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And we’re a GO! Private event tonight here at @archmoco Arch Motorcycles. Rogue Collective very thankful and proud to be part of it, suppling art pieces for each and every guest. Again, huge thanks to everybody at Arch and AMEX! As usual for orders #motorcycle #power #cruiser #keanureeves #gardhollinger

Boruto, Sarada Mitsuki art in a moleskine. Makes the pen go smoothly and the quality of the paper is so different from my usual budget sketchbooks from Target… like… I just didn’t want to stop outlining, you know???? 

0/10 do not recommend using cheap fabre castell greyscale markers because look wow at all the streaks 

one day when I’m hokage I’m going to buy all the quality art supples

I am black and soft and round and feminine.

My belly is bountiful, my skin the color of the earth that lovely flowers grow from. My hair is soft like cotton and the rich brown gradient on my inner thighs is a work of art.

My body is supple, succulent, such a privilege to be in. And though I don’t always see it, I am a gift from nature.

I am intrinsically and undeniably part of all that is good in the world.