‘Ezio, I fixed your- Whaaat are you doing?’

‘I am painting.’

‘I can see that. But if it’s painting, I can not tell. Beside, I told you to not touch my art supplies…’

‘Leonardo! You gone for so much time. I was bored! And look at it - it is quite a masterpiece, what you think?’

‘I will leave it to the wider audience. Alright… Put everything back, just from where you took it. Here, I have better toys for you.’

Grazie my friend!’

‘Maybe you know how to use blades and knives, but you have absolutely no idea how to properly treat the brushes. Dio mio… You owe me new one, as well with the paint…’
mayorjohnhancock said: Hello, beautiful. I was thinking about ac2, ezio trying to paint something while leonardo is watching. Like an art class that it turned to be a total mess :P

janinagrey said: Heyy! would you like to draw young Ezio making art with Leonardo Da Vinci? It would be hilarious. Thank you so much!

Ezio you need to learn not to touch artist’s supplies. They are things they value so much and rarely can let others use them without their permission.


HI EVERYONE! It’s me, HB! I have something cool to announce!! 

I finally got around to making a Patreon! If you haven’t heard of patreon, don’t worry, it’s kinda new, but it is super cool. It’s supposed to be like a “virtual tip jar” for artists. Basically, you can pledge anywhere from $5-$35 a month to me, and in exchange you’ll get exclusive content & zines that won’t be on tumblr or etsy or anywhere else! For the $35 pledge (which I’m only doing 10 of) you get a care package every month from me, which is like having an ipsy subscription or whatever, but instead of beauty stuff it’s lil handmade goodies which imo is a cuter and more fun thing to receive in the mail. 

The smallest pledge is $5, so for the cost of one less fancy coffee a month, you can be supporting me and helping me afford art supplies and get my life together! A lot of you know that I’ve had a hard time financially lately, with my cat having expensive vet bills & my job refusing to pay me for 60+ hours I worked, & my parents unexpectedly cutting me off financially. I won’t lie, it’s been stressful, but I’m a trooper! So not only is this a really cool way for me to share my art in a more intimate setting than tumblr (I have 52k+ followers, and not gonna lie, it’s pretty hard to bare my soul to that many people at once) but it will also be a good way to really help me get out of this tight spot financially and finish my last semester college. 

If you’ve enjoyed the stuff I’ve shared here over the years, please consider contributing to my Patreon. Even if you can’t support it right now, I still love all of you so much, and I really consider this tumblr community fundamental in my personal growth and my growth as an artist! Obviously I’m still gonna be creating stuff for this blog just as much as usual, but this is just another way to get Cool Stuff that i make with my own 2 hands!

So anyway… here it is! MY PATREON ! Check it out!!!:^) 

Ugh, I am in the process of trying to clean out my craft and art supplies.. I have a lot of unused stuff that I want to get rid of. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in it or anything? I have a bunch of unused mini canvas, some patches, decorative clothes pins, stickers, wood cut out, jewelry supplies, paper, and more. Let me know if anyone is interested and if anyone wants me to post pics or something.

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would you happen to know the one shot where Harry is a painter and Louis is dead but then Harry finds a magical paintbrush and decides to paint Louis or something like that??

We’ll Be The Stars. (9k)

When cleaning out his grandmothers art supplies, Harry finds a magical paintbrush that brings to life anything he paints.
So he decides to paint his dead fiancé, Louis.

300++ MILESTONE hit when i was sleeping for 13hrs! 

I don’t have any art supplies with me to do a quick 300 thank you. so HERE HAVE SOME PROCESS GIF. Let me know if you guys like to see process gifs? I’ll be willing to make more for of these for the more complex illustrations that i do. >:3

Requests are closed for the moment as i’m focusing my energy to work on a big project. I may not be as active next month in posting new works as i’m working on that, but you guys will get previews! As usual, Hello to the new followers and thanks again for the support. I will do my best to try to make quality content. :D 

when i was younger i would always wonder why artist rooms where so mess like surely if they did artwork they couldn’t be too lazy to clean their room but now as I an art major I realize its because we have too much useless art supplies that we have accumulated over the years and refuse to throw away along with sketch books and unfinished projects 

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shane/jimmy headcanons pls!!


-they’ll have a monthly pizza night where they eat a whole New York style pizza by themselves (and low-key trash talk Chicago style)
-Shane encourages all stupid things Jimmy suggests (as long as it’s not breaking school rules) and as a result, they’ve got a lot of hilarious videos stored on Shane’s phone
-Jimmy pays really close attention when Shane talks about art so whenever he’s out shopping he can get Shane all the fancy art supplies he’s been wanting
-Shane has painted Jimmy in the Princess Pear dress. Jimmy has it hanging on his wall. It’s very majestic
-speaking of painting, whenever Shane has his paints out, Jimmy will sneak up and put paint on his face, which then starts a paint war and ends with both of them laughing and covered in paint, and more often then not, tiny cute smooches
-they’ll have Nokemon tournaments and they’re always very very close and intense games. The winner gets to pick what they do on their next date and also a dozen kisses
-Jimmy is smol so whenever he hugs Shane, he presses his face into Shane’s chest. Shane high-key thinks it’s adorable.

i started typing this out as a reblog to this post but then i figured “why not send it as an ask so it’s easier for the anon to find it” but then it got too long rip

i’m assuming this portfolio is for next school year? in my ap class we had 13 teacher-directed pieces (breadth) the first semester, and then 13 self-directed pieces (composition) the next. i’m not sure how your class is gonna do it, but we were supplied a lot of our art supplies. we had to purchase things like colored pencils and brushes if we wanted anything specialized, but paints, pastels, oils, linoleum, etc. were all available in class
for my composition, i thought up a plot for a short story and decided to illustrate it. as long as there’s some sort of theme to link them all together, maybe a color, a feeling, idea, etc., compositions can be anything you want. the portfolios themselves don’t have to have a theme, they’re just a collection of your works but they can if you’re determined.
if you’re worried about losing steam, try switching up your mediums and ideas, photography can be a good choice if you’re running out of time, and you don’t exactly even need a great camera for it as long as you can get a good shot. don’t be afraid to manipulate colors or add effects to the photo. you can also draw on the photo to add things that aren’t there or to emphasize things that are already there (both digitally or enlarging and printing then physically drawing on it will work great)
if you can get the hang of it, pencils and ball point pens are extremely cheap (my preferred medium, it takes longer than it should because i focus on details a lot tbh)
in my experience, i honestly haven’t noticed much of a difference in the paints between average priced watercolor sets and the more expensive ones (tubes are a different story). using pen and watercolor is a good choice i’d say if you’re not so confident in “traditional” watercoloring styles (ie painting without lines, smooth blending, etc.) if you’d rather not use a pen, you could always do a thin line of light or medium brown watercolor
and don’t be worried about the number of pieces you end up completing, i only completed 18 of the 26 pieces, and a lot were bad quality and a few unfinished but i still managed to get a 4. the exam graders care more for effort and creativity than quality i’d say
i hope you have fun with this!!! honestly i burned out within the first few months because of my teacher (which is why a lot of mine were never finished or even submitted)… but i really hope this goes good for you!!

Thank you very much @orangejar I hope that this helps you, anon!