I fell in love with #raiseaglassto-freedom Hamilton/Mythology Aesthetic posts, so, of course I spent all morning drawing these.

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West Covina - the Musical! (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Ok here’s the story: I really love the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s super smart (a mobius strip joke in a girl power song? Yes please.), it has a realistic outlook on people that could easily be one-note side characters, and includes incredible musical numbers. And it’s hilarious. 

Rachel Bloom, well, the entire cast, is so delightful…let’s be honest, I want to live in that world and hang out at Home Base with the 8 year olds and alcoholics and break out in to song.

I love musicals, I love feminist media, I love dark humor. If other people weren’t saying the same things I’d think I had dreamt it.

So I decided to make the broadway poster for the musical in her head. I’ve also been feeling really down on my artistic abilities, and this little project has helped me get over a bit of a hump. 

When in a rut, look at reference, don’t give up, and as Rachel Bloom herself has been quoted saying before: “Laziness is a form of fear” and I can’t agree more. FEAR NOT and finish that thing you haven’t finished yet, face your fears and run with scissors.

♡I Would Love The Opportunity To Run Against Him♡

a narrative playlist about two star-crossed lovers

♡ Tracklist //  ♡

♡ Rich Kids - Washington// One Thing - Peter and Kerry// Bloom - The Paper Kites//Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko// Safe And Sound - Taylor Swift// American - Lana Del Rey// Boats & Birds - Gregory & The Hawk// 192 Days - Eisley// The Mother We Share - Chvrches// Concrete Wall - Zee Avi// To Binge - Gorillaz//
High By The Beach - Lana Del Rey// Hypocrates - Marina And The Diamonds//
Teddy Bear - Melanie Martinez// Habits - Tove Lo ♡ 

♡ cover cred to @scarehoe ♡