Three Types of Angels

Humans categorize angels in one of three ways:




Of course, none are suitable for the modern angel

But you can select pieces of each archetype that work for you

for example:

The Loyalty of a Biblical Angel

The Power of a Supernatural Angel

And the sexual attractiveness of the Victoria Secret Angel

This leaves humans confused and unable to pigeonhole you

What they are forced to do instead, is take you seriously

Christmas doodle: Pregnant and grumpy

assbuttsinlove asked you:

merry christmas!!! are you doing little doodles? maybe a little grumpy, pregnant!cas, with some earmuffs or with a whipped cream moustache? heheheehe. dean went a little overboard when he made the hot chocolate! *u*

I tried to do all ;D But I cut off most of his belly because I had this odd format >w< If you squint you see his whipped cream moustache *lol*

Merry Christmas! ♥♥


Como he dicho antes no tenia pensado hacer nada espesial pero una hespesie de espiritu nabideño me poseyó el toto y aqui estoi.

Pequeño regalito because yes♥