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So remember that Godzilla design I did? I finally got around to actually drawing the rest of its body. By now it should be clear that this design is basically just ShinGoji with skin, but I just love Shin’s silhouette so much! I mentioned before that it’s incredibly well-balanced, with each part of it contributing in a different way to the overall image of the perfect giant monster. The massive legs provide much of its bulk, while the spry digitigrade feet ensure that it always looks like it should be moving, rather than simply sitting on the ground anchored by its own weight. The tiny arms make its anatomy distinctly inhuman, and ensure that its shoulders don’t break the overall conical shape of its upper body, which makes it look incredibly stable when placed on top of its massive legs. The ridiculously long tail serves multiple purposes, with its girth adding to the overall weight of the creature and making it look even more stable on its feet, while its extreme length draws attention to the wake of destruction the creature leaves behind it, and its highly mobile nature gives the whole design a sense of flow and energy that the otherwise stiff monster might not have. Finally, the five rows of densely packed dorsal fins give the back a powerful forward arch and further exaggerate its bulk, in addition to just looking cool and aggressive. The monster doesn’t move much, but its outline is incredibly dynamic, emphasizing its perpetual march forward, so even when it’s standing still, it always looks like it’s doing something.

People like to claim that ShinGoji doesn’t look like it can fight because of its tiny arms, but I disagree. The arms are short and skinny, but they’re organized much like a bird’s legs, with huge muscles at the base, and hardly any in the extremities. Godzilla’s deeply-keeled sternum and super beefy shoulders are all packed full of gigantic muscles meant to put as much power as possible behind its claws, while the arms’ short length sacrifices grasping range for sheer power, defensibility (they’re hard for an opponent to grab onto), and a surprising amount of speed due to the high twitch speed and short lever attachments of the muscles involved. With this in mind, Godzilla’s probably fights much like a sumo wrestler: ramming into its opponent with its chest and maintaining control with its arms while using its powerful legs and tremendous bulk to overpower and knock down its foe. Its low center of mass and wide stance make it particularly hard to topple over in this scenario. At moderate ranges, beyond the reach of its arms and head, it would likely attack with its colossal tail.