My best friend was stolen tonight.

Yellow trek 1,000 with back blue rim with a schwinn tire.
MD sticker on fork.

Stolen off of telegraph & 24th Friday September 7 at First Friday’s Art Murmur between the hours of 6 & 10pm. 

If you see my bicycle, please call  (510)978 0466.

Please reblog! 

Banksy turned away from Art Murmur galleries for being too traditional

Oakland’s 20+ art galleries where the monthly First Friday Art Murmur takes place have unanimously rejected the latest artwork of Banksy, criticizing his work for being “too traditional,” “too mainstream,” and “not political enough.”

A curator who wanted to remain anonymous from Johansson Projects stated that the work she saw by Banksy “just wasn’t postmodern enough and didn’t live up to the on-the-edge work we want to showcase in Oakland.”