Once again thank you pawn gaylord !! The girl who drank the star from Kiyoyachi howls moving castle AU.

Hello, I have a question which can only be answered by you, so please be honest with me.
Should I put a few details about me as a person in the description of this blog or are people simply not interested in information about the author of these poems?
(Well, that sounds very cynical but I really don’t mean it like that, I’m not offended if readers just want to enjoy my writing without knowing anything about me).
Thing is, sometimes I, personally, prefer not knowing that much about the person behind the work because especially if you can identify with it, it could be a bit delusional (that’s probably not the right word and I’m not sure if anyone can actually understand what I’m trying to say since it is very late and I’m very tired haha)
So please, let me know if I should put some information about myself there and if yes, what kind of stuff you would like to know. Thanks in advance.
—  // oh, and I’ll take this as an opportunity to thank you for 18.000 follows, this is simply incredible