art: mass effect

Chapter 1: Planetfall.

Pairing: Oberon Ryder x Jaal Ama Darav.
Rating: T (currently).
Words: 7696.
Summary: Successes have been few in number for Oberon Ryder.

After months of indecision, his father convinces him to leave both good and bad behind in the Milky Way and take a step towards a better future for himself and those he loves. The Andromeda Initiative is a chance for a new start that the surviving members of the Ryder family desperately need.

But when they arrive in the new galaxy, all they find are uninhabitable planets, hostile alien life, and an unknowable force in the world-ending Scourge. Oberon must hit the ground running - to save himself, to protect those around him, to find everyone a stable home, and to avoid being swallowed up by the fear of being alone.



so in an attempt to fill the lapel pin void that exists in the mass effect fandom, I made a femshep pin mock up! I have a matching garrus pin I wanna get made but lol getting pins made is expensive.

SO! If you think you’d be interested in a femshep pin, let me know! I’m gonna be setting up a pre-order on either my storenvy or etsy…I haven’t decided which.

but the real question is rose gold or gold??

But That’s All One

Here’s a little piece of fluff. Had an image in my mind, and I can’t draw, so I had to work it into a little story, instead. Ah well.


“Uh oh. Here it comes.”

Shepard followed Kaidan’s gaze upwards just in time for a single fat raindrop to hit him square in the eye.

“I told you,” Kaidan chuckled, bumping Shepard’s shoulder. “You don’t gamble with rain in this city, Shepard.”

John gave his husband a grizzled frown, trying to wink the raindrop out of his eye lashes. The sidewalk was becoming mottled, and the sound of the rain on high-rise windows was beginning to drown out the hum of the traffic further downtown.

“Shoot, sorry.” Shepard awkwardly tried to twist the top of his grocery satchel to protect the two fresh baguettes they’d bought because ‘that’s just what you’re supposed to buy when you go to the grocery store, right?’

“’Let’s just walk,’” Kaidan smirked, mimicking Shepard’s voice. “’It won’t rain for a while yet. We don’t need umbrellas. Just a short walk!’”

“Alright, I get it.”

Shepard had finally managed to sleep past 5 that morning, and when he woke up, he couldn’t believe the clock readout saying 8am: there was only a thin, gray light sneaking in around the curtains from outside. He stood at the window, looking out at the overcast sky and the fog-muffled city, the warmth of Kaidan at his back and his sleepy husband’s chin on his shoulder.

It was at that moment he decided they needed to walk to the store for their groceries.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been around real weather,” Shepard grumbled, fussing to turn up Kaidan’s collar against the rain. Kaidan batted his hand away with a smile and smoothed the collar back down. “Always in the Mako, or a hardsuit. Or on the Citadel. Or dead.” He took Kaidan’s elbow and hustled him in the direction of home.

“I know, I know.” Kaidan shook himself free and took Shepard’s hand in his instead. “I don’t mind walking in the rain. Heh, gotten plenty of practice.”

“Used to hate rain like this, but now…”

But now he didn’t live on the street. Whether or not it was raining didn’t mean he would be out of a job that night. Now rain meant better crop yield, meant the atmospheric processors were still working, mean that life was still going on.

Now he lived in the city, in a high-rise apartment. With Kaidan Alenko. Now he watched the rain with arms around him, smiling as much at his own reflection in the glass as the rolling clouds beyond it.

“But now you’ve got someone to help you out of your wet clothes.” Kaidan brought Shepard’s hand to his lips, laid a kiss as light as a drop of rain on the knuckles. “And plenty of dry clothes to change into. We’ll be fine.”

“No,” Shepard shook his head, looked back down the blocks towards the store they’d left. “I can fix this. Hang on.”

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