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(pssst…throw the pumpkin, James. Throw it at Peter. )

did u know u inspire me a lot friend bc u do

also @littlebirdpeter and @skeletonwithabowtie bc this is what happened to ur pumpkin


Pacifist would be the hardest route in Underfell.  Frisk is trying so hard to befriend these horrible monsters ;;

2 be continue?

Happy Little Translation Error?

So I lent my friend my mainland Chinese copy of Good Omens, and she’s been commenting on various stuff in the book to me as she read along. One day she messaged, “Crowley’s so cute, chasing after the hedgehogs like that.”

And I said, “……………..what?????!?”

So she told me where in the book it was, and it was the part after Cr&Az realized that Warlock isn’t the kid, talked to the nun, and got out of the hospital. It did say that Crowley was “trying to hit a hedgehog and missing”, but I soon realized that the “second line” she told me that’s about the hedgehog is, “The angel stared out at the rushing hedgerows.” Apparently the Chinese translator read “hedgerows” and thought it was “hedgehogs” again. Obviously it didn’t make a huge change to the plot line, but basically, in the Chinese version of Good Omens, Crowley chased a hedgehog while convincing Aziraphale, “drove in silence for a while”, and then chatted with Aziraphale some more. Meanwhile Aziraphale saw everything but decided to let Crowley do his thing.



The first and last time General Hux ever laughed.

Alternate scenario where the First Order + Mitaka actually captured BB-8 based on this scene from Steven Universe (Because that’s the only moment I haven’t seen someone make a Star Wars joke out of it yet)

Hey look I finally drew Phasma and she actually turned out pretty accurate

Mitaka needs more fanart