The makers of ‘Skyrim’ just changed their review policy — and fans are pissed

Yesterday, game developer Bethesda Softworks announced on its blog that the company would be changing how it handles review copies of new games. The announcement opened up a very large can of worms — and potentially made buying their games on day one a bit riskier than before.

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The system card error screen from Macross: Eien no Love Song on TubroGrafx CD. That’s what the Gerwalk is holding up in the background - the “super system card” you need in your console to run the game properly.

Found this rare gem thanks to Rey of, who recently put up a gallery of all the TurboGrafx (and Sega CD) error screens (warning: long page with many gifs).


Void Wisp - High Score Challenge! 1

Hello folks,

I am the developer of Void Wisp and I’m issuing a challenge to everyone who makes youtube videos of games. Can you beat my high score?

The format is simple. You have 5 attempts in Caravan Mode on Standard difficulty to beat my final high score of 375.01. 

Upload of a video of your attempts! You get the game for 2.50 or use the free Demo. If you’re a popular youtuber and would like to request a code please check out the game’s website for more info!


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Tagged by @genesis10011 to list my ten favorite songs right now (in no order):

Us and them - pink floyd
Clint eastwood - gorillaz
Never ending - rihanna
Piledriver waltz - alex turner
Under the earth - yeah yeah yeahs
Reptilia - the strokes
Ivy - frank ocean
Dopamine - børns
Taro - alt-j
What ever happened? - the strokes

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