3 years ago @marvelentertainment asked me if I’d be interested in creating an entirely new Ghost Rider for a new audience having 2 stipulations in mind: “Younger” & “Drives a CAR”

The car sold me because I knew fans would HATE the idea of a Ghost Rider with no motorcycle, so we’d get their attention. All we had to do was create an appealing character they’d want to root for and a story that would entertain. So I created ROBBIE REYES and together with artist @traddmoore & colorist Val Staples released his 1st story arc! 

3 years later, Robbie’s been announced as a new character on Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD TV series, to be played by GABRIEL LUNA

Pretty sweet! The above image was my 1st variant cover for ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER & my first cover for Marvel Comics. Also, a pic of me at the unveiling of the HELL CHARGER at SDCC 2016!

Let’s hope the TV version stays true to the source!

As always, thanks for your support, guys!
Hope you’re all doing well!

Detail from a waterscape abstract yesterday. Just because. Working bigger.
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Milla recording in her garden. A picture for @AimeeSmithVA the voice of Milla! ミラの声優さんに贈った絵です。彼女の植物園でレコーディング中!


@TysonTanX @AimeeSmithVA now I like to think Milla is seriously into gardening. 😀


@goshaag I think that’s official! A lot of her alchemy ingredients comes from her garden (which has something like man-eating plants).

– @TysonTanX

// Commentary Corner: 

This is suuuuper cute and looks great! I can totally see Milla getting into gardening and botany! While I don’t entirely know what to make of the recording aspect it’s still pretty cute and fits the picture very nicely!

The fingernails are new, though. I have to wonder if that’s a new touch specifically for Aimee. I can’t see Milla doing the digging she does in FP1 with nails like that, at least. (There aren’t all that many pics of her with normal style doggie claws either though, are there?)

A lovely bit of art, and I look forward to any more like this we might see in time. Good stuff!

The Voice of Milla was originally published on Rising Slash Network

Seascape - full drawing just to get back into things. Next one will be better.
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WHAT NOW? 2016: On Future Identities

Video documentation of this year’s symposium What Now? 2016: On Future Identities is now live on Art in General’s Vimeo page!

Organized by Art in General in collaboration with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics, the symposium considered how our contemporary political moment is different from the kinds of activism that arose around identity politics during the 1960s-1990s, and how new thinking might shape ideas around ‘performing citizenship’ or creating a new sense of commons in the future. 

For the first session of the symposium, Shifting Conversations—Identity Politics Today (video embedded above), moderator Stamatina Gregory, panelists Cliff Leek, Carlos Motta, Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, Jeannine Tang, and respondents Tina Zavitsanos and Joel Sanders tackled this notion of historical lineage and current progress through their multidisciplinary presentations and discussion. 

The panel took into account distinct definitions of activist engagement from a global perspective, and inquired into how frames of reference describing this term have shifted over time. What are key questions today in terms of the relationship between identity and self-determination? Furthermore, how do we approach the very act of “naming” identities today as fluid, mutable, and multiple constructions?

ID #74195

Name: Esme
Age: 18
Country: England

Hi, I’m Esmé! I’ve just finished sixth form (high school) and am about to go to uni at the end of this year (if my exam results go to plan). I’ve applied to do medicine, but am actually passionate about film, poetry, literature, art & music and would love to have a penpal with similar interests to talk to while I figure out where I really want to be going with my life. Favourite musicians: NAO, Tame Impala, Frank Ocean, Willow Smith. Favourite TV shows/films: Mr Robot, Arrested Development, Skins UK, Submarine, Dazed & Confused.

I’m mixed race White British/Black Jamaican and am learning to love my black history, culture & heritage and am interested in speaking to open minded, socially aware people! I would also love to learn about other cultures so international penpals are very welcome x 

Preferences: 17-24, any gender but English speaking as sadly I’m monolingual :’) 

The event was organized by restaurateur Art Smith, Oprah’s former personal chef, who deliberately chose the number of weddings to compare Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (opposed legalizing gay marriage) to Cruella De Vil from ‘101 Dalmatians.’

Guy Fieri officiated the ceremony in honor of his late sister, who was a lesbian…

…and Duff Goldman, a gay rights advocate, made a gold, 7-tier, art deco-inspired cake and a feast of food for the reception.