art: chaos


So! I decided to take a break from doing Sun Serpent’s stuff and started on repairing some of the chaos models I’ve got (I have two cats, in case anyone wonders why they’re broken) and so! I PRESENT: Faustina Ruiz! Canoness of the Order of the Maggot-Rose, Ruler of the Children of the Fetid Garden and the daemon legion the Rotsprites and Lady of the Pestilential Forest.


Can I just say the biggest thank you to @static-chaos . I really hope this piece is something you enjoy. It is the first one to be done in the new papers you got me. Thank you so so much for helping me. You’re so amazing I just can never truly express how much this means to me. You deserve all of the best things and I hope you know that. 

Thank you

A visualization of chaos: 41 triple pendulums with very slightly different initial conditions 

It is a good example of a chaotic system. In a chaotic system, small deviations such as a rounding error can cause such large changes that it seems impossible to predict the behavior of the chaotic system

There are actually 41 pendulums from the very beginning, although it looks like there is only one. Did you expect that? 

(“Hmm… Pathetic. This is hardly a display of true power. My fist alone could send his ass straight to the moon.”)

(“Hmm… I remember when I beat him up like that. I gave him a proper beating so I did. Too bad it was in another continuity though.”)

(“Hmm… I do hate having to go against Maria’s wish and endanger the planet once again under the influence of the doctor and his eerie little pest… but I must admit it is strangely satisfying to witness the hedgehog getting taken down a peg.”)

(“Hmm… glug glug glug.”)


Reaction to the News™