As you can see i don’t ART! very much but as you can also see i keep a folder on my browser called FANART with all links to good art blogs and i just want all of these amazing artists to know this and share these wonderful people with all of you. 

well im sure sure im missing some great artists i once reblogged from and forgot to save but i think this is a pretty good list my friends and its always growing 

and if i had money to spend i would buy like all of the merch from you guyys who have society6 like dont think i wouldn’t . like have a whole room of 1dfanart. #thedream

and tbh for some of you all your art is reblogged on my harry&louis sideblog instead of this one ayyyy

(i know some of you dont post as often as before or as much 1d as before but like i wanted you on the list so)