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Hi! EXO reacting to u stripping!

Kris: the king is pleased

Lulu:.. omfg..*nosebleeds*

Xiumin: likes what he sees

Chen: does weird and random things

Tao: can’t contain his excitement

Yixing: likes but blushes

Suho: is back on fire (ignore the caps xD)

Chanyeol: gustas a lot

Baek: already plotting what he’s going to do to you

Sehun: Yehet

Kai: strips as well


The gaps in her fingers fit perfectly with mine, but it wasn’t meant to be.

If only I had met her by accident, on the streets, in the lunchroom, or even in detention, then maybe, hopefully, we could be. 

Friends we will always be, because we were just never meant to be anything more. 

Friends we will always be, because we don’t have the confidence to risk losing each other.

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I would like to see their reaction of getting a brand new puppy!

welcome to my collection. Please meet your siblings

Yixing: loves it dearly but is completely confused about what to do about it

Chen: is happy and turning the pup into a dansheen masheen as well

Luhan: can’t handle the kawaiiness of something being cuter than him

Xiumin: spazzes like crazy 

Tao: doesn’t give a shit

Kai: goes crazy
Sehun: lol this little kawaii peasant!

Baek: turns into cute Baekpuppy and plays around with it

Chanyeol: spazzes and goes all happy virus

Kyungsoo: not a gif but this says it all (omfg my kokoro I can’t!)
Suho: omfg not another thing I have to look after?! *already having a mental breakdown with the beagle line*

Hyuk forever underrated for his ideas and effort. Like he has a good voice! I like his parts! Why are there not more. I'm not saying he needs as many as Leo and Ken but damn at least give him more than 4 words. Also I know Hongbin is beautiful and handsome, but how would you feel if you worked your ass off at dancing and singing and the only thing people care about is how your abs look?? I would be sad and wonder why I am trying so hard.

I want vixx to have a comeback and have an entire song with just Hyuk and Hongbin and let the rest of them sing the lalalalala part.


Binondo Kids

While taking pictures of the dragons and lions during the Chinese New Year Celebration in Binondo, these kids asked me to take their pictures as well. Well, after posing in front of the camera. I went back to shoot the dragons, lions, and the event at the plaza but they went in front of my camera again and asked for another shot, and then another. But I didn’t find it annoying, it’s actually fun shooting these kids. Even though shooting them is just a small thing, it’s nice to see them smiling and laughing because of this. And yes, I want to be free as these kids. I guess every one of us wants to be a kid again.

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