So I just spent part of the miserable afternoon at lovely Penny’s house. In particular her studio. We initially went round to continue with a gift for a friend but that soon got laid to rest. And so talk turned to the exhibition Penny & Danny, another CAA (Contemporary Applied Arts) student that they are putting on between the 14th & 17th June at Art360 in Hereford. It’s for second year CAA students and will be curated on final pieces that were made for our CP2 module. So the books and prints I showed. There were 20 of us out of around 30 that signed up to be part of the exhibition and we’re now just waiting to hear whether our work has made it in or not. 

Penny & Danny are busy organising the event and sorting out what to send who, who to invite, etc. And so the personal invites needed a personal touch, this is where Penny’s beautiful Remington-Rand Quiet Ritter Eleven typewriter came in handy & I got to use it!!!! The typeface is just beautiful. 
I have so much love for typewriters. They’re such fascinating & beautiful machines.

Contemplating getting a typewriter tattoo. 

30 writing/marketing challenges for 30 days

30 writing/marketing challenges for 30 days

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30 writing/marketing challenges for 30 days

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Martinjn Schirp should feel quite flattered, as I’m borrowing and adapting his fantastic idea from this post at High Existence: 30 Challenges for 30 Days. For the math-challenged among us (seriously, I’m not laughing at you — I understand!) that’s 3-and-a-half YEARS worth of challenges, if you were to do…

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The Gift and its Legacy....!!!

This is the title of a day long conference on Friday 19 February at Goldsmiths, London. The aim ‘to explore the long-term impact of donations by artists, artists’ estates, galleries and collectors in supporting the UK’s visual arts.’

It is an early initiative of the new Art360 project, (more following), a DACS Foundation project supported by The National Lottery through the Arts Council, and is intended a some sort of pilot to help safeguard the cultural heritage of British Art. The phrase ‘legacy planning’ is attached to the promotional material, and it is the first time we have heard it used on this side of the Atlantic. There are apparently those who offer their unique services as ‘Legacy Planners’ in the US.

This national pilot project aims amongst other things to digitise the archives of some 100 leading and contemporary British Artists. 


Final project for my Art of the Book class. This thing took FOREVER. But it was either make one really complicated book, or have to do an edition…so super fine details it is

There’s a variety of different papers used; some scrapbook paper, some tracing paper, normal cardstock, and handmade paper to name off the top of my head.

The poem is self-generated and letterpress printed onto tracing paper. It reads:
Take me where the flowers grow amidst the winding trees,
take me to a tranquil place to feel the gentle breeze.

And….I like the back better then the front….oi what is life?

Also, here’s a bonus “before” picture of the inside of the cover:

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A small assignment from my first class of Art of the Book. We had to go further with the techniques learned in class that day

We just learned some simple techniques using a single sheet of paper

I felt like being creative…so…yay fishies. I probably way over-achieved on this assignment, but whatever haha