I have to laugh when I see folks going “well, what if the artist didn’t intend for there to be any deep symbolism?” The Death of the Author entirely aside, any artist can tell you that the fact that you didn’t intend for there to be any deep symbolism doesn’t mean you didn’t put some there anyway. I personally know multiple fanfic writers who’ve put together what they thought was just an interesting bit of fluff, then they went back and re-read their own story a month later and they were all: “oh, god dammit - this is about my relationship with my mother, isn’t it?”

champagneshot  asked:

Hello! Do you have some tips about composition and compositive equilibrium in paintings? ( more pointedly in abstract art?)

Hey there @champagneshot​!

Composition Tips Masterpost

This post is relevant for all kinds of art, but I will try to focus for abstract in particular, where the rules are generally more flexible. There are several kinds of composition styles that are pretty aesthetically appealing. 

Further Reading on Fundamentals [since composition links closely with perspective and other foundational topics of art] 

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