The words hurt far more than any blow Haldir had even received, and he stepped back, his face falling with hurt evident on his features.

“You… you dont mean that….”

“Of course I do. I don’t lie. Nana taught me not to lie. And your the reason she left. So…So I’m leaving too,” Rumil replied, trying desperately to stop the trembling in his lip

[Text from tolhoneypapyrus]

guys please i need your help

my bro isnt actin like himself and he just took off a moment ago

for some reason hes actin like an oldtimey hostile version of boss

last time i saw him he was wearin his scarf and some leather and highheel combo

if ya find him let me know where hes at asap

just be careful and try ta keep him calm till I can get there


Florian Rus. A catchy song.