@surrealsylph said: Agreed, I think mostly because it’s such a compelling art style, not just by Mucha himself of course. The whole era was enthralling. Good luck with that though, can’t wait to see. :>

Oh, it absolutely is!! I love Art Nouveau, and I love Mucha. But as I’ve talked a bit about before, actually really dig Scottish Art Nouveau.

It’s a bit more linear than Mucha and French Art Nouveau.

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Frances MacDonald (nee MacNair))

(Jessie M. King-  this one’s framed on my wall!)

(Annie Urquhart)

American Art Nouveau Artists are also wonderful!

(Virginia Francess Sterrett)

I really love the delicacy of the lines and really fine, dainty gestures. The same things that attract me to Shoujo manga, to be honest! Of course I love Mucha, but I really like these variations of Art Nouveau. ;v;