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Dialogue Prompt | “That’s it, stay out of the kitchen!” “But-” “No but’s you’re not allowed to cook anymore.”

Thank you for the prompt! I wanted to write this with all four of my MCs, but there’s no way Kit would do something this stupid. She’s in the other room with a bowl of popcorn, waiting to hear the drama unfold.

(635 stupid words)

Bursting with flavor

Estela loved the Shark’s Eye. She loved its Victorian architecture, its wrought iron fence, its expansive garden. She loved her eclectic collection of artwork and the delightful way it clashed with the furniture. She loved how it always smelled like Priyanka’s cooking, even when the kitchen was empty.

She hated working the reception desk.

“Thank you for choosing the Shark’s Eye,” she said, extending her hand across the desk. A lackluster handshake confirmed what Estela assumed: the old woman was as magically gifted as a potted plant. Good. That meant she wasn’t here for a consultation and Estela wouldn’t have to deal with her later.

The potted plant told a long-winded story about her last stay at a bed and breakfast, and Estela forced her face into a smile. Normally she called for backup when a guest got chatty, but none of her part-time minions were available. In her desperation, she’d even asked August to work late, but he claimed to have important plans with his brother and that hipster friend of theirs. What was his name? Gomez? Gilberto?

She was five seconds from remembering Gabriel when a crash chased the name from her mind.

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Noah’s Rune

At first, she thought it was a wound, but no, that was wrong. The shape was too intentional, too precise to be an injury. Noah’s right hand was tattooed with some sort of symbol that Kit didn’t recognize. The mark spanned the expanse of his palm, a circular swirl of lines with an arrow drawn through the center. Its ink was a deep red, the unmistakable color of dried blood.

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I'm a little late with the writing ask, but if you haven't done these yet, how about #s 18, 20, 36, and 49 about whichever of your characters is most relevant for the question? :)

There is no such thing as late! It was wonderful seeing this at the end of a long day! Thanks!

18. What kind of home would they want to live in? Where would they place this abode?

This one’s for Gabriel. Gabriel’s current living situation is a little chaotic. He’s an introvert who cherishes his personal time, but he lives with his parents and three younger sisters in a house that is entirely too small. 

His dream home has an art studio and enough space for everyone living in it. “Everyone” does not include six people.

20. Does your character like animals? What are some of their favorite animals? Would they want pets? What about mythological creatures?

This one is relevant to everyone equally, but since the others questions are reaaaalllly specific to certain characters, I’ll let Kit take it. Kit would love to have a small dog or cat to snuggle with. A dog or cat could never judge her and would listen to all of her problems without blabbing them to others. 

Kit, however, does not like all animals. She gets nervous around birds, especially the seagulls that plague the beach. And chickens? The worst.

36. Does your character have any medical conditions? Are they serious or minor? Do they affect their day to day life?

This one goes to Noah. Noah has Type 1 diabetes, which he manages on a daily basis. In addition to monitoring his blood sugar and wearing an insulin pump, he follows a meal plan and exercise routine. Staying physically active is easy for him because he uses exercise as stress relief. In fact, his career goal is to be a personal trainer - he does a good job of keeping himself healthy, and wants to help others do the same.

(FYI, his diabetes doesn’t affect the plot.)

<jazz hands> Hey hi hello, if you’re reading this and thinking “hey, me too,” please feel free to send input. I will eventually ask for sensitivity readers and betas and whatnot, but if there’s something you know you want to say, don’t hesitate to message me. The general consensus from a google search/talking to people was “we’d just like to see representation other than Steel Magnolias, thanks.” </jazz hands>

49. What is something that your character has nightmares about? Are these frequent? Do they heavily affect your character’s mood?

August has nightmares involving water - drowning, flooding, tsunamis, etc. He gets these nightmares when he’s stressed, and he’s stressed more often than he likes to admit. He can ignore the dreams if he’s distracted, but a person can only bottle emotions so much before they overflow.

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