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Soo lately domirine has been like a frakin’ godmother to me drawing all the kjolveigs and stuff, eating breakfast with me and Tiffany

This is a lil’ something to express my eternal love for your good good heart made of toffee and waffles.

(I forgot about Yrsa but she’s such an independant woman and she keeps both her feet on the ground that she can’t fly like those lazy bees)

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There are a few things I didn't understand through the season and I'm hoping you may answer them. How come Jonas can connect to all of the new Sensates (or most of them) without even meeting them but Whispers need to look one of them in the eye to be able to do the same and much more. I mean, what gives Jonas the hability to connect to them. And what's special about Whispers so that he can get really into their mind when he looks at them?

well jonas was (is?) a member of the cluster that formed the one we follow on the show so i guess that’s why he can connect to them: he and angelica belonged to the same cluster, she gave birth and briefly connected to the new one so he’s also connected to them now

as for whispers, either there are different kinds of sensates and he’s like a supersensate or they experimented on him too to help develop his sense of the psychellium and whatnot

none of the mythology surrounding the other clusters was really touched on in this first season because they wanted to keep the focus on our sensies but i’m like 99.9% sure we’ll get to know more about/of them in season 2 (if we get one, that is) because of those tweets 

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honestly what yrsa said makes sense, but i don’t think she had the whole picture. i think that jonas and angelica were forced to work for bpo because they were captured and used against each other and literally had no other choice

until finally they escaped, angelica gave birth to the final cluster, and killed herself to keep whispers from finding them, and i think now jonas is trying to protect them for her, in her memory.

still not sure if he can really be trusted, but i am cautiously believing he wants what’s best for the cluster (and what’s best is obviously staying out of BPO and whispers’ hands)

Sense8 Theories:

1. All sensates are linked in dreams. Sensates are linked in dreams via the psycellium, the “psychic nervous system” that Yrsa references in episode 8. Regardless of clusters, regardless if their cluster was activated/birthed, sensates can visit each other in their dreams, even after death. We see Angelica communicating with the 8/8 cluster after her death in dreams. We see Sara Patrell interacting with Will in his dreams, and the implication is that she is a sensate, but we don’t know if her cluster was activated/birthed or not. Regardless, Will was not yet activated/birthed when he began interacting with Sara in a dreamstate, so it shows that anyone with the sensate mutation, activated or not, can access each other while asleep. 

1a. Question: does Whispers’ plan require eye contact outside of the dreamstate? Is eye contact during dreaming enough to start a “visiting” connection? Sara warns Will not to look Whispers in the eye when they see him in a dream, but that may be a general warning– because if Whispers could create a visiting connection with other sensates based on dreamstate eye contact, all he’d ever have to do is wait for them to fall alseep. That just seems too easy. But in episode 8, Whispers grabs dreaming Will’s ankle and yells “look at me!” so it’s possible he can establish a visitation link with Will in a dream– or also that Will was just experiencing dead Sara’s memories.

1b.  And also, if Will is unconscious for part of s2 to avoid Whispers learning his/the cluster’s whereabouts, this theory means that the others can still contact him while they themselves are asleep.

2. Sun’s mother was a sensate. We also see Sun’s mom visiting Sun in her dreams after her death, and saying things that show she was aware that sensates exist. My theory is that Sun’s mom was most likely a sensate as well–  which also implies that the mutation that creates sensates can be genetically passed on. Yrsa also did not have kids because she was afraid of passing on her genes. Jonas implies that his father was a sensate. (I’d also guess that if two sensates had a kid together, there would be an incredibly high probability of the kid being a sensate, too.) Additionally, in episode 7, Nomi confirms that Metzger had been active in Seoul.

3. Whispers is trying to create a zombie army. Whispers’ whole deal is that he’s trying to exploit the unique body-sharing capabilities of sensates. If he can successfully lobotomize them, he can control them, basically creating an army to do his bidding. I think Sara was an early failure, and he used Angelica & Jonas to birth & flush out new test subjects, at least until Angelica caught on and rebelled. What is still a mystery to me is how Whispers can control the bodies of those outside his cluster (ie, those he successfully lobotomizes, like Niles Bolger), because we already know that people in different clusters cannot share bodies the way that cluster-mates can. What is it in Whispers’ lobotomy process that lifts this limitation?

4. “Visiting” is not contingent upon both members having been activated/birthed. Yrsa visited with Riley long before Riley’s cluster was activated. It seems like the main benefit of birth is activating sensory sharing within a cluster during awake times, because visiting is proven to be a capability from birth due to the connection through the psycellium.