So I went on a Revolutionary Girl Utena binge this last week.

It’s still flawless and magical. Utena is amazing and an A+ role model.

Obviously this is how Hook got to New York to find Emma. With mermaid realm crossing powers. So obvious.

Technically part of my How Hook Reaches New York series. I wanted to get one last crack theory in before the reveal.

At this point I’m positive all of them are wrong. But I just really wanted to animate a merman Hook. So much so that I ditched my original plan of a 4 frame cycle tail with a held still body and just went all out.

I will be posting my bloopers for this later.


One aspect of gluttony that I think is fun is when someone eats so much that they end up food drunk, which is.. pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I really wanted to express that in some sketches and thought, ‘okay who’d be a good victim of eating themselves silly… oho wait of course this goober’ … plus I kinda really missed Demyx anyway OTL

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so can’t go to AnimeNext and my dad just lost his job, which means my mom spent $60 on me for no reason (She bought the tickets for me and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for her) and everyone in my family just had dental work done.  Also, I haven’t found a job yet.  

For now we still have my dad’s insurance, but still that only covers 50% of the cost of dental work, and dental work is super expensive.

AnimeNext has no refunds after June 1st, and I’ll still try to get a refund, but if I can’t, please please please consider donating to my paypal so I can try to pay my mom back.

I’ll also do commissions for art/writing (I’m ngl I’m a lot better at graphic design than I am at digital drawing, but I’m pretty spiffy with traditional drawing and painting so I can offer traditional art as well as digital).

Also, consider buying from my redbubble page!  And if there’s anything you want to see on a t shirt or whatever, hmu and we’ll work out a small small commission fee (like $2 probably) and then I’ll post it on RB so you can buy it.  Under the cut I’ll post some of my art!

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as if something as dumb as different unis would keep them apart.

(Please open in another window and zoom so you can actually see/read it thank you)