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do you have any advice on anatomy? i really adore the way you draw bodies!! thanks!!

HM to be honest my anatomy for the most part is Just Bullshittin It so i cant help you there but i focus more on.. gesture? EXCUSE THE OLD BAD ART but I did a little thing on how i make forms look like they ‘flow’ here.

besides that knowing about like. weight placement (which foot the person’s leaning on) and keeping a line of action in mind helps with bodies a lot

and of course looking at real bodies! do studies

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Have you ever read a book by Lovecraft? If so, which one (s)?

“How can I read a book that I’ve never written…?”

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Hope you having a good day <3 cause this anon wants you to know you matter to everyone who loves you and your an amazing person! Just like how amazing your art is! ^-^

Well, I did having a good day, even it’s raining and thanks for caring though not everyone loves me that’s the fact. and thanks you for complimenting my art ^^

why do I have a feeling you’re my lil bro.