shadmans porn is so fucking bad like good lord the anatomy and perspective is always wack as fuck. i cant believe people beat off to his art. get some fucking standards. ignoring all of the weird shit he’s in to like loli and nazi uniforms, his art is just bad on a technical level. even if he werent in to that freak shit his porn would still be hideous. 

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I messed up. I messed up. I posted some of my art on my blog, and it's really shit, and people reblogged it, so I can never truly take it down. I'm so done. I'll just go die now.

Hey, hey It’s okay. What was the picture?


“A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless”

”Enough. Hamilton is right”

“But sir, do we not fight for freedom?“

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!


So this is how dates work right

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye