Save Dot Art #savedotart | e-flux

we love how e-flux makes a totally overwritten and non-committal press release length “call” to the internet domain overlord people to not give the .art suffix to eight nameless bad commercial entities oh no. they should only give it to e-flux and deviantart instead, but probs only e-flux at a push. because left to “pure commercial exploitation, .art will only stand as a failure”
which translates to “we don’t want anyone to have .art so WE can commercially exploit it as much as possible, in whatever way possible. that will show those triplecanopy fuckers who to fuck with!”

and wonderfully, there is a hashtag because we’ve come to that sad point in our cultural exchange where a hashtag validates any kind of “plea” for something humanitarian, except it is co-opted into a fashion akin to a greedy kid snuffling boiled duck eggs who can’t bear to be robbed of a new form of internet domain elitism. arts organisations inventing their own phantom intellectual crisis.
ffs. we have enough trouble with UKIP*

*obviously UKIP isn’t e-flux’s problem but the US had their tea party moment already, we’re now enjoying our nearest equivalent. however a NY based “arts professionals network” cares more about ultimately meaningless internet nomenclature than artists being priced out of their studios? net neutrality obvs isn’t really a pressing concern, maybe just something to pretend to be concerned about. that’s what we were trying to get at, just thought we’d clarify that (or try to).