Sooo I’ve been busy as of late but found the time to download this cute lil game in my phone and me being me I gave a few of the citizens the names of the Hannibal crew. And apparently they have this thing called BitBook and just…

It fits so well!


Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up

don’t let tunblr make you think that:

being a white male is “bad”

you can’t be “sexy” past 50 

you have to “choose” between banging your therapist and your bestie

cannibalism is “not okay”

having more than three plaid suits is “tacky”

faking your kind-of-adopted daughter’s death just to kill her at a later date is “overkill”

Can you imagine Hannibal saying all the things to Will that Mads says?

“Will, you didn’t know what was hitting you, but for me it was love at first sight.”

“You are the light of my life.”

“You are the thing I have loved most in my life, Will”

“You are my soulmate.”

“When we are healed enough, I want us to live quietly for a few years before we hunt.  Don’t worry we can have dogs.  I already have a name for one picked out.  Encephalitis.”  

And every time Will is just all embarrassed and he doesn’t know what to say but he kinda smiles like:

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