Sorry it took me so long but I’ve finally set up everything right (I hope). This image is now on Society6 and Redbubble if anyone wants to buy a print of it!

so I drew a lucario the other day :0

Au (s) 2 and 3: Melon Sans and Sugar Sans
Au creator (s): @missladytale and @sugartalesans (it won’t let me tag them?? ;^;)
Requested by: @amber-acrylic
I have never drawn these two in my liiife, I hope they look okay-

Happy birthday @galaxyscas!!! This Cas sticker was inspired by your super cool derby name, and all the bravery, strength, and resilience that it represents <3 Voila: Derby!Cas with wings in the colors of the asexual flag. 

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starr-art  asked:

Um... do you think that Chara was a bad person who hated everybody (including the Dreemurrs)?

(undertale spoilers)

Short answer: no.

We answer the question of “Is Chara evil?” in the FAQ, where you can see an explanation of our point of view. Regarding Chara’s feelings towards the Dreemurrs, we have analyzed Chara’s actions and behaviors in the following posts.

» Ask: Did Chara love the Dreemurrs?
In life, there is some debatable support for Chara having cared for the Dreemurrs. There is no indication that Chara hated the Dreemurrs, or any monsters.

» Theory: Chara’s Redeeming Qualities
An in-depth analysis of Chara’s kind behavior.

» Theory: [ * … ]
After death, Chara likely harbors hatred toward the monsters, including the Dreemurrs. Chara is described as having “hated humanity” which is heavily implied to be one of the motivations behind their plan. When Asriel resisted Chara on the surface, this act would have been the ultimate form of betrayal, especially because it led to both of their deaths. Coupled along with the the childlike perception that the Dreemurrs replaced or forgot Chara, Chara would have motivation for hating the Dreemurrs, and by association, all monsters. This is supported by their dialogue (or lack thereof), one-hit kills, and narration in the genocide route, where they identify themself as Chara.

Hope this is helpful to you! Ultimately, your judgment of Chara is up to you, and you alone. We offer our analysis of Chara’s behavior so that players can read and decide for themselves.