Little wip because I decided to start making some character sheets for my main babies, because I have no chill when it comes to slowly getting back into drawing.

I just know I definitely want to do Nubs, Arty and Masuyo, but baby steps I guess :)
Altered some of his colours from old art to make the yellows a bit brighter and less orange, since Orange has become his sisters colour.
I would like to do the main full bodies, hoodless headshots and something to show how his phantom arm should look but we’ll see if I lose my art energy or not.

art/artist meme 
don’t get fooled by the sad face, I was actually trying really hard not to laugh!

I had always drawn, every day as long as I had held a pencil, and just assumed everyone else had too…Art had saved me and helped me fit in…Art was always my saving grace…Comedy didn’t come until much later for me. I’ve always tried to combine the two things, art and comedy, and couldn’t make a choice between the two. It was always my ambition to make comedy with an art-school slant, and art that could be funny instead of po-faced.
—  Noel fielding