Save The Reef

We don’t know if it’s on the “news” over seas, but here in Australia- that big old island down the bottom of the planet- the current right wing Government has just authorised a handful of the richest people to open up 9 mega-mines in Queensland, the state that is bordered by the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. 
These mines would export more coal to countries happy burn it, while also allowing the companies running the mines to dredge ports up and down the Great Barrier Reef and then to dump the millions of tons of dredge spoil in the Marine Park- thereby killing the Great Barrier Reef.
UNESCO have already paid a visit to Australia warning that the Great Barrier Reef will be unlisted as a World Heritage site.
Instead it will become just more collateral damage, on a collateral planet…

This link is to the Greenpeace report on the Galilee Basin Mega Mine system.