Superwholock au:

Sherlock’s called in on a case where seven people have gone missing in the last week, all of them last spotted entering a church in and around London. After checking out the churches himself, the detective finds that they all hold something unusual in common: every church has a statue inside, of an angel with their faces in their hands. He realizes that this case is too difficult for him to sort out alone, so he phones up a group of ‘hunters’, asking that the Winchesters and their very own angel would come to England to help solve the case. He also contacts an old friend, the Doctor, who confirms that he’s seen the statues before.

Dean: “Ever seen 'em before, Cas?”
Castiel: “I have.”
Dean: “Can you tell us what they are?”
Castiel: “This is what happens when an angel dies, Dean. I was one myself for a short period of time.”

fun things to call the lizard guy:

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  • mike wazowski

Recognize that there is no-one who is ‘normal’. Love who you are and accept your differences. Don’t think of your differences as inferiorities. They are all part of the package that make you “you”. And the world would be boring if we all were just the same. Don’t listen to anyone who puts you down. It’s likely that they’re suffering from low self-esteem – hence they’re trying to feel better by criticising you. Smile and be happy – you deserve to enjoy life. And remember life’s a journey; it’s not a race. #soworthloving #swlfamily #swl #selflove #selfworth #love #lifestyle #overcome #loveyou #lovepeople #knowyourworth

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anonymous asked:

haha, well at least our creators didn't die! he deserved it!

Monty deserved to die?



Monty was doing what he loved when he created RWBY, it was his dream. He included POC, queer folk (who are soon to be revealed) and STRONG FEMALE LEADS! 

Monty was the most amazing person. 

He wrote better shit than Cis Straight White guys running around doing bullshit.

RWBY > Superwholock