In Search of Snacks

Title: In Search of Snacks

Human!Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: language, brief violence, mention of blood/wounds, fluff.

A/N: This is another Anon request that was just plain fun to write! Enjoy.

Request: “Can you do a Human!Cas imagine about how he sneaks up on her and scares her and she punches him and then later patches him up?”

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It was beautiful. The boys were fast asleep, it being almost four in the morning. You could just imagine Dean drooling on the fluffy white pillow you had gotten him for Christmas just a few months back. Sam was probably on his stomach, one knee bent as he rested his head on his arm. The man rarely woke up without a large red mark on his face. Even after two years of sharing the bunker and numerous motels with the brothers, it never ceased to make you giggle.

And Cas, well, Cas sleeping was a relatively new thing. The human life as a whole was new to the sweet, now former warrior of God. So, the transition was… slow. There were a few times over the last several weeks when Cas passed out on the couch after watching a movie. He had even spent an entire night at the war room table, waking just after sunrise with a post-it stuck to his right cheek.

But when the former angel fell sleep in his bed, it took him a while to get comfortable. That little fact led to numerous sleeping positions for the blue-eyed knock out.

Leaving more to the imagination.

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destiellllllllllll is my otp

Okay but seriously.  Let’s have a conversation about the Castiel and Jack, Dean and Sam mirrors.   Cas in human years (real exposure to humanity is about eight).

He takes on full responsibility for a minor to protect him from Supernatural forces.  Jack has been labelled before birth as ‘wrong’, ‘dangerous’, ‘for hell’, with undisclosed powers.  

Cas is pushing people away for Jack, he is stealing because of Jack.

Can we sit and talk about him trying to care for and protect this child as well as currently being a trainee hunter?  

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here’s what’s gonna happen:

1) my bff @willowing-love and I are going to be discussing Castiel sex headcanons A-Z

2) I’m going to be posting a daily drabble of said Castiel sex headcanons A-Z for the next 26 days (bc there’s 26 letters in the alphabet. yay counting!) EXCEPT FOR DAYS WHEN I POST ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’. 

3) yall gonna read that shit (I hope lol)

everyone already on my Cas taglist is going to automatically be tagged in these drabbles. but if youre not on my Cas taglist and would like to be tagged in these drabbles, please let me know!!!!


and in case you’re unfamiliar with the sex headcanons A-Z, I’ve copied/pasted the list below the cut!


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anonymous asked:

random question for a fic: do you think Cas has real tiny freckles? and that dean sees them and lowkey Freaks Out because it's hella adorable????

Anon, I did some research.

And based on this scientific photo of Misha Collins:

I can safely say 


look. they’re really small. but there they are.

so yes. cas has super cute little freckles and this is a headcanon conFIRMED 

Flowing Lyrics

Castiel x Reader

Request: Okay, so I was wondering if you could do a cas x reader where the reader is very shy, and when the reader thinks she is alone she begins singing, but cas hears her and walks into the readers room while she’s singing, and the reader doesn’t notice he’s there until she finishes the song, and when she does notice him she gets really embarrassed, and cas just gives a ton of compliments and tells her to sing more often and it is fluffy? And leads to light smut maybe? Thanks!! ❤

Warnings: Insecure!reader, light smut

Word count: 1745

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The bunker door slammed closed, signalling the brother’s exit, finally giving you some much needed space. You had been cramped up with them for the past three days in a motel room trying to figure out this case, and when you had eventually gotten back Sam had already found a lead on another case. They had told you earlier today they were going to question some of the victims and offered for you to stay here, acknowledging that you needed time to yourself.

Sauntering into your bedroom, you laid flat on your bed and placed your earphones in and turned on your music, shuffling through your different playlists until you finally found a song that you hadn’t listened to in quite some time. 

Within seconds of the song starting your mouth begun moving on its own, the lyrics falling from your lips freely. Your eyes closed and you relaxed into your bed, allowing the comforter and blankets to swallow you whole.

Castiel’s head rose at your voice suddenly reverberated throughout the bunker, he could feel his heart swell as he listened to you sing effortlessly. He walked through the halls and stopped at the door to your bedroom, watching how you sang, the words holding so much emotion yet you didn’t seem dazed. His eyes travelled down to your fingers that were gently tapping against your own stomach, matching the beat that was flowing through your ears.

His smile spread so far across his face that his eyes were sure to be twinkling in the light. The angel took a step into the room and sat on the chair at your desk, his focus solely on you and your voice filling his ears. 

Castiel had never heard you singing before and he wandered why that was, you had a gorgeous singing voice; he knew that now. He had a faint memory of Sam and Dean poorly singing along to a cassette in the front seats of the impala, but you never joined them, even after the countless times they had tried to persuade you into getting involved into small things like that once in a while. 

He never understood the phrase ‘Their voice as like that of an angel’. Angel’s needed a vessel for them to speak to most humans, how could they possibly know how their real voice sounded? He had tried to speak to Dean with his real voice once and the hunter wasn’t the happiest about it, so why would people have compared others singing to something similar to a high pitched screech? But as he listened to you melodically chant the lyrics to the ceiling of your bedroom, he finally understood what the phrase meant. 

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