a sketch I did a while ago and the wonderful @abelinajt was kind enough to write a story for it! go check it out: Lift up your voice, children, rejoice by Abelina and remember to leave some kudos ♥

Kind of a collab between me and @votbear owo

He actually did a drawing of Cipher and Ravi a long time ago and I just had to colour it asdfasdfasdf

I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out but I think it’s alright ;;;w;;; Tho I like the original more OTL SorryforruiningitVot

Enjoy~ >w<9 Also! Check out the amazing burr’s art +o+

This is one of my OCs, Hraai, an immature Paradise dragon. Eventually he’ll shed his black baby scales and replace them with something more shiny, while the rest of him will deepen to a darker, richer copper. 

He’s nomadic and it will probably be a while before he claims a territory anywhere, as he’s very meek and runs from shadows.

More info about this species beneath the readmore:

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