No, seriously. This happened. For those of you in denial or for those who may be too young to have had to slog through anime exposure via 4Kids… This, in fact, was a thing.

towerinshiningarmor asked:

I've jumped from this animation software to that one. For a while there, when I didn't have money, I sketched on Pencil and colored on firealpaca. What is your routine? Do you sketch on a separate software that you animate or color on? Do you upload the finished product onto windows moviemaker to keep things organized? Is there something unique you do or some system you have for animating just because it works for you personally? This isn't necessarily a software or brushes question.

Ehehe hooo boy that’s a tough question…

It really depends on what I am doing first of all. I often host streams where I will be animating short gif sequences. 

For these I start of with a basic idea for a motion, for example, a wave. I will then rough out key frames for this like you would with a storyboard. I will then polish up these keyframes, making sure all of the drawings of the character are the correct shape and have all the details. For example:

Once I have the keyframes sorted out I then go back and rough out the inbetweens. At this point I also tweak the timing to make sure the movements are as I imagine them to be. It;s better not to neaten out or tie down ANY of your animation until you are SURE it looks good. I have made the mistake of going into WAYYYY too much detail at this point and ultimately hating what I produced as a result. ;w;;  

Here is an example of inbetween’d work! Unfortunately most of it is in tie-down stage, as I seem to have lost the roughs… Perhaps I should document things next time!

Once you have completed all your animation it’s time to move onto the next phase! Your colouring!

Colouring style can vary depending on a LOT of things. I have no set standard for this, as I find it more fun to try a whole lot of things. It’s the best way to figure out what you really are looking for in terms of style and what suits your animations VS. what does not.

I have tried colouring my frames in PS and Paint tool Sai. It was ultimately very time consuming, but the effect was pretty nice! But you HAVE to be sure your frames work before moving onto that. I found it annoying to check, as you have to keep importing and exporting the frames to make sure everything is going smooth. This works for a lot of people, but I feel I’m not quite confident enough to do it off the bat, personally!

If you’re looking for vector work, flash is the go to for me. It’s got smooth lines and can make some really polished work if you put the time in. But again, it comes with it’s own set of issues. For example the program is infamous for crashing for literally no reason… So my advice is to save and OFTEN. But this goes for everything really. XD;

Currently I am working my way through TV Paint! It certainly has the most customization as far as brushes/colouring goes. Completely different from that of any animation program I have tried!

But ultimately, these things boil down to experimenting and trying as many new things as you can! Experience is the best teacher! ^u^

I hope this helps you! Sorry for the long reply! XD;


Tracks is my senior film that was completed over 30 weeks during my final year at SCAD. It was truly an amazing/excruciating experience, and it wouldn’t have been possible without my friends and professors helping and guiding me along the creative process. It’s a short piece, but I hope the feelings I put into it get through to you! Thank you so much for viewing.