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In a Kyralian Heaven

Lorlen: Are you ok?

Akkarin: No! Look at them! Just look at them!

Lorlen: Is that Sonea and that boy who was tormenting her?

Akkarin: *moans*

Lorlen: Not bad. If I was her I’d be thinking about the time he tried to feed her with shit while making out with him.

Akkarin: I’ll be puking.

Off at basic

So to the ppl that dunno, I’m off at basic training for the army for the next 9 weeks and 4 days. This is part of a queue of posts that will be coming out over that time. Any art that comes out within this time frame from my blog will be just to keep it generally active while I’m gone.
If you’ve any messages for me, I won’t get them until after I get to Technical training. Feel free to send me messages I mean and I’ll answer them when I can.

The Signs in Air Force Basic Training
  • Aries: the Training Instructor
  • Taurus: the 6th Week Trainee who got washed back to 4th week for sneaking Pop Tarts into the dorms.
  • Gemini: The Sneaker Weeker who didn't learn their reporting statement.
  • Cancer: cries the the first night but becomes as tough as nails the rest of Basic.
  • Leo: totally in shape but pays zero attention to detail.
  • Virgo: forever snipping off the loose strings on their uniform.
  • Libra: the really young Dorm Chief.
  • Scorpio: fucking hates everyone and just wants to get through Basic already.
  • Sagittarius: volunteers for everything. Kitchen Patrol (after Taurus got washed back), Laundry Detail, Latrine Queen, you name it.
  • Capricorn: the Warhawk who graduated with every achievement. As much as their buddies are proud, they are oh so jealous.
  • Aquarius: the Trainee who was passed the Snake Pit test for ice cream, but the machine ran out that day.
  • Pisces: the Trainee who had the bumpiest ride in Basic. Ever. The Training Instructor already knows their name, last name, birthday and entire natal chart by the end of Sneaker Week.
Tom goes to BMT

Ok so as a lot of you know, I just got back from basic military training for the Air Force and i’ve been getting a hella butt ton of questions asking me what it was like so i figured i might as well divulge what my experience was and some of the stuff that happened while i was there in like, week by week categories.

Week 0- This week will stick in the back of my mind for the rest of my life. We got off the plane from Atlanta at roughly 11 pm and made it to the base at about 12. Practically all night we were sitting in the reception center waiting to get processed in and get to our squadron. The processing Lididnt finish until about 2ish in the morning (by processing i mean we sat in the auditorium and waited until our name was called) then we all climbed onto the bus and shipped off to the 324th Training Squadron; Home of the Knights. On the ride there i could already get a feel for who was ready for what was about to happen and who wasn’t. We were coming up with plans to get off the bus and make it all look really good but when we stopped all the chatter stopped and we all got really nervous, like you could feel it in the air that’s how bad it was. After we stopped, one of our MTI’s (and oddly enough one of my role models now) Technical Sergeant Stibor stepped onto the bus and, I’ll never forget this, “You have 45 seconds to get off this bus. GO.” and everyone completely lost their shit, and of course my dumbass sat in the very last seat so i was more rushed than everyone else. After we were all off the bus we got moved into the drill pad area and got put through the “pick em up put em down” routine and we literally picked our bags up and put them down for at least a good and solid 20 minutes and i’m not even exaggerating. Then when we moved up into our dorm we met our main MTI (MTI stands for Military Training Instructor btw) Technical Sergeant Escobedo (whom i met in my underwear oddly enough). The rest of the night consisted of a lot of yelling and people scampering around trying to get stuff ready. One of my favorite things to look back on was one of the reservists, Qualls, tried to go to the bathroom and TSgt Stibor flat out told him to shut up and he walked out of the dorm and went home. Arrival was really the only notable thing about 0 week. We got yelled at a lot of course but that’s to be expected. We also got our heads shaved and had our uniforms (ABU’s) issued.

Week 1-2 - Kinda went by in a blur, nothing particularly interesting happened other than Operation Homecooking where we got to get adopted by a family in the local San Antonio area and got to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them. The family i got adopted by was this super nice Mexican family that first took me and my wingman to McDonalds, then we went to a civic center and had a traditional thanksgiving meal, then went back to their house and had HELLA GOOD legit Mexican food and SOME ABSOLUTELY RAD bacon wrapped chicken. Hell yes. Then we watched Django Unchained and went back to the squadron (side note: the sisters that picked us up were p hot, not gonna lie)

Week 3-4 - Had our obstacle course on 4th week. Nothing really strenuous just a lot of heights and climbing like crazy. Had to literally RUN through the whole thing though which kinda sucked but i managed. This is the week that we also started really getting into our evals for Warrior / Honor Flight, a commendation given to particularly exceptional flights who score well enough on evaluations. Warrior Flight is gained when the flight gets 86 / 120 points on their evaluations, kind of a big deal. On the other hand, Honor Flight is given to those flights that average around 113 points and get an average of 90 or above on their end of course (EOC) and 7th week PT evals. Our flight (088) graduated with Warrior Flight by a half a point so we cut it really close.

Week 5-6 - 6th week was BEAST week (Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training) where we got shipped off to a practically inoperable base near Lackland and were put in a “deployed environment”. For about a week we stayed in tents, ate MRE’s (which arent half bad, dont listen to what they tell you), and shot legit M16’s at one point. We did a lot of exercises in HAZMAT suits and gas masks and treated our trainer weapons like they were the real thing (basically we NEVER let go of them. Literally never). Unfortunately our zone (There’s 4 zones. Phantom, Reaper, Vigilant, and Sentinel. Ours was Vigilant) didnt win BEAST Excellence (awarded to the zone that gets the least amount of demerits on their evals) because some shitlord from our brother flight (087) got a sexual harassment report put on him for saying questionable things to a female trainee and cost our zone 10 full demerits (he also got sent back 3 weeks in training for it). Also, BEAST was hella boring. There were some coyotes out and about at some points but it was just really cold and really boring.

Week 7-8 - YO THESE TWO WEEKS STRESSED THE ABSOLUTE FUCKKKK OUT OF ME LET ME TELL YOU. Alright so 7th week we had so many evaluations that we damn near killed each other out of stress. Every day before we left the dorm we had to make sure that it was absolutely SPOTLESS because at some point during that week they were gonna come through and inspect all of our shit while we were in a class. They did. And we bombed pretty hard, like 6/20 points. But THEN, they do what we call a “night raid” where they inspect our personal living areas while we’re asleep. Didnt do too bad there, got a 7/10. The rest of the evals were military bearing / discipline (seeing if you remembered chain of command and could maintain your bearing under stress, not moving at the position of attention, not showing emotion, etc), final PT evals, end of course exam, all this other stuff that i dont even care to remember but we made Warrior Flight at the amazement of our MTI’s (TSgt Stibor left before 6th week so it was just TSgt Escobedo at that point and a few fill in instructors). Once we knew we were in the clear, it was all just practice for Parade and Coin / Retreat.

The Retreat ceremony. Man, that was something else. A solid 1.5k people filling up the reception centers bleachers just to see the graduating class of that week was something to behold. The whole ceremony definitely weighed heavy on me because i knew that the whole time my family was watching me because as we marched into our position, i could hear them yelling “AIRMAN MARTIN WOOOOO” and i almost teared up honestly. When the coins started getting passed out it hit me that we did it. This group of chucklefucks from all over banded together and graduated with commendations from BMT so when that Airmans Coin hit my hand and i shook my MTI’s hand for the last time, it was pretty life changing I’ll definitely admit. Parade wasn’t quite as emotional as Retreat was, we actually kinda screwed up though because the wind was blowing a lot of peoples flight caps (the hat we wear with our blues) off of their heads and kinda made the flights look like shit (mine didnt fly off, thank god). After parade, the whole weekend was dedicated to farting around San Antonio and having a good time. I saw the Tower of Americas, The Alamo, Ripley’s Museum, The Riverwalk, and even went to a Spurs game.

All in all, would i say Basic Military Training was easy? For me, yes. But that’s because i grew up military and knew what to expect. For some other people though? They wont make it past tech school. It’s all mental, BMT. If you let them break you, you lose and one of the biggest things about it is that people think the instructors there want you to fail and get sent home. Hell no. They want you to be a better person than you ever thought you could be and graduate and be a part of the worlds greatest Air Force. They’re there to help you, not hurt you. They literally cannot lay a hand on you without your permission first.

The thing about BMT is that it never gets easier, it consistently challenges you and tests you and pushes you to your limit. The trick is being better than your limits. Like i said, it doesn’t get easier, you get better.

But yeah, i know i’m leaving hella details out but if anyone has any specific questions in particular just hit me up with a message and let me know


New York, Monday June 25, 1923: Two cars of the BMT derailed and plunged 35 feet into the street at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn. 8 people were killed and 70 injured in this train accident.

Broomsticks and Magic Tricks - Chapter 2


Summary: Dan’s a wizard and there’s absolutely no fucking way he’s going to fall for some idiot who has big blue eyes and a goofy smile.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dan&Phil because they own eachother hubbahubba

Warnings: Fluff and Smut in future chapters.

Tags: Tsundere!Dan, Wizard!Dan, Goofy/Cheesy!Phil, AU

“What the hell are you even doing here?”

“I mean, I just wanted to see you again, and I saw you go this way, so…”

Dan had been heading down the road, by foot considering the fact that it was daylight and most people didn’t typically have a good reaction to seeing a teenage boy flying on a broomstick, on his way to the store to try and get something to eat with the little bit of money he had left. It had been nearly a week since he had what he refers to as “The Phil Incident”.

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Broomsticks and Magic Tricks - Chapter 1

A/N: Oh god she’s starting another chaptered fic no-

Summary: Dan’s a wizard and there's absolutely no fucking way he’s going to fall for some idiot who has big blue eyes and a goofy smile.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dan&Phil because they own eachother hubbahubba

Warnings: Fluff and Smut in future chapters, attempted robbery in this chapter

Tags: Tsundere!Dan, Wizard!Dan, Goofy/Cheesy!Phil, AU

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