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Lux’s ‘Cosmic witch starter kit’ Giveaway!

☽Star Magic by Sandra Kynes
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My Lavender Stardust blend charged under the upcoming full moon
My Twilight black salt charged under the upcoming full moon
My Prosperity Stardust blend charged under the upcoming pull moon
☽A jar of lavender buds
☽Blue goldstone necklace
☽Moon & space necklace
☽LED lights

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Be My Sister Spell

Originally posted by your-overwhelmed-girl-hannah

A spell to fortify a friendship inspired by Sisters of the Moon

♥ Take a long piece of velvet ribbon and tie it around yours and your friends hands/wrists.

♥ Hold your hands and look each other in the eyes. 


When touched this thread of velvet
Magick and strength we will covet

♥ Cut the ribbon in half and make necklaces, chokers or bracelets for each other with them. 

♥ You could choose to add crystals or keep them simple. 

♥ Charge under a full moon and wear them the next day.

The earth is singing the melodies of the cosmos with each rotation, and there you stand. You are so much more than you’d like to think. Inside you lies the reason for everything. You are a celestial revelation inside skin. Never let anyone tell you differently. You deserve oceans and moons and galaxies and black holes. Your heart is a nebula strung up in the vastness of eternity. You are so much. So much that sometimes it hurts. Life can feel too heavy to hold, too much to fit. But you are stronger than you know, you are a pinpoint of light bursting outward to consume the darkness. You are born of cosmic explosions. You are everything. - cs