The Foundry


“When a crying baby leads to death in a mysterious abandoned house, Mary, Sam and Dean decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Castiel’s hunt for Lucifer leads him, begrudgingly, to partner up with Crowley.“


>> [S12E2] - Mamma Mia
>> [S12E1] - Keep Calm and Carry On


Imagine...Needing To Be Close To Dean

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Request: Can you do a dean x reader based on the song “close” by nick jonas with implied smut?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut

“Oof!” you heard fall from Dean’s lips as you stood and found him right behind you as you crashed into his chest. His hands caught your arms, keeping you from stumbling as you bounced back.

“Sorry babe,” you said, pressing your hands against his chest, rubbing a spot against the muscle hidden under his shirt. When he didn’t answer, you glanced up to finding him exhaling deeply. You recognized the look on his face as the weight of his hands on your arms pulled you forward as you pressed up against him. “Hey,” you said a little soft, the smile on his face telling you he was having one of those moments you often didn’t let yourselves have.

You reached your hands around his back, too low for a hug but enough that he could feel your grip on him, holding him tight. Dean lowered his head to grace your lips with a ghost touch from his, barely felt but sending your body reeling with a spark. One of your hands trailed down and lifted his shirt, tickling the skin where his jeans met his toned back, his heart starting to beat hard enough that you could feel it in your own chest.

With an urgency that came out of no where, Dean’s body was suddenly all over yours. His lips crashed into yours with a crushing force, his hands lifted your legs up to wrap around him before one was pressed to your lower back, one on your upper, silently hoping you needed him as close as he needed you right now.

“Bed,” you mumbled against him, pulling back long enough only to instruct him to take you both there before he was invading your mouth once again. Dean carried you out of the library and down the hall, all the while clawing at you like you were still too far away for his liking. He kicked your bedroom door open, spinning you with him as he kicked it shut in the same beat. He brought the both of you down onto the bed, hands never once leaving you until it crossed his mind that clothes were getting in the way of being even closer.

When you were happily laying beside Dean, half your body on top of his as you listened to his calming heart beat, Dean’s hands were gripping you again. Today was one of those days where close wasn’t close enough for either of you, not that you had any objections to it. Curled up in Dean Winchester’s grasp was a place you’d gladly spend the rest of eternity and a place he’d glad spend with you.

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THEN, I got to meet this beautiful bastard. Huge shoutout to Leah with I’m alive for keeping me from hyperventilating!! He went for a side hug but I kind of just latched on to him and he went with it. I didn’t even speak. Then he came out of the hug but he was rubbing my back and patted my shoulder! He was talking while he did that but I have NO CLUE what he said! But I did say thank you!