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WESLEY KIMLER- ArtSlant Interview

Rackroom interview for contemporary artist Wesley Kimler.

So I moved back to Chicago partially just to work with Wesley Kimler, a painter who was something of a hero of mine and a fierce voice of reason in an increasingly contrived and irrelevant fine art world, and in this latest Art Slant interview I think it’s pretty clear why. 

Whether you read it for his youth as a SF street kid & Afghani carpet trader, the story of Doucher The Shit Spreader (hahahah), or the vehement truth he brings to the art conversation, I highly suggest you take a look at the backstory of one of the most important American painters in the past few decades as far as I’m concerned. 

Under the slickness of its exterior, Kessler’s work evokes average American mundanity and a particular imagination attached to it. Its past is in the wheat field and primordially in the skeleton of the sea creature. Its present fascinations lean towards the kitsch and fatalism. 

Alison Kuo reviewed alumnus Bradford Kessler’s (MFA AP13) current solo exhibition, Pile of Mist, at 247365 Gallery for Art Slant.
Assumption of Black Metal

Reading the three exhibitions as a conceptual text, amidst this throng of familiar ideas with something entirely surprising, Hannum’s crowd-level snapshots of black metal concerts rendered in colored oil paint. Around a partition wall, a video is framed by a pentagon shape, presenting only a limited view of action, as are a series of photographs along the west wall. This choice of personal documentation relies on the assumption that the viewer sees enough of the action to know the narrative, but the paintings are presented with suspect tradition, light choices reflecting awkwardly and obscuring the already obscured images, silhouetting the viewer against the institution’s walls; and canvases crowded and unframed, the titles spurious, and text only potentially relevant. Viewing the work in this way, I felt part of something clearly staged, but which I could not understand from the perspective provided me by this artist alone.

Urban Mythos Show in the Press

Urban Mythos show opening was a great success last night, attracting close to 200 guests. The show is open through November 6th. 

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anonymous asked:

What evil spirit possessed you into getting a hairstyle that looks like you have animal ears? I wanna know so I can recommend it to some friends.

I can assure you that this is just my natural hair! I honestly have no idea how they got like this, it just randomly happened one day and well… I can’t really seem to get them down.

Duchess Lystra by Lee Alexander

this is what i have been working on for 9 hours over the course of two weeks. She is a dragon slayer in a world where people crave “natural beauty.” if you want more on the universe she’s from, talk to slanted-tiara (it’s her world i just got fascinated and carried away tbh)

i’m so proud of this tho, it’s the first complete piece i’ve done in ages and i love it

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