“Don’t go…”

Max whispered and held Victoria as she wanted to leave back to her room. Vic can’t handle Max. As her cheek started to burn, she nodded and replied

“I won’t“

headcanon where Kane’s been secretly watering the ark’s little tree he planted out in the forest. Hoping one day it grows tall and strong, and big enough for him and Abby to be married under. And he has this dorky speech to Abby about how he’d watered all this time; it’d given him hope. And the way it had blossomed had reminded him of them. And on the day Abby says sweet things to him about how proud Vera would be. Raven and Clarke put pretty flowers in Abby’s hair. And they find her a dress from the old clothes in Mount Weather, and Kane a nice blazer. And everyone comes out to celebrate - and let their guards down just this once, to see Kane and Abby married under the ark’s tree.

lighthearted Infinity au in which fai has time and energy to tease kurogane about the bondagey clothes