Good Design Business Cards by Murmure

“At Murmure they think that behind a good project always lies a good client. For their new business cards, the Art Directors assume their graphic and strategic ways. A premium business card whose main information is conveyed by the punchline which is herself highlighted by the graphic and printing qualities.”

Murmure creative agency specialises in strong visual identities in fields such as arts, culture, music and luxury. The agency is directed by two artistic directors (Julien Alirol and Paul Ressencourt) and aspires to produce and develop singular creative and aesthetic projects adapted to its clients’ desires.

There will be times your branches bend, there will be times they break. There will be times you wish to fly away from here, to take flight and forget the way back. Stay. Stretch your wings and feel the air, but circle back. Land here again and remind yourself all the reasons to avoid that last migration. You are one of many, but you are one, one perfect one, and we need the sound of your wings flapping.


some previous work without watermark….Hope you enjoy that``

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