“Are You My Me?”
Final for design class, pencil on paper
Late May, 2014
Last piece for the night with a long ass description. This was the final for a freshman art class that I didn’t really finish. It looks gorgeous up close, but I never bothered with developed shading in the time I had and it took my inexperienced ass forever to get the boobs right, which they still aren’t thanks to the lack of shading. I got the idea for this piece (for which we had free reign) from a poster in the background of the bar in the spacefader music video for Gamer’s Shaping Staff, which featured a hot woman in a nose bleed pose with a triangle head just like that one. I essentially stole the idea and warped and detailed it, making the neck very powerful and masculine, making one of the arms missing near the elbow in lieu of Rei in the End of Evangelion (which, at the time, was still borderline likable to a religion for me,) making the eye more cyclopean, and making the lips less sensual and more natural. I may return to finish it some day, but for now, it is my close up masterwork for some ancient fucking art class. The title comes from some trippy ass YouTube video I vaguely remember from the time that reminded me of LinkOnDrugs type stuff my former best friend shared with me around that time that was just kinda salient when I realised there was no fucking title in mind for this work. In total, a relic from a better age.

This is the last one I’ll upload for now. This is SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE! My black markers have been due for their funeral for weeks now, though, so I can’t finish this until I get a new black and some new grays for more shading. Ugh…
Anyway, this is from the AU Underlust which is one of my favorite AUs simply because it’s kinda all about my OTP Papyton lmao but no really I love the designs of all the characters and the art style is so lovely too. So I just HAD to draw these dorks.
And NO. Nothing bad is happening here. Papyrus is just smiling at MTT (going in for a kiss? Maybe after a kiss? Who knows?) and MTT is weak in the knees from being so flustered that he has to hold onto Paps to not fall down LOL

@surrealsylph said: Agreed, I think mostly because it’s such a compelling art style, not just by Mucha himself of course. The whole era was enthralling. Good luck with that though, can’t wait to see. :>

Oh, it absolutely is!! I love Art Nouveau, and I love Mucha. But as I’ve talked a bit about before, actually really dig Scottish Art Nouveau.

It’s a bit more linear than Mucha and French Art Nouveau.

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Jessie M. King-  this one’s framed on my wall!)

(Annie Urquhart)

American Art Nouveau Artists are also wonderful!

(Virginia Francess Sterrett)

I really love the delicacy of the lines and really fine, dainty gestures. The same things that attract me to Shoujo manga, to be honest! Of course I love Mucha, but I really like these variations of Art Nouveau. ;v;