Character Information

Full Name: Connor Victor Patton

Face-claim: Finlay Macmillan

Age: 16

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Year: 6th

House: Slytherin

Blood status: Pureblood


Connor is both a basic Slytherin ass, cocky and very prideful towards those he’s unfamiliar with, but underneath, has a heart coated in gold. Besides his very cocky ways, he’s quite shy towards girls (not awkwardly shy, he’s okay with engaging in conversation, just has trouble initiating that he may want anything more sort of shy). He’s also very friendly, he may be sort of an ass but he’s quite protective once he’s attached to someone(s). He’s brilliantly smart, and can hold a conversation for as long as he wants to. Connor’s dreams after Hogwarts is to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Magizoologist. Besides his love for magical creatures, Connor also enjoys equality and overly sugared tea.


Since his parents had an arranged marriage to keep a pure blood line, the brown haired Scottish child grew up meeting and getting to know his parents, while they did the same exact thing with each other. With this being said, his entire life was sort of like their honeymoon phase until he was sent away to Hogwarts. He never had many friends during his youth, so Hogwarts was the invitation for most of his first experiences. First friend, first kiss, you name it. Everything was well until his father, a  Magizoologist, died while exploring for creatures in the Black Sea in Connor’s fourth year, he took some time off to help cope with his mother, who also took time away from her job as a spell inventor, until resuming his fifth year. He remained the same boy as before, just kept to himself more and sort of drifted from his friends, thus meaning he is looking to click with different crowds.


  1. Connor has quite a weird fascination with muggles and their activities. What he most enjoys is their art, poems and music. 
  2. Connor is only the second in his family to be sorted into a house other than Ravenclaw. The only other person he has knowledge of who was sorted into Slytherin is his great gran, who he spends most of his time with, after his fathers death, during the holidays.
  • Patronus: A hummingbird
  • Boggart: Due to his irrational fear of drowning and the deep sea, his boggart is an angler. This represents the deepest and darkest parts of the sea, and his fathers death.
  • Wand: Apple wood with a Unicorn hair core 12 ¼" and Supple flexibility.
  • Club: Arts Club, Magical Creature Club, F.L.O.W.


Los Angeles, California




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I am black and soft and round and feminine.

My belly is bountiful, my skin the color of the earth that lovely flowers grow from. My hair is soft like cotton and the rich brown gradient on my inner thighs is a work of art.

My body is supple, succulent, such a privilege to be in. And though I don’t always see it, I am a gift from nature.

I am intrinsically and undeniably part of all that is good in the world.