Playing SWL is like going home to discover the downtown is now all Chipotle and Panera and McDonalds and Potbelly’s in place of the old cute corner stores and mom-and-pops.  The rest is mostly the same.  You still see old friends and have flashbacks when you walk through your old neighborhood and smile to think of the fun you had riding your bike down that old dirt path (which is now paved but the view is mostly the same).  It is mostly like returning home, but not exactly, and some things have moved on without you, but some things give you so much nostalgia you hurt.  

You and your buddies play hoops in his driveway but you realize the basket is so much lower now and it’s easy to score but you don’t mind.  The company is good, and you remember old times as you do it, and you find you don’t hate coming back as much as you  thought you would.

SWL and Tumblrmeetup

Hey everyone! Just a heads up! Now that SWL is launched, the #tumblrmeetup chat channel is also launched! 

For those of you returning from TSW, you already know that #tumblrmeetup is our personal (OOC) channel that acts as a way to create private dungeon or scenario groups, host parties, and help one-another with the game. For those of you new to the franchise or just looking for a place to chill ingame, feel free to join us at #tumbrlmeetup.



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Catch you on the flip-side, Chucks!

I’m patiently waiting for the Blood Bound Weapons from the Kiss of the Revenant ARG to be claimable and I can’t help but imagine my Templar summoning a Revenant with his hammer, taking one look at it and then chase it around with said hammer.

Because that’s what we Templars do.

wow there’s some really wonky anatomy in this

anyways with tsw ending and secret world legends coming out soon (launch date is while i’m out of town and i’m sad about it), i gotta figure out what character i’m gonna make and try to focus on. these two are the ones that wound up most developed from my time in tsw, so they’re kind of my first choice, but making a new character is also always on the table. either way i’m not bringing any of the experiences from the old game with them, so it’s a blank slate.

some rambling on backstory and stuff behind the cut if you’re interested in listening to me try to figure out which one interests me more

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Kiresten Gearsy tHe TEmplstr WArrior.

Chapter 1: Coffese

Kirseten eary foes on an quent to defeat the evil snoock and safe the taemtplars from the bad time.

Kiresten was one day in a an office that was her offiece and she was tryin dtrink a coffee. Coffe was not a good coffe and that was a not good think she darnk. She said Templras why did you do my coffee?!

And so se desfrsted to join the taermplers and to get he cood coffes

KAeristen did ht had to go from the new york cite to the UK island where the england was next to.

There wa sa lot of the bees in the way so she pushed them away from the agathe portel and she went throguh the portal.

She gotten to teh place for london and she said teplars here i come nad then she went into the portal to go to the templars and join the templers.

Gear hot to the Londona nd she went itnot he temply and she said let me join the templars and geive me the good coffee i know you stolle it all give it back.

But then the evil sonsnack was their and he was 12 feet tall and he was on fire and he was really mean and like also 15 feet tall and kirsten was scaryeyd of im and she said no i musht be brave i must save the atemplrars from the evil man who doesnt the thingm and is too tall for my foiffine and needs to not be meanto the etermplars anymore!

And Snock was ytoo powerfula nd she had to run waay and brepare for herself to the battel to come.

And he yelled AGFDGtrRRGGAARGAHARGA and she was very sacared and she aran away from him and then she was going to aragathera so she went through the portal and went to ararfagathra and she knew what she neededed to do to samve the tamplars becasuuse!!!!!




Chatper 2: THE UEST

Kirestenknew hot to save yhte tempalrs because the PYRASMIDIOON was there now and he had a ncie suit on and  she says wow Pyriemie thatsa good suit i lick it and he said thanks.

The pyrasomsdion said kirsetn we have to do the ristutal to take the apowers away fromt eh sonanc we have to to go to the 9 palces in the secret world to go get the tiems and gain the freensds we need yto defreats the evil man ands wsace the temaplars!!

So thehy knew what they must do!


Chapter 3: KING MoUTH

Kiresten GEArt was in Kinsmoth now and she was ready to have start the qest to get hte item and meat hte earepople she needed to meet so shse could kill sonoc.

There were a zmbie int he twon and she kileld it and then madama rose was very confused and exctined that the stown was save by the Kiresten! She thought is this good to be true? But it was very true there was a irsten there and she said ROse! I need you to come and help me find the thing I need in kingsmoth! And the Pyramsrid said YES! We need the item, the item is a powerful axe frwsom a firefight man who died and is now not a dead anymore.

So Rose said she sknew where that was rand she she took them to the place where the firsattion way and thenn they were inside of the place! And JKiresetnen needed to kill a zombie to get up teh stairs and so she did and these was blod al over the floor ad blod ont ehqw wall now and then the ombie yelled and said oh no and then the zombie died. And they all cheered because it was a dead again and they gook the ax and they got the first time and were going to do so good on the qESUT!!

So they had a n iten that they need to deafet the man but they still needd more of the thing!!

So tghey wree going to have to go to the nsexty town but they didnt want to walk bycasue the pyrasminds feets hur t from teh bad shoes he was weraing because they looked so sgood with his shourit!

So tehyt have to find a way to get to te savag goast without having the walk the hole way to the newxt down. And kiresety said I am the etop person who in the Illuumiiniati!!! No one can tell me what I can do so I am going yto get upps a car!

So Kiresten Garery stole an car.

They got a redand  bluee and pink converetable wthat was in teh steett and full of zombies nad Kiresten said GET OUT of MY CAR NOW! And teh zomvies were so scared of her that wthey ran away and she got the car!Q!

So Kriesten and MAadame Rose and Preaamenid when in teh car  and they drove to teh savege cagost and went throguh the tunnel adn tehy were in the caasaqge coatst! Now! And they were gling to get the next item and find new frined in the NEXT CAHAPETER Coming SOON!

Radio Free Gaia and Secret World Legends

So, I’ve actually had a ton of people (including my own DJs) contact me about what we’re (RFG) doing come SWL. Well, the three managers did a voice call and we let our DJs know our standing so…

Here’s the deal for the public to know too!

RFG will continue and be shifting to SWL - some DJs may still choose to hold events in TSW and heck, we might even hold a special event or something in TSW when we want to use a playfield (like the Oasis or something, which has been NOTORIOUS as a party spot in the past…and other places in Egypt. We like to party in Egypt. I don’t know why, but it’s not my fault nor is it my Kingdom-bias influence.) 

Also, most shows that are currently in the playfields (various zones) will now be moved to hubs in order to match with the number of players allowed in an area. We’re hoping that there will be a new influx of players and that we might reach numbers like we did before of easily averaging 40 people at a show- and sometimes 100 at a special event. If that’s the case, clearly, we can’t be in the playfields from what we’ve heard so we’re just trying to plan around that.

Radio Free Gaia will continue to present events and our weekly shows - we’ve even had some people apply to be new DJs but we’re hesitant to hire yet because of how unstable this period is. So for those wanting opportunities to meet up with others, casual no pressure RP (we don’t even mind if you don’t tune in. We like if you do- we’re trying to play music for you to enjoy, but we know not everyone’s computer can run a game and listen in and we COMPLETELY understand that), feel free to check out We’ll be doing shows up until the release of SWL in TSW still, so that’s not stopping, but we will be mostly in SWL after! You can also follow @RadioFreeGaia on Twitter - we try to post sudden cancellations or information there!

If you’re not familiar with the station, all shows are IC. We’ve never had a desire to do OOC shows in general (we’ve had a few exceptions), so there will be a DJ in game to help keep the spirits up and make sure more unsavory elements are not supported. We also offer to let you put in an event that you might want music at if you’re holding a party for some sort of community occasion. We’ve been here since the start of TSW and we are not going anywhere! We look forward to seeing you all in Secret World Legends, and you may even see our DJs scrambling to stay alive as they level up. Feel free to toss them a heal or help them kill things. ;)

Good Girls Guide To Balancing Work And Play - Solomon Island/Day One

Hi there! My name is Drada (a bit unusual I know but my parents are) and I have two jobs; one is working as freelance translator and one is protecting the world with the Templars. Like most people today I’m still trying to balance an intensive career with living life like a normal person. Problem is with that job you tend to get shipped off to some random exotic location at a moment’s notice…

As such it’s at times like this where I wish that I’d invested more time in learning how to use firearms. It was meant to be my day off, I’d chosen a book and I’d found a nice tree in which to read it. Then my phones goes and the smug voice of Sonac fills my ears as he says something along the lines of ‘Come to Temple Hall, it’s time for your first field assignment’. Literally any other time I would have been excited but instead I want to shoot Sonac in the head.

So anyway here I am. Here being Solomon Island, and I being a completely nervous magically inept Templar. However nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared me for the sheer (and almost weirdly similar to a movie) scene of horror that greeted me as I left Agartha for the town of Kingsmouth. Some old cowboy named Boone had set up camp near the portal so I stopped and asked him if he knew what was going on here.

Big mistake that was. First off there’s this permanent and really really annoying fog that never goes, secondly the entire place is being overrun by the-walking-who-should-not-be (yes zombies), thirdly most of the town is dead so I’m going to have to dig quite a lot deeper in order to find out what happened. Boone was at least helpful and gave me some chores to do as I head towards where the survivors are holding up, I also found a recently (and permanently) dead police man carrying ammo. I took it since I figured the people could use it to protect themselves.

It didn’t take long to reach the building that Boone said the locals had barricaded and were surviving in. They’d chosen the police station right on the edge of town, which is pretty sensible. All in all I counted maybe ten people maximum; that’s including the police chief who’s now running the place and a doctor who seems to be hiding something. All of the people seemed happy to see me, asking if I was here to help like the others?

I think that I’m going to check this camps defenses out then board up a corner of it for the night. I need to check in with with headquarters too, see if they have any specific orders for me. Judging by what the survivors said other agents might have passed through here recently, and that means one of them might have seen Cazna…

Something that’s been in my head for a while. 

I wanted to write a form of ‘journal’ for Kibanz in TSW, but i just never felt comfortable doing it jumping into the middle of her adventures. 

However with the coming of SWL this present’s the opportunity to begin fresh and even add more than there would have been with the extra content slipped into what we know.

I don’t know if this will be a Tumbler or an actual Blog yet and I know it won’t begin anytime soon but i came up with this ‘poster’ for it :) 


This is an authorized view into the Secret World Legends closed beta with Romain Amiel. It has a lot of information on the new combat and other updates.

Around 53 minutes in, Amiel said that we should expect The Whispering Tide / Tokyo within a few weeks of launch. Soon after that, he revealed story changes in the City of the Sun God.

Most importantly, an hour and 35 minutes in, the mankini is confirmed and displayed in its full glory.