Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #17 Myranda Royce

We haven’t seen that much of Myranda Royce in the published books yet, but there is more of her in a teaser for The Winds of Winter that has been released on GRRM’s website. I will try to avoid spoiling that stuff though.

Myranda Royce is a highborn girl from the Vale. She is friends with Mya Stone, so she’s already awesome based on that fact alone.She also befriends Alayne Stone (Sansa Stark) when they meet.

Myranda is fun. She’s smart and makes a lot of sexual jokes that make Alayne blush. (A lot of “little finger” puns.) She is such a lovely addition because it has been so long since Sansa got to have any fun at all. Keeping her identity secret from Myranda is difficult, because she is very sharp and also, it seems, that Sansa genuinely likes her.

Another thing I like about Myranda is that she was hoping to marry Harry the Heir (who, in the books, Littlefinger plans to marry Sansa to) but she doesn’t seem to hold the fact that didn’t work out against Alayne/Sansa. She might not be  Littlefinger’s biggest fan though. I like that. It would be easy for her to just resent Alayne and be a bitch to her. But she’s not.

You all know I was greatly peeved at changing Sansa’s storyline on the show so that she is now living Jeyne Poole’s nightmare. I also deeply resent the fact that they gave the name “Myranda” to some bitch who was on team Ramsay Bolton while it happened.

It felt like kicking this character while she was down.

I shamelessly stole this are from thethreehares. (Here) Not enough official Myranda art out there. Get on that, people. 

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Image of Myranda Royce by thethreehares


I get so annoyed with some fancasting.

 I am still a novice and not very good with varying body types and need more practice, but dammit Myranda Royce is not thin. She’s a full bodied girl, buxom, fleshy, pretty and flirtatious. 

Don’t even get me started on the show Myranda, she is not a noble lady, she is not intelligent and she is charming.

Myranda befriends Alayne Stone in the Vale, she jokes about how her first husband died during the bedding, she literally fucked a man to death. Petyr Baelish thinks she’s shrewd and tells Sansa to be careful around her because Myranda plays the fool. Baelish thinks she’s shrewd! 

“Soon or late you must meet Myranda Royce,” Petyr had warned her. “When you do, be careful. She likes to play the merry fool, but underneath she’s shrewder than her father. Guard your tongue around her.” (AFFC, Alayne II) 

Her father tried to marry her to Harrold Hardyng but he was rejected and Myranda isn’t nasty about it. She jokes about marrying Petyr Baelish instead and a part of me thinks they would be an amazing power couple.

“We all know how devoted he was to Lady Lysa,” said Myranda, “but he cannot mourn forever. He needs a pretty young wife to wash away his grief. I imagine he could have his pick of half the noble maidens in the Vale. Who could be a better husband than our own bold Lord Protector? Though I do wish he had a better name than Littlefinger.How little is it, do you know?” (AFFC, Alayne II)

“Some of them have webs between their toes. I’d sooner marry Lord Petyr. Then I’d be your mother. How little is his finger, I ask you?” (TWOW, Alayne)

She probably suspects Alayne is not the really Petyr’s bastard. She is smart, funny and voluptuous.  Fancast right!