The Original Rhinestone Cowboy's Glittery Home Will Be Reconstructed
In the late 1970s, Loy Bowlin in McComb, Mississippi, styled himself as the "Original Rhinestone Cowboy."

Loy Bowlin is one of our favorites, so this is tremendous news.

Loy Bowlin, 1991 / Chuck Rosenak, photographer. Chuck and Jan Rosenak research material, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

So here we are! As a thank you for 1.5k, I’ve decided to make a tumblr awards!

  • Rules:

mbf me
reblog this, likes for bookmarking ONLY and as such will not be counted as an entry.


The Hogwarts Award: Best Harry Potter
The Camp Jupiter Award: Best PJO/HOO
The Hunters of Artemis Award: Best Multifandom

The Luna Lovegood Award: Best Url
The Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano Award: Best Icon
The Sirius Black Award: Best Theme

The Quibbler Award: Best Fanfics
The Fred Weasley Award: Best Graphics/Gifs
The George Weasley Award: Best Playlists/Fanmixes
The Annabeth Chase Award: Best Fanart/Original Art

The Cedric Diggory Award: Best Under-500 Blog 
The Will Solace Award: Nicest Blogger
The Nico Di Angelo Award: Best Overall
The Draco Malfoy Award: Personal Favourite

  • Prizes:


a follow (if I’m not already)
a graphic/playlist/fic/whatever (i highly recommend fics)
unlimited promos for what remains of August and the month of September
a spot on my updates tab
a spot on my Hall of Fame

Runners Up:

a follow (If I’m not already)
5 promos for what remains of August and the month of September
a spot on my updates tab
a spot in my Hall of Fame

  • Information:

reblog until August 10th @ midnight. Winners announced sometime within the week.

to be considered eligible for the the fanfic, playlist, graphics and/or art award(s) please send me a message containing your tag for said items. (For example: my graphics tag is ‘and along came a graphic’)

to be considered for the Under-500 award please submit a screenshot of your current follower count. You will receive a message before I select the winners to see if you are still eligible.

if you have any questions please ask me