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you know about snowstorms, right? it's a dance of glass flakes piling on top of one another, growing stronger with every contribution because being a snowflake alone isn't seen as 'good enough'- but one snowflake can still be beautiful. you are the one snowflake, the one that's dropped down and looked at as a work of art of crisp blue murmurs before you disappear; you are also the snow pile about to be brought to life by hands of two lovers who adore your existence. you need to be appreciated.

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Good Design Business Cards by Murmure

“At Murmure they think that behind a good project always lies a good client. For their new business cards, the Art Directors assume their graphic and strategic ways. A premium business card whose main information is conveyed by the punchline which is herself highlighted by the graphic and printing qualities.”

Murmure creative agency specialises in strong visual identities in fields such as arts, culture, music and luxury. The agency is directed by two artistic directors (Julien Alirol and Paul Ressencourt) and aspires to produce and develop singular creative and aesthetic projects adapted to its clients’ desires.


some previous work without watermark….Hope you enjoy that``

btw it’s 3:40a.m here, and i’ve just finished my homework. I’m so tired but 4 hours later I will take another 4hr course…………eh……………..Tw T …

oh plus..Accturactly i was so surprised that my sketch could get so much notes!!..Thank you very much really!!! .0w 0 ❤ I will try to make more of them after the exams………!!