Request: i saw this imagine earlier in the tag that’s jugheadxartist!reader and i loved it so much i want more … just anything jugheadxartist!reader or archie for that matter whoever you want

A/N: So I went with Archie because I read the original that inspired this request… and I loved it.  I didn’t want to in any way rip that off, so I figured we’d give Archie a shot at some artist fun because we all know artists have more fun…  It’s small, and cute.  I love it.  Also, this was written more from the idea that the reader is an art student, like myself.  However!!! I’ll be posting one later for a more creative, cartoon type artist, so be on the lookout for that one.  I’ll link it here or something when it’s up.

Word count: 431

Warnings: cursing

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Archie always loved watching you work.  As much as it pained him to see you stressing over deadlines, there was something about how even through that stress, you were always most at peace with a brush in your hand. You had a very clean, pristine look to you when you were working, even though often it resulted in some material smeared across your brow. “Better paint on my face than sweat on my paint,” you’d always say in response to his muffled giggle.

The art room was your second home, and because you were there most of the time, so was Archie.  You were stood at one of the easels, a set of chalk in one hand and canvas at eye level.  Your current piece was three by four foot chalk pastel piece, the sheer size of it enough to get your palms sweating.  Your light wash jeans, black turtleneck, smooth skin were all covered in the medium, dark blues and greens staining every other inch of your form.  

Archie was writing silently, the only noise in the room your scratchy chalk against thick paper and your slightly fast breathing.  His gaze lifted for a moment from his laptop screen, looking at your profile against the ridiculously good piece of art.

“Shit,” he murmured.  You turned quickly, an alarmed look on your face.

“Oh god, it’s not done yet.  Don’t look!” You raced to try and cover it, arms spread to cover it.  “We had a deal, Archie!  You could be here right now as long as you don’t look until it’s done.”

“Babe, it’s…” He stood up, softly moving your arms down to your side, wrapping his arm around your waist and tugging you back a few feet.  “Gorgeous.  It’s gorgeous.”  You dropped your head to his shoulder, running a chalky hand through your hair.  “I’m seriously in awe.”

“Thank you, Arch.” You smiled into his neck, standing on your tiptoes to kiss just under his ear.  

“When’s this due?”

“Friday.” He smiled.  

“Let’s go get some food.”  You smiled in return, however within a moment you looked down to your state, covered in chalk pastel, an art mess.

“I’m in no shape to go anywhere other than my art cave…” He grinned, looking over you.

“That’s a shame because… I love showing off my artist girlfriend.” You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.

“We dippin’ to go to Pop’s?”

He laughed at the smile that lit up in your eyes, “Yeah.” You begin collecting your materials and shoving them into your rucksack.  “And you’re keeping the chalk on your face.”


Black Witch in Public Series: #1 First Fridays Art Murmur

                                               #2 Lunch Date

                                               # Halloween Party

                                               # Muir Nude Beach

                                              # Art Opening Impact Hub Oakland

Colours Pt. 2 (Calum)*


|| in which you are childhood friends who have grown apart, only to be brought back together again.|| 

MASTERLIST (*=smut) 

Red has a hold over us like no other pigment, signifying attraction, danger, boldness, and sex.


You watched as Calum’s dark hair disappeared around the corner, wanting so desperately to shove your new art kit up his ass.

You were fuming, jabbing the last pencils into the kit before slamming it closed and stuffing it back inside your bag.

How dare he.

How dare he act all cocky and rude, treating you as if you were a child.

How dare he make your breath quicken and your heart race, the thought of his fingers in your hair still running through your mind. 

How dare he bring up your past together, and act like he still knew who you were even after 10 years of barely audible hellos and silent staring.

And most of all, how dare he wear that leather jacket that brought out the chocolate of his eyes and those stupid black skinny jeans that made his legs go on for days.

Fuck Calum Hood.

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Request: “Imagine doing all kinds of plans for your honeymoon with Klaus but when you guys get to your destination , you two spend most of the time in the bedroom ;)”

Notes// Enjoy! 

“How about Valencia? We could go to the Museu de Belles Arts de València? I know you like art…” You murmur, in the best Spanish accent you could pull off, as you continue to scroll through the many pages of the website. So far you had planned out the trip to Italy and to France and now you were planning out the trip to Spain. You never expected Klaus to get down on one knee, let alone plan a honeymoon with you.

Klaus sighed, and sat beside you, “The Museu de Belles Arts de València…” He repeated but his accent was much more accurate, “I like the sound of that.”

“Show off.” You muttered before turning towards him. The two of you had recently married, in private with only family members attending. Now, you were in the process of planning your honeymoon, which was taking longer than you had imagined.

Klaus chuckled and took your small hand in his, before looking towards the screen, “How about Mercado Central, Valencia. That seems more like a place you would like to visit.” He smiled, as he kept your hand close.

You looked at the screen seeing that it was a public market. Of course you were a fan of shopping but this honeymoon was not about that, “Nah. Something more adventurous. Surely you’ve been somewhere in València, or what is now València that we can go?” You look over at Klaus.

Klaus gave you a look before nodding, “True. We could go-“

“Surprise me.” You smile before kissing his cheek, “Now its your turn to look  for places to visit. I am going to get a drink.”

“Fine, Love.” Klaus sighed a little, shuffling his chair towards the computer.

You smiled and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before heading to the kitchen. You had been planning for two days now, and you were nowhere near to being done.

Opening the door to your hotel room, you chucked your bag on the floor before lying down on the bed. You were tired. Having jet lag was bad enough, but spending the whole day out made it worse. Not that you hadn’t enjoyed the day, of course you had but you were exhausted. Still, you had a dinner to get ready for.

“I thought we came home to change for dinner?” Klaus questioned as he sat beside you, running his hand up and down your thigh.

You bit your lip to hold in a moan, “I know…but a little sleep would be just as nice.”

“Come on love, you have tonight to sleep. Let’s go out for dinner.” Klaus laid down beside you, minding the hair from your face, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

You looked up at Klaus, who was of course pouting. You knew that if you didn’t go out to dinner with him, he was going to throw a tantrum. It’s what he did if he didn’t get his way.

“Alright, I’ll go take a quick shower to wake myself up.” You peck his lips as you get up off the bed.

Klaus smirks, pulling you back on the bed so that you were straddling his waist. He sat up, pressing his lips against yours. You smiled, and wrapped your arms around his neck, returning the kiss just as passionately.

“Klaus…we’re going to dinner.” You pull away a little, but Klaus pulls you back in for another kiss.

“It’s not like you wanted to go anyway love.” Klaus retorted, rolling you over, and hovering above you. You smiled up at him, entwining your fingers with his as he pinned them above your head.

“True…” You reply before kissing him. He kissed back, as he pressed his hips down, pinning you to the bed. His member presses down harder against your core, making your buck your hips up towards him.

Klaus chuckled, trailing kisses down towards your neck. You pulled on your arms, pushing your hips up against Klaus, but you knew it was useless trying against an original hybrid. Still it was all the more fun. Klaus smiled, letting go of your hands so he could get rid of your clothes. His lips brushed against your neck, gently before being more forceful. It was clear to you from the start he couldn’t help himself with you. His teeth bit down on your skin, making you cry out before he kissed over the marks. Only this time, he was sucking your skin. A groan left your lips, as you continued to play with his blonde curls, tilting your head to the side giving him more space to work. 

“Klaus…” you moaned out, your nails running down his back earning a groan from him. He pressed his body closer to yours, as he pressed his lips back onto yours. You pulled your lips apart, allowing his tongue to explore your mouth. He was in control, just as your both preferred. 

Klaus pulled his lips away from yours, trailing wet, open mouthed kisses down your neck. A whispery-moan escaped your lips as you desperately tried to even your breathing. Your eyes were clenched shut, your breaths coming in deep, deep pants.

Klaus’ lips continued to descend downwards, you looked at Klaus, as he looked at your body. His lips twitched into a grin and he pulled you closer. Klaus was just about controlling himself from taking you there and then. But he wasn’t going to of course, he was going to make you wait as long as he possibly could.

His hands moved up to your shoulders, trailing his fingers down your back. You were surprised, to feel his hands continue to travel south, stopping at the waistband of your panties. He grasped your rear-end tightly in his hands. You watched his eyes skim over your body, but before you knew it, he lent forward and captured one your nipples in his teeth. You head fell backwards, and your eyes fluttered closed. He gave a sharp tug, your breath caught in your throat. You felt your body tense up but soon relax in Klaus’ hands. You tangled your hands back in Klaus’ hair, fingers knotted in his curls. He began sucking at the skin, drawing gasps from your lips. You felt him smirk against your skin. He then moved to the other nipple, one of his hands come up to squeeze the other. You were completely consumed with the feeling of Klaus’ mouth against your soft skin…sucking at your skin. He made you feel things you have never felt, things that you didn’t know existed. You hands trailed down his back, and tugged on his shirt. You tugged harder, realising that Klaus wasn’t paying much attention. He lifted his head up, his blue orbs staring right at you. You cocked your head to the side, and pulled as much material as you could from what you could reach. Klaus sat backwards, and in one swift movement, he slid the material up and over his head before leaning over your body. His lips finding your toned stomach, he kissed his way south, lips ghosting over each rib on the right side of your body.

The lower he travelled, the harder and faster your heart seemed to beat. This only seemed to spur Klaus on, and he used his teeth to nip hard at the skin just over your hip bone.

You felt yourself become more excited, knowing what was about to happen. You knew what was coming, and you couldn’t wait for him to begin.

Day 2

You eyes remained on Klaus, who was sat intensely just between your ankles, you trailed your hand, lightly so you could barely feel it, down your torso down south. Klaus had subconsciously gripped your thighs, and it tightened as your hand travelled further and further south. Your fingers grazed over your panties, and slid your finger just under the edge. Before you knew it, a feral growl had filled the room, and you, yourself was pinned. Klaus was now between your thighs, your legs spread so wide, his body could fit between them. His hips were pressed tightly against your own, and a groan escaped you as Klaus’ bulge that was hidden beneath his own jeans, ground against you. He hovered over you, his nose brushed against yours as he harshly connected your lips together. This kiss was anything but loving, it was the both of you pouring everyone ounce of lust and need into each other. He held your hands above your head, as he continued to ground his hips against yours roughly. You tried to tug your hands away, but it was useless trying.

You pulled away, as your teeth dragged at his bottom lip before moving away to breath, “Let me touch you.” You begged, quietly as you tugged on his hold. Klaus loosened his grip, and you tugged again. You moved your hands away, and pulled Klaus in for another kiss, who was pleasantly surprised by this. Klaus hands moved to underneath you, holding you against him, as yours travelled down south, undoing Klaus’ belt buckle and jeans button. Your hands grazed against his bulge as you undid the zipper earning a quiet groan from Klaus. Your lips and tongues continued to clash against each other, as you used your knees and feet to pull Klaus’ jeans down. Klaus pulled away to remove his jeans completely. As soon as they were off, you wasted no time in tugging his boxers down, but he stopped you.

“Ladies first, love.” Klaus grabbed both your hands in his one hand, as the other glided up your inner thigh, at an excruciating slow pace, slowly down to almost a stop as he approached your core. You couldn’t wait any longer, and so you involuntarily whimpered. Klaus’ finger travelled higher, and reaching your pantie covered core, before ripping them off. Klaus’ hand quickly returned back to your core, and he let his fingers linger against your folds. He pressed his index finger between your two fold. You had your eyes closed at the sensation, your hands clenched into fists in Klaus’ hand. Klaus pushed his index finger past your folds and into your entrance. Your back arched up into him, your breath catching in your throat at the feelings that overcame you. He pumped his finger into you multiple times as his middle finger joined.

Day 3

“Klaus…” You whimpered softly. You had trouble forming words with the amount of pleasure that was filling your body, your voice barely forming a mere whisper.

At just the sound of his name escaping your lips, it causes a smirk to tug on Klaus’ lips, and he plunged his fingers in deeper and harder into you. A small screech escaped you, which was followed by a series of moans and groans. Your hips moving in time with his fingers. A familiar warm sensation formed in your stomach, your walls clenching around Klaus’ fingers.

“I’m so close…” You moaned out, your head tilted to the side, panting.

Klaus pumped his fingers in twice more, hard before retracting them from your core, causing you to groan at the loss of contact and the denied orgasm. He grinned up at you, knowing what he had done to you, but he saw it as an accomplishment. Klaus began to crawl up your body, leaving an odd kiss here and there on your stomach. Your hands travelled south, your finger tips grazing against the toned skin of his stomach, finding the blonde trail of hair that vanished into his boxers. You didn’t hesitate to grasp him in your small hand. Klaus froze, his head drooped slightly and his lips parted. You gave a brief squeeze, and gently slide your hand down and back up. You looked up at Klaus, who’s eyes were still closed, his lids sealed shut. Your paused movement, caused Klaus’ eyes to snap back open. But they were the gorgeous blue eyes, instead they were the shining gold. Darkened veins magnified beneath his eyes. You rarely saw his hybrid side but it was this moment that you realised that you were in love with him. You knew that from the start, but this…this had made it real. You bought your hand out of his boxers, and caressed his face in your small hands. Your eyes stayed connected to his, and your pressed your lips lingeringly to his. Klaus, knowing you weren’t going to run at the sight of his demon, let it take over. He removed his boxers, and in the blink of an eye, his length was inside of you. You screamed out at the intrusion, feeling your walls expand to accommodate his impressive size.

Day 4

As you lay in Klaus’ arms, you were suddenly reminded that you were on your honeymoon, in Spain with a whole list of things to do. 

“I think we should go out today.” You murmured, tracing patterns on Klaus’ chest.

Klaus smiled, and caught your hand, “Why?”

“We have a whole list of places to visit, and things to do. Not that I am complaining, I am loving this honeymoon, but we should do something…shouldn’t we?” You questioned, looking up into his blue orbs.

Klaus chuckled, “As you wish, love.” He sat up, before hovering over you before pressing his lips to yours, “But we have other things to do.” 

Credence gets a wand


Graves tells Credence in no uncertain terms that he needs a wand. A subject the both of them have been dancing around for several weeks now. Credence is much more stable now, healing, and Graves would very much like to share such magic with him, really, truly.

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tfw ur both a ballet dancer and an artist yet u can’t draw a ballet dancer

Okay I am in love with @teandstars’ Dancetale au (lbr who isn’t), so I decided to draw Frisk doing some ballet. The bottom right is just a halfhearted doodle inspired by a personal experience back when I was really young. My hair was as short as Frisk’s, if not shorter, and for class everyone’s hair had to be out of our faces. For me putting my hair back didn’t work very well.

Anywho, this isn’t anywhere near as awesome as other Dancetale art out there, but I decided to post them anyways. c’:


Requested by anon. 

Actual Request: “Imagine Elijah walking in on you naked, and instead of being polite, he just checks you out and smirks because he finds you bloody hot.”

gif credit: not mine.

You are humming a forgotten song in your bathroom and having such a relaxed time on your own. To be more accurate, it’s Marcel’s bathroom but who cares? He said you can do anything you want as long as stay out of his business. You want to be involved that vampire things but you are a witch so yes, staying out of that crap is a better idea. Ancient vampires fight? No thanks, you’re better like that.

After your bubble bath with candles, you raise from the bathtub and… Elijah Mikaelson is standing in your bathroom and… smiles?

“What are you doing here?” you ask. He shrugs and keeps looking at you.

“What are you doing here?” he repeats you.

“Well that’s practically Marcel’s house and I live here.” you explain him. “You are the one who shouldn’t creep people like that. Hey! Are you checking me out?”

Elijah walks in the bathroom and leans on a cupboard.

“I, myself, always want to appreciate the art, don’t you think, Y/N?” he says.

You blush in a second and forget about your nudity.

“And the red marks on cheeks…” he continues. “That’s the beauty of the artistic being of your body.”

“I…umm, thank you for your kind words, can you give me the towel, please?”

“Covering art… but have it your way, of course.” He hands the towel and smirks.

“Stop calling me art.” you murmur and leave the bathroom with bare foot.

You hear him saying “I can’t help myself.” but can’t reply him because of that ridiculous smile on your face.