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Babe I'm getting learnt about Australia in Art History and holy shit. Some crazy stuff has gone down.

As in how Captain Cook destroyed everything, called Aborigines “savages” and slaughtered them, brought horrible diseases, and then white people stole Aboriginal children to raise them as “white”? Is that what you mean?

hy guys … sorry if u followed me thinkin i was an art blog but.. i’m busy with my senior yr n med school application stuff so … gonna be on hiatus from drawingzzz for a bit.. uh catch me at anime boston tho i might sell stuff there .. thanks for ur support ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙌🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏽😍😍😍😛😛🍛🍛👌🏽😭😭👅💦💦💦


after that you can just merge everything or dont (i didnt merge it) and then you would get:

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some stuff to mention:

  • ty for the compliment i appreciate it <33
  • sorry if my handwriting is hard to read xd
  • along the making of this tutorial thing i had no idea where this was going, so i just decided to do a tutorial on how i did certain details of water and shit

there were multiple different things i did for drawing water while i made the comic so it seemed more appropriate to just do a tutorial(?)/explanation on what i did and how i did it

some of this information may not be accurate since im not a pro at art or anything i just learn from what i see  

  • some parts mostly consisted of trial and error since water is a pain in the ass (dont be afraid of that)

there are other people who could have given a better tutorial and process than me, and this is just what i know, so maybe this helped you and others in some way, who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

sleepy peter headcanons ~

-peter had the tendency to invite himself to ur apartment at ungodly hours of the night

-u’d leave ur window unlocked when u went to bed just in case he decided to crawl through at 3am or somthin

-whenever he comes in, he’s eXHAUSTED

-he’d crawl under the covers with u and trace patterns on ur back with his cold fingers!!!!!!!!

-and u’d roll over and hold his face bc he’s so so cold and u wanna warm him up~

-when he’s tired he gets sooooo clingy oh my god

-he’d scrunch his face up and be all whiny if u moved at all

-”come here…cuddle me, pleeeease…”

-”peter, i am, i- you’re suffocating me, love.”

- and !!every now and then he’d fall asleep then jolt himself awake

-then he’d tug on ur sleeve and ask if u were awake with his sleepy lil voice <3

-he’d reach out and hold ur face in his hands like u were to him jfbcdkjbj BiH

-nd u’d both just be lying there in a warm, comfy silence

-until he’d scrunch up his nose again and start being a baby

-”i’m coooold”

-”stop staring at meee”

-”come closerrrr”



-the boy’s a whiny little bitch but it’s so cute

-every now and then he’d open his eyes a lil and smile at you

-mumbling sweet things!! with a sleepy grin!!

-”you’re so pretty…so prettyyyy…”


-he NEVEr would say that when he’s thinking straight bc he’s too shy

-but he always thinks it and his filter kinda blurs when he’s tired

-and it makes you all red and nervous because he looks at you like you’re art or some shit

-”aww, pretty…pretty giiiiirl…you’re blusssshhhhing” *giggles*  BOI


-BUT…EVentually he’d fall asleep with his hands caressing your face

-you’d close your eyes and listen to his breathing slow down as he fell asleep <3333

-then the two of you would be dozin’ off together under the covers

- <3 <3

So, ONE is a god and mob psycho 100 has the best characters and scene escalations ever. Teru, I’m so proud of you. Also you lost your hair again, which PARALLELISM to the beginning fight between mob and Teur, I love it so much.

(this piece is not entirely true to the manga but its an interpretation regardless of AWESOMENESS chapter 100.5)

Practice with motion blur and object proportions.

people from australian capital cities

sydney: loves either the beach or the opera house or both; probably a hipster; thinks sydney should have been the capital of australia

brisbane: lives at queen street mall; will fight anyone 2 uphold the honour of brisbane; will fight anyone in general

melbourne: “hi i’m from melb”; emo; thinks melbourne is hot in the summer

darwin: literally has to deal with crocodiles and 40°+ heat; in touch with nature or some shit

perth: likes rocks and politics (?); i’m still not entirely convinced western australia exists actually

adelaide: needs to shut up about adelaide being “australia’s shopping hub” or whatever shit fuck; probably wears scarves all year round; definitely a hipster

hobart: full of suffering; either loves or hates apples there is no inbetween; bitter

canberra: knows either too much or absolutely nothing about politics; definitely at least a bit pretentious; acts like they live in the art museum or some shit; never actually been to questacon