art: fan


Folding fan of Empress Maria Feodorovna
C. 1867

© The State Hermitage Museum

Materials: Wood, silk carved and painted to imitate the Lily Of the Valley leaves and flowers. 

Веер деревянный, с резными раскрашенными пластинами в виде цветов и листьев ландыша.

I fucking love books

Holding pages of scrawling ink and delicate pages with words that leave you entranced, this feeling is the best thing. After all, ones writing is their heart, their thoughts, their dreams. And holding ones heart is the most addicting feeling there is. And I lay entranced and infixed in ink tied to paper, they form thoughts and words. And when I finally look up from the page, I see and perceive the world in such a different way.

Okay I wanna tell you, if you are a fan of any Band or Artist or Actor or whatever it might be, you do NOT have to love everything they are doing.
If a fan comes at you and tells you, you are not a real fan because you don’t like this and that about them, just ignore them. 
You don’t like it? You still support and Love them? Great, you are a fan.
Easy right?
And to all the people out there who tell other fans that they aren’t real fans, stop feeling like you’re better than everyone else.

Imagine if you could hire somebody to
-proofread your fanfiction
-appreciate your fan art
-be a shoulder to cry on when your favourite character dies
-high five when your OTP has a moment
-stand in line at book shops for you to get new books

We need Fandom Hoes.