And here we have 5 years of me drawing this half dead dork.

I thought it’d be neat to show how much progress can be made even in just a year. Happy 10th Dannyversary, phans!


All Pokémon villain teams (with the exception of Flare since their sprites aren’t out yet)

Backround logos created/copied by me and all sprites gotten from PokéStadium.

I was moved by the protests yesterday in Canada. Despite the things that happened during the course of the day, the reasons for the protest are clear: No Fracking, No Drilling, No Pipeline on Indian lands. It is about Sovereignty, Indigenous lands, and the desire to protect it. I support this and believe it to be vital to sustain Native ways, culture, language and life. I created this poster as a show of solidarity. This should be available on the Honor The Treaties site soon, but did not want to delay getting it out NOW. So here is the deal: This is open source, and free for consumption. If it speaks to you, download, print, or use for whatever. The original size is 36”x24”. Conceivably, you could take the large file to Kinkos and print it full size. I know a number of protests are going on today, so please feel free to use this! I have different download sizes below:

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Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions at all! Peace!

Original Photo by Ossie Michelin

So I went on a Revolutionary Girl Utena binge this last week.

It’s still flawless and magical. Utena is amazing and an A+ role model.

Statement of Solidarity with the Mi’kmaq Warriors

by ZigZag

"The anti-fracking struggle currently being waged by the Mi’kmaq is occurring at an historically important time in Canada. It follows on the mass mobilization of Indigenous peoples across the country who took part in Idle No More rallies and “flashmobs,” etc. It is also occurring as thousands of Natives in ‘BC’ have expressed their opposition to oil and gas pipelines and tankers. And all this is occurring as Canada seeks to position itself as a new “petro-state” based on the extraction of gas and oil, especially from the Tar Sands in northern Alberta. In this context, the struggle of the Mi’kmaq is of critical importance."

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Obviously this is how Hook got to New York to find Emma. With mermaid realm crossing powers. So obvious.

Technically part of my How Hook Reaches New York series. I wanted to get one last crack theory in before the reveal.

At this point I’m positive all of them are wrong. But I just really wanted to animate a merman Hook. So much so that I ditched my original plan of a 4 frame cycle tail with a held still body and just went all out.

I will be posting my bloopers for this later.