflix you can watch some Spanish series and you can put Spanish subtitles in most of them.

You can check this article about learning Spanish with telenovelas, I think it’s useful and you can still watch other series and learn from them even if you’re a beginner.

Some popular series on Netflix:


  • Velvet
  • El tiempo entre costuras
  • Gran Hotel
  • Las chicas del cable
  • El Internado
  • Bajo sospecha
  • Mar de plástico
  • El barco
  • Merlí


  • Juana Inés
  • La Doña
  • Club de Cuervos
  • Rosario Tijeras (Mexican version)
  • Ingobernable
  • Capo “El amo del túnel”
  • El Dandy
  • El Vato
  • La Reina del Sur


  • La esclava blanca
  • La niña
  • Palabra de Ladrón
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Las muñecas de la mafia
  • El Cartel
  • Cumbia Ninja
  • Rosario Tijeras (Colombian version)


  • Cuatro estaciones en la Habana


  • Estocolmo

You can also check these websites:


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