My main traditional art tools. Listed below left to right. Also Mami is best girl :3

-Draftsman brush
-Pentel pocket brushpen
-Hi tec C 0.4 pen
-0.3mm HB lead pencil
-Square eraser pen
-Blending stumps
-kneadable eraser
-Graphite chunk
-Moleskine A5 Art Plus

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chris felt like his words could no longer do justice to how he felt about you 

“i love you” slowly started to losing meaning as he said it so often. the feeling still remained, but he felt like the words were becoming so overused that he didn’t want to say them anymore

chris wanted to prove that he still loved you with something other than his words. so he tried to take up writing, but he wasn’t good with words. and then his mum suggested painting, or drawing, so he gave it a shot, and then soon found himself enjoying it

after a quick trip to the local arts and crafts supply store, which wasn’t so “local” as he drove thirty minutes from home, chris bought several brushes and paint palettes and then gave it a shot

it took him a while to get used to painting, even watching dozens youtube videos on how to work with the paintbrush strokes and all, but eventually he picked up on it pretty well

chris didn’t become open with his new profound skill and hobby until he gave you the first painting. it was a landscape painting of your favorite holiday destination, florence. it was a painting of the exact view that you and chris shared when you were in florence for a day- the rooftops of small hotels and buildings surrounding the duomo in the center of the city and the mountains faintly in the background. he had used a photo for reference, but you felt your heart swell with happiness and love at just the thought…

chris had sat down for hours at a time, went through hours of practice, to create this beautiful painting for you. of course it wasn’t the best artwork to an average person, but to you it was the most beautiful thing because it was created strictly for you

and for the next few months, chris created more and more artworks. he painted watercolor flowers, even recreated the tattoo that danced along your forearm in paint, and once painted your silhouette. and soon your bedroom began to fill with those paintings, and soon, the shared room between you two in your new house was graced with them too


You may be good with a sword but you’re not Galina Kokhvakko World Champion good … oh ya … she’s cut ya real good.
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*62/100 days of productivity*

 19.3.16// yeah my desk is a mess.  Going through a lot of stuff and doing a mind map on Canetti’s main Topics. And I’m realizing that, after all, I like this fellow.

100 Art Journal Materials.

1) Pressed flowers
2) Coloured Sand
3) Thin buttons
4) Embroidery thread
5) Second hand postcards
6) magazine clippings
7) Patches for mending clothes
8) Denim from old jeans
9) Pages of old books
10) Pressed insects
11) Newspaper articles
12) Calligraphy inks (more vibrant and transparent than water-color)
13) Paper bags
14) Envelops
15) Washi tape
16) Spray paint
17) Scrapbook paper
18) House paint (paint stores give away mistinted paint for extremely low prices, can confirm: I work at a paint store and get free paint every day.)
19) Colour chips (get these while you’re at the paint store :p)
20) Tin foil
21) Candle wax
22) Nail polish (if you pour it on the page and let it dry its beautifully shiny and textured. I use it to make eyes that glisten).
23) Oil pastels
24) Locks of your hair
25) Perfume samples
26) Resaraunt coasters
27) Gold leaf pen ( found at art stores)
28) Chalk
29) Black coffee
30) Postage stamps
31) Junk mail
32) Leaves
33) Dead butterflies and moths
34) Food lables
35) Coffee sleeves
36) Ribbon
37) Unused pages from previous journals/ notebooks.
38) Duct tape, patterned or otherwise.
39) Watercolor
40) Sharpie
41) Makeup (lipstick especially)
42) Lino Stamps (art stores sell ones you can carve yourself.)
43) Door numbers and letters (home depot has a whole wall of them).
44) Lables from a lable maker
45) Ticket stubs
46) Receipts
47) Resaraunt menus
48) Other people’s drawings
49) Baggage tags
50) Recipe cards
51) Pencil crayon
52) Regular crayon
53) Acrylic paint
54) Pressed mushrooms
55) Little plastic bags
56) Felt pen
57) Charcoal
58) Straw and dried grasses
59) Old school notes and assignments
60) Printed photographs
61) Business cards
62) Parcel packaging
63) Yarn or wool
64) Book marks
65) Stickers from Starbucks coffee bags (you can ask for these without buying the coffee)
66) Tea and tea bags
67) Spider webs
68) Snake skin (pet stores)
69) Scraps of fabric
70) Pet fur
71) Hair dye
72) Berry juice
73) Wood stain
74) Sawdust
75) Masking tape
76) Glitter
77) Notes from family members and loved ones
78) Beer and wine lables
79) Cellophane
80) Cardstock
81) Birthday cards
82) Oragami paper
83) Shoe laces
84) Dictionary entries
85) Plasticine
86) Melted Crayons
87) Chalk board paint and sidewalk chalk
88) Metallic foil
89) Coin rubbings
90) Wallpaper
91) Thin tile
92) Spray on velvet
93) Cue cards
94) Name tags
95) Invitations
96) Squished bottle caps
97) Paper doilies
98) Stencils
99) Dried herbs
100) The inside of correlated cardboard.

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”