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New York, Monday June 25, 1923: Two cars of the BMT derailed and plunged 35 feet into the street at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn. 8 people were killed and 70 injured in this train accident.


So proud of myself XD just ran 2.12 miles in under 10 min. maybe not the best but the running part in basic should be easier. Still kinda worried about my push-ups though. I can say that before i started working out i couldn’t do 1 and now i can do more then 10. I’m still going to bust my ass! Does anyone know a great way to increase the amount of push-ups i can do? 27 Days left until AF Basic Training.

Officially finished the Black Magician Trilogy and oh my god
Someone send me a line so I can ramble about it please? 

OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT I need to ramble right now so time for a read more
Warning, there be spoilers below.

Since ‘The Magician’s Guild’, Akkarin has been one of my favourite characters. So has Dannyl.

You know in ‘The Novice’, when Tayend first appears? There’s a sentence about an (as of then) nameless noble in a carriage. Yeah I’ve shipped him with Dannyl since that sentence. 

Speaking of them - the whole thing where Tayend wouldn’t let Dannyl heal him because he was scared, and their scene together at the ruins when Dannyl confesses, andeverything about them is perfect

For a while I was convinced that Akkarin would be some sort of relative of Sonea’s… Lol awkward that I started shipping them a little bit into ‘The High Lord’. 

But seriously I cried when Akkarin died, even though I knew he was going to since roughly the start of the series. Pretty close with Lorlen, and the moments when Dannyl was trying to find Tayend in all the chaos. 

Speaking of deaths… I love that Akkarin was there for Lorlen’s last moments. I also think that if Akkarin had to die (which, yes, I understand he did even if I don’t like it) that was the best way for it. So selfless and just like him…

Despite the fact that it has been so emotional and a few of the characters I had fallen in love with are either dead or devastated during it, ‘The High Lord’ is my favourite of the three books. I actually haven’t been able to put it down.

I love that the sexual parts of the books are so subtle. Yeah, it’s obvious when Cery and Savara or Dannyl and Tayend or Sonea and Akkarin have gotten busy, but I think the books would be ruined if they had any sort of smut in them.

Speaking of Savara - who the fucksticles is she? I’m guessing she’s someone major in Sachaka, but…

The friendship between Cery and Sonea is great, even if they don’t spend much time together in the last couple of books

Oh and I totally called that Cery was a Thief. Booyah. 

Also can I squeal about how Sonea is having Akkarin’s baby now? I knew that she would since a friend mentioned that she had a son in the second series (which I need to readright now) but I was still grinning through the tears  during the epilogue.

More of Akkarin: who had his third bloodgem? Takan, Lorlen, annnnd… Did I miss something in my rush to read it all?

Sonea is such a BAMF it’s untrue. I’m glad that she got her wish to help out the people. She deserved it. 

The people: the way they all helped during the Invasion was just amazing! The whole Thieves network… Great concept and loving the way it was carried out.

I laughed when the King ended up sitting there chatting to the Thieves

Okay I will probably add to this as more comes back to me but right now I am overwhelmed with it all so I’ll shut up :D

Conclusion: I freaking love these books. 


I can’t wait

If anyone is thinking about joining the airforce, please read this...

Justttt saying, the air force is probably no wait, the BEST you could have joined if your looking to make it a career, but yeah, BMT wasn’t bad, i graduated 28 Dec 2012, from probably the hardest squadron there, the 331st, theres the 320, 321, 322, 323, 324, and the 331, it really doesn’t matter what squadron you’re in im just saying the 331 was the hardest because we were pushed harder because we had spec ops (battlefield airman) in our flights, um bmt wasn’t bad otherwise, 8.5 weeks, each week is totally different, 0 week is just basic tutorials, 1 and 2 week of training is inprocessing (probably the worst 2 weeks) 3 week is the beginning of classes and the fun stuff begins 4 wot with O-course, Gas Chamber, and blues issue, 5 wot is CATM (m16 firing) 6 wot is BEAST (which ain’t bad at all) 7wot is basically a WIDESCALE evaluations week like PT eval, Open Ranks (uniform inspection) Wall Locker inspection, and MTIR (dormitory detail inspection) and it all comes to an end 8 wot with Retreat (airmans coin) and Parade (graduation) and that weekend you get to go visit lovely San Antonio,  like, bmt is the hardest thing i’ve done because i have never been away from my family really, so thats what makes it hard. if you have any other questions, like specifics, please just message me. 

Before I write this I want to make it known that my whole life I never ever pictured being with a guy in the military. Growing up in a military town and having military family, I knew the struggle and sacrifice and I knew I didn’t want that. The guy in the picture above is Quentin Patterson. We met in the 5th grade. We lost contact until we both started high school and he made it very clear he liked me very much ha. But despite his efforts, I just wanted to be his friend. I went through a very long and destructive relationship and horrible breakup and Quentin was there the entire time. Helping me cope with whatever I needed. But I was stubborn and I didn’t realize that he stuck around because he was in love with me. Until one day my dad-who has never told me that he wanted me to be with someone. He was usually the one trying to prevent that-sat me down and said very seriously “Please give him a chance, he cares about you so much, brittani”. Now this was a very big deal because I respect my dads opinion more than anyone else’s. My dad is my favorite person on this planet. It was in that moment I started to cry because I realized the extent of his love and I realized that I had my walls up for so long that I never realized how much I loved him too. It all happened so fast. It felt like I went to bed thinking of him as my friend and woke up completely in love with him. I had never felt something so strong in my life, it was overwhelming. We had just started our relationship when he found out he was leaving for basic in a few months. I had taken so much time for granted and I was devastated. The two months he was away at bmt were the longest of my life because even though we had only been together for 7 months, he had been my best friend for over two years. I was so used to spending every second with him, and now I couldn’t even text him. It was hard to say the least. The picture above is from his bmt graduation. I only got to spend two days with him but those were the best two days of my life. We realized that distance had only made us love each other more. He is in tech school now and I won’t see him for awhile. Which breaks my heart but I know we’re strong enough to endure it. Now, being with a man in the military doesn’t seem so bad because it’s him. And I would follow that boy anywhere. But I guess the real reason I made this post is because I have news and I don’t think that I can keep it to myself any longer. Quentin has asked me to marry him and I’ve said yes. Our wedding is going to be August 10, 2013. That is over six months away but it’s absolutely worth the wait. I never in a million years thought that the little blonde boy that sat in front of me in my 5th grade class would become my husband. It is absolutely crazy how God works things that way. But I am forever grateful. He is the purest, most beautiful boy I have ever met. And I don’t mean his outside, I am in love with his soul. I believe it is so rare nowadays to find someone so perfect for you in that way. To look at someone and see their heart. Many people live their whole lives and never get to experience that feeling. When I am with him, I literally feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world. And I will hold on to that feeling until the day I die.

BMT Weekly schedule

0 Week Of Training (WOT) - DITCH CIVILIAN LIFE, processed, yelled at, “why the hell did I do this?” get you ABUs, “oh yeah cause I look freaking awesome” sleep at attention, sneaker weeker
1 WOT - LEARN THE MILITARY WAY, classes, EC starts, try to stay awake, “why are my toes numb? Why haven’t I pooped since I got here?” Don’t say sir while talking to a female MTI, first phone call “MOM I MISS YOU SO MUCH… :,) It’s okay everyone else is crying too”
2 WOT - and the stress continues, “WHY DOES EVERYONE SUCK AT MARCHING?” FEST (Foundational Expeditionary Skills Training), disassemble you trainer weapon, “I crawled through dirt today, it was FREAKING AWESOME!”
3 WOT - SABC (Self Aid Buddy Care) “I hate everyone in my Flight, why would I want to save them?” exhausted and stressed out, “when does this get easier?” “I poop on a regular basis but my toes are still numb from these boots”
4 WOT - CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosives) “GAS CHAMBER WAS AWESOME and I got to eat an MRE” it doesn’t get easier but you get better, O course “2 miles 13 obstacles, BRING IT ON!!!!!” “got my Blues today I LOOK GOOD”
5 WOT - grab your powder grab your gun CATM (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance) “we finally fired a weapon, and the people in my flight aren’t that bad” prepare for the BEAST
6 WOT - BEAST (Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training) get deployed and wear you MOPP gear all day “HALT! WHO GOES THERE?” “ that guys command voice sucks” get your dog tags
7 WOT - EVALS EVALS EVALS “we better get a 40 on control” locker is perfect, don’t use the latrine it’s spotless, EC hit “I smell smoke” don’t talk about the EOC, “WE GOT WARIOR FLIGHT”
8 WOT - airman’s coin, no longer a trainee, my dad has never looked so proud of me “I love you mom, I love you so much.”

1 Day Out

Heading up to MEPS in a few hours. Will swear into the Air Force later this afternoon. At 0400 I’ll start making my way to San Antonio and should arrive at Lackland Afb tomorrow night to start my 8.5 weeks of BMT. I don’t think I’ve ever been this anxious in my life. I’ve done so much research and planning and I still feel like I’m driving full speed around a blind corner. I don’t think any amount of planning can fully prepare someone for something like this. I guess at some point you just have to hold your breath and jump. Besides, sometimes the best form of transportation is a leap of faith, right?

The Explaination and Understanding of Why I'm joining the Air Force.

Yes, I am a girl.
I’m joining the Air Force for me NOT you.
I’m doing this for ME.
I want to make a difference and save lives everyday.
Just NOT in a civilian way. Please understand that.
That is my main reason.
I’m not asking or telling you to like this for me. All I’m asking and needing is support.
Support is very IMPORTANT to me.
You can dislike my choice all you want, I could honestly careless what you think.

I have a lot of other reasons too and people do ask me what they are. So I’ll list a few.
Traveling, because I love seeing what the world has to offer and I love taking adventures.
Learn New Skills, things you can’t learn in the Civilian World.
Make my Confidence Level Stronger and Better.
Better lifestyle and education benefits.
Get Away from my home life, take it as a way of learning to let go. Learn that just because I’ll be in the Military, I’ll be safe and okay. Learn that DISTANCE makes you stronger.
Bring Honor to my family, even though they may not understand it. But I understand it completely.

The Air Force is actually really good.
By that, I mean besides the fact they give you good benefits and housing etc..
Who do you think saves your Soldiers or Marines in the long run?
When your boys can’t handle the ground, who comes to give them support?
That’s right. The United States Air Force.

People tend to forget about the Air Force.
I think if we didn’t have our Air Force, our men/husbands/boyfriends/friends/fiances wouldn’t make it.
Because with the Air Force it’s the important part.
But that’s just my opinion.
Hate on it all you want, but I don’t judge by an opinion when I know it’s the truth.
Don’t deny it because I know you were thinking the same thing despite what you would actually say to deny it.

I’m going to be honest with you.
I don’t have what it takes to be a Marine or an Army Soldier or a Navy Man.
But I do know, I have what it takes to be an American Airman.

I’ve recieved a lot of negative comments about this.
Just because I am a Girl.
But you know what, all the negativity is just making my motivations stronger.
All of the “Oh you won’t make it!” , “You can’t do it because you’re a girl.” , “You won’t like it.” , etc. is already making me stronger.
You don’t realize it but I will show you your wrong.
I WILL do it.
I will PROVE to you that I, Grace L. has what it takes to be an American Airman.

Basic is going to be a tough two months. 8 ½ weeks. And it’s going to be hard and tough.
But guess what!
I already accepted the fact that basic is going to suck.
I already accepted that my image “the pretty face”, “no make up” will be the least on my mind.
The ONLY thing that will be on my mind during BMT (Basic Military Training) are my MOTIVATIONS and the PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT ME.
And once I graduate BMT and I’m an official Airman.
I will be PROUD of myself.
I’ll be proud about the future HONOR that I will bring to my family.
But I will definately be proud to say that I’m an American Airman.

Which also brings to mind, the jobs and careers that are offered to me.
That come from your ASVAB scores.
In a month or two I will be contacting my recruiter and talk about taking the ASVAB and I hope I get a good score.
Their is no pass or fail. But I DO want a good job that I will like and enjoy doing.
But I already know what jobs I want.
Still Photography Specialist
Medevac (Since ParaRescuemen aka PJs are closed to women. which makes me mad)
Security Forces Specialist
Cryptological Linguist
But that all depends on my scores.
So I hope my scores give me at least one of those on the list.
But I REALLY realllyyy want to be a ParaRescuemen and I do want to know why it’s closed to women.
So I’ll be sure to ask my recruiter when the time comes.
That would be totally legit if I could be the First GI JANE to be a ParaRescuemen that would be freakin awehsome!
But I know in reality that, that would be a long process.
But we shall see on my scores.

So family and friends, I hope you understand now.
Why I’m joining the Air Force.
This Year. Soon. Real Soon.
I’m NOT doing this for him.
I’m NOT doing this for you.
I’m NOT doing this for anyone.
I’m DOING this for ME.
Because it’s what I WANT.

Please understand that.

Workout Routines!

Hey, kids! I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I simply cannot go to the gym and just pull exercises and routines out my a** to do on the spot. So here are some pre-planed workouts!

You can do each one of these for a few weeks before your muscles begin to get used to them and then switch OR you can use a different one every time and continue to use all of these for MONTHS without having to come up with new ones.

***These are especially good for those preparing to go to BMT (Basic Military Training)!***

I am posting workouts for all muscle groups to give you all around physical fitness. I cannot understand how some people only develop certain muscle groups only (like those guys that are wayyyyy top heavy with little bird legs?)

These are all appropriate for either males or females. The weight used in each exercise is, of course, whatever you can handle (you should be straining to complete your last 3 reps of your 1st set, if you aren’t: you aren’t lifting enough weight!)

Upper Body Workout A:

        1.      Bench Press (3X8-12)

        2.      Bent Over Row (3X8-12)

        3.      Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3X8-12)

        4.      Lying Tricep Extension [Skullcrusher] (3X8-12)

        5.      Barbell/Dumbbell Curl

Upper Body Workout B:

      1.      Dip (3X8-12)

      2.      Pull-Up (3X8-12)

      3.      Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise (3X8-12)

      4.      Tricep Cable Pressdown (3X8-12)

      5.      Cable Curl (3X8-12)

Lower Body Workout A:

      1.      Squat (3X8-12)

      2.      Stiff Leg Deadlift [Romanian Deadlift] (3X8-12)

      3.      Leg Extension (3X8-12)

      4.      Leg Curl (3X8-12)

      5.      Standing Calf Raise (3X8-12)

Lower Body Workout B:

      1.      Deadlift (3X8-12)

      2.      Leg Press (3X8-12)

      3.      Lunge (3X8-12)

      4.      Seated Calf Raise (3X8-12)

      5.      Dumbbell Shrug (3X8-12)


      1.      Lying Leg Raise (3X10-15)

      2.      Decline Crunch (3X10-15)

      3.      Incline Crunch (3X10-15)

      4.      Back Extension(3X10-15)

      5.      Butterfly Kicks (3X10-15)

      6.      Sit-Up (3X10-15)

      7.      Crossover Oblique Crunch (3X10-15)

 Fat Loss & Tone Workout 1:

       1.      Sandbag Sit-Up (1X50)

       2.      Oblique Crunch (1X30 ea. side)

       3.      Lunge holding dumbbells (1X30 ea. leg)

       4.      5 minutes of Cardio (Eliptical or Treadmill)

       5.      Preacher Curl [30 min. circuit bicep curl machine] (1X30)

       6.      Seated Calf Raise (1X30-50)

       7.      Jumping Lunge (1X30 ea. leg)

       8.      5 minutes of Cardio

       9.      Shoulder Press Machine (1X30)

      10.     Tricep Machine (1X30)

      11.     Seated Leg Curl (1X30)

      12.     5 minutes of Cardio

      13.     Inner Leg Machine (1X30-50)

      14.     Assisted Pull-Up (1X30)

      15.     Lunge (1X30)

      16.     5 minutes of Cardio

      17.     Mountain Climber (1X30)

      18.     Push-Up (1X30)

      19.     Fire Hydrant (1X30 ea. leg)

      20.     Butt Kick (1X50 ea. leg)

Fat Loss & Tone Workout 2:

      1.      Knee Raise [Captain’s Chair] (1X30)

      2.      Rope Tricep Push down (1X20-30)

      3.      Seated Row (1X20-30)

      4.      5 minutes of Cardio

      5.      Outer Leg Machine (1X30)

      6.      Leg Press (1X20-30)

      7.      Standing Calf Raise (1X30)

      8.      5 minutes of Cardio

      9.      Static Crunch (1X1.5mins)

     10.     Stability Ball Dumbbell Shoulder Press (1X20-30)

     11.     Leg Extension (1X20-30)

     12.     5 minutes of Cardio

     13.     Lat Pull Down (1X20-30)

     14.     Stability Ball Chest Fly (1X20-30)

     15.     5 minutes of Cardio

     16.     Upright Row (1X20-30)

     17.     Standing on One Foot Hammer Curl (1X10 ea. foot)

     18.     Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise (1X20-30)

     19.     5 minutes of Cardio

     20.     Hyper-extension [back extension while holding weight] (1X30)

     21.     Plank (1XTo Failure)

     22.     Butt Kick (1X50 ea. leg)

Full Body Routine (series 1):

     1.      Laying Leg Press (3X20)

     2.      Seated Row (3X20)

     3.      Dip (2X15-20)

     4.      Machine Shoulder Press (2X20)

     5.      Cable Curl (2X20)

     6.      Tricep Extension (2X20)

     7.      Plank (3x1min)

Full Body Routine (series 2):

     1.      Squat (3x20)

     2.      Seated Calf Raise (2x25)

     3.      Lat Pull Down (3x20)

     4.      Dumbbell Fly (3x20)

     5.      Tricep Kickback (2x20)

     6.      Standing Dumbbell Curl (2x20)

     7.      Decline Sit-Up (2XMAX)

Full Body Routine (series 3):

     1.      Dumbbell Lunge (4X10 ea. leg)

     2.      Wide Grip Pull-Up (3XMAX)

     3.      Barbell Bench Press (3X15-20)

     4.      Standing Barbell Curl (3X15-20)

     5.      Tricep Bench Dip (3X15)

     6.      Horizontal Leg Raise [on Captain’s Chair] (2XMAX)

Workout A:

      1.      Dumbbell Squat (3X20)

      2.      Dumbbell Bench Press (3X20)

     3.      Dumbbell Pullover [laying on bench holding one dumbbell over chest and lifting] (3X20)

     4.      Dumbbell Lateral Raise (3X15)

     5.      Dumbbell Hammer Curl (3X20)

     6.      Two Arm Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension (3X20)

     7.      Standing Calf Raise (2X30)

     8.      Hyperextension [back extension while holding weight] (3X20)

     9.      Ab Crunch (3X20)

Workout B:

     1.      Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly (3X20)

     2.      One Arm Dumbbell Row (3X20)

     3.      Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3X20)

     4.      Dumbbell Bicep Curl (3X20)

     5.      Tricep Kickback (3X15)

     6.      Adduction (3X20)

     7.      Abduction (3X20)

     8.      Seated Calf Raise (2X30)

     9.      Reverse/Lower Abs Crunch (3X20)

**Also, with this, you want to be doing cardio at least 3 times a week (especially those of you waiting to head off to basic!) I suggest 15-30 of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with a weighted vest, followed by 15-30 minutes of low-intensity training. That is the BEST way to get you ready for the running portion of basic.

I hope this helped! If you want anymore tips on exercising, eating, more workouts, etc., just ask. I’ve got plenty.



Also, as a P.S. GET MYFITNESSPAL. It will definitely help you keep track of everything so you don’t feel like nothing is getting done. 

Ok so I owe this story for a long time now to someone, i forget who. But they asked me about my BMT (BootCamp / Basic Military Training) experience.

SORRY IT’S SO LATE! BUT HERE IT IS. (Remember, that all the experiences were mine personally, and I can’t guarantee that it will be the same for anyone else. The rules are changing and things are happening constantly so what it was then, what it is now, and what it will be can all be different.)


Meps is where you do all the paperwork and processing to join, you do all that, pick a job, take the ASVAB, paperwork, sign contracts, etc. etc. and eventually you’re done and you just wait to actually leave. You stay at a hotel with random other people, share a room with one of them who might be joining a different branch than you. But they’re all there to join the military, just like you. So yadda yadda all that stuff then you’re ready to leave! you’ll go to MEPS one last time and swear in (take an oath) and then they ship you off to an airport and you fly out to Lackland AFB in Texas where they do ALL the basic military training. BY THE WAY, WE DONT CALL IT “BOOTCAMP.” It’s BMT. Basic Military Training. Anyways, yep.


So you get off the plane and you’re like, “omg… i’m here. Let’s do this.” When i got down to the lobby there were already a lot of other people there, then people in uniform. They said where to stand and to be quiet and look straight forward. This is where all the FUUUNNNN stuff begins lol. They ID check you to account for your arrival and then you step aside into another group lined up ready to board the bus and go to the base. You get on the bus… everyone whips out their phones and starts calling their loved ones.. “I’m here in texas now.. i’m on the bus and we just left the airport. We’re on our way to the base.” Pretty scary LOL


So far i was like hmm it’s interesting. Pretty Easy lol. Then we stop at a big processing building where we’re issued some papers, jackets, etc. canteen, utility belt, things we’ll need. They give you a boxed lunch with frozen gatorade that you can barely drink lol… then they start calling off names to go line up. You hear yours and line up against the wall with about 45-50 other people. That’s your “flight.” Your flight is your group of people who got there with you to train and they group you up to train all together. Usually it’s about 40-50 people.. or “trainees” as we were.


So the flight gets on the bus and it drives us down the road to the Squadron. The Squadron is like, an even BIGGER group that has it’s own building. A squadron has leaders (Commanders, superintendents, supervisors) and is compromised of several FLIGHTS! We see two MTI’s waiting for us and we’re all quiet. (MTI = Military Training Instructor) one is REALLY tall and thin… he comes onto the bus and we’re all dead silent. he looks down at some papers and his hat is down so low that you cant see his eyes.. and while he’s reading the papers, he says “…. is there a reason why y'all are eyeballin’ me……” and I could feel everyone look away from him omg LOL. then he goes “Y'all got 10 seconds….. to get the hell off my bus.” then walks off.. everyone kind of looks at each other, then grabs their things and RUNS off the bus LOL and while doing that, he’s standing outside the bus YELLING “MOVE IT MOVE IT. YOU’RE GOING WAY TO DAMN SLOW. SENSE OF URGENCY.” and we’re all panicking like ants loool then we line up infront of the 2nd MTI and we’re holding our bags.. and he goes “set your bags down.” so we do and he goes “what the hell was that? pick them up.” so we do. “Now set them down again.. this time quietly.” so we set them down carefully but you hear some noise.. and it’s a constant “Pick it up, put it down” for like 5 minutes. LOL…. eventually we get up in tot he room, empty our bags onto bunk beds and single beds, find toiletries, shave our sideburns off, shower (with the 50 other people you dont even know!) get redressed and into a small room where we make a very quick 1 minute phone call to someone back home to let them know you’ve arrived safely and your address to send you mail then they yell at you to hang up.. they teach us real quick how to stand at “attention” and give “Reporting statements.” Attention is basically hands pinned to your sides, feet at a 45 degree angle and standing straight up, hands cuffed. Reporting statement was like “Sir, Trainee Svetcos Reports as ordered.” You NEEDED to say that EVERYTIME before speaking to an MTI. OR you’ll get your ass TOOORNNNN UPPPP. looool omg scary.. so then eventually it’s 2am.. we go to sleep.. only to wake up at 4am… first night, i sliced my finger with a razor from trying to shave too fast, and 2 hours of sleep… fun huh? imagine how the rest of the 8 weeks go.

THATS IT FOR NOW. I’ll continue later.. i’m tired of typing..