a pilot or a proof of concept, if you will.

Tales From The Underseas follows Captain Abster’sine and the crew of the Apocalypse, through various treasure hunts through the subterranean oceans of the Underseas. It’s a silly pirate story set in a world where the Underdark has pirates.

If you’re interested, you can follow some more dumb sketches here

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Last week was my birthday, and the absolutely incomparable @portentous-offerings gifted me with this completely amazing illustration for state of grace. Absolutely nothing in fic writing is as delightful and meaningful as getting art, and even aside from that this delights me on so many levels. The coloring - with the contrast for his eyes - the rubble, the style, the framing…and most of all the fact that Mellie looks exactly, perfectly right, like she plucked the akuma from my brain. Thank you so, so much, Dire. <3 <3 

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All For Bunn, And Gun For All!

A Halloweenie Gift for @kilinah! Just got the newest iPad Pro and did my first draw with the Sketchbook App featuring Abbi and MM from @dusttodustcomic, an uber noir detective comic that hits all the marks! Dude is an awesome artist and a master when it comes to curves, The Curve Master! I also find MM relatable except for his dislike of firearms, (I love guns) also check out @thekilinah but that’s NSFW sooooo watch it!