Abstract series by te5seract

For reasons below I have decided to make an Instagram account to put my personal work on, feel free to take a look.

I’ve had a really good week this week with my studies, I handed in a brochure based on a typeface and was told that the colour scheme and formatting was impeccable and immediately got it printed out. 

Yesterday I handed in a poster design I did for an abstract art exhibition and got that printed along with being asked if I would like it to be featured in a student exhibition, so I’ve decided to share some of the art related things I’m doing in my personal life and have decided to launch an Instagram account to put my work on.

Also have one of my crappy sketches I did to come up with the eye concept: 


Someone has already noticed that i like to draw portraits. Well, I never ignored Bleach and IR month. So I decided to draw portraits of our favorite characters in realistic style (´∀`)

I always loved symbolism in drawings and I didn’t miss the opportunity to add it there. Sun and Moon. Life and Death.
I really hope that Ichigo and Rukia are similar to their original art style.

Hey if you’re not tired of all the eclipse posts in every other corner of your life, here’s one more!

Eclipses aren’t just cool to view - they also give scientists a small window of time to study things. Many animals shift to nighttime behaviors, only to reemerge a few minutes later when the sun returns. Temperatures can drop up to 20 degrees. Most importantly, the Sun’s corona becomes visible - normally it is difficult to study because its light is weak compared to the rest of the Sun. With the Moon blocking the Sun, scientists can make observations about the corona and try to understand the coronal mass ejections that can knock out satellites and power grids.

Click here for a larger version