art: klaine

Make This Place Your HomeWritten for the @blaineandersonbigbang and loosely based on the TV show, The Property Brothers. The Anderson brothers host a local TV show that helps clients buy fixer-uppers and turn them into dream homes. Blaine can’t help but take a special interest in working with their next client, Kurt Hummel. Unfortunately for Blaine, it seems like Kurt is pretty obviously into Cooper. 

A Blaine Anderson Big Bang submission, written by @luckiedee & @controlofwhatido, and illustrated by @magicalplaylist

Fic: Deck The Halls

For the Klaine Advent Challenge Day 14: Needle

It’s late afternoon by the time he finally makes it home and he’s tired, but it’s Friday night and they have no plans for the weekend. He’s looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing and sleeping in and finally decorating the apartment; they’re late this year but finding the time for it has just been really difficult.

He opens the door, starts taking off his jacket before he’s even inside, and stops with one arm still stuck in a sleeve and the scarf dangling from his neck, stares.

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