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somehow i haven’t posted those ones!
in autumn i got a great offer - to try to storyboard some Adventure Time! 
so i made a little parody on noir movies and on “The Maltese Falcon” in particular (my story was called “The Malteser Penguin” and starred T.V. and Finn as a pair of black and white prohibition-era detectives)
unfortunately the show was announced to be ended even before i finished the boards, but anyway it was a great honour and a marvelous experience)))) 
(and that’s my first serious storyboard so don’t judge those little shots too strictly)

anyways adventure time is my new special interest and im Burning but HEY im on season five and im looking for ppl who post exclusively AT stuff especially abt Ice King because hes my fave

also i actually drew a bunch of fanart so ill get around to posting that sometime sorry hgfh