Sophie Kaye, New York, 80mm

The vintage photography experts at Lomography are back on Kickstarter with a new art lens set. Based on a design from the 1830s, the convertible Neptune system opens up a new world of visual possibilities for modern photographers — letting you create exceptionally sharp images with strong, saturated colors, or soften them with delicate bokeh effects. 

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Marine Toux, Paris, 50mm

Lorenzo Scudiero, Rovereto, 35mm


“Contact Lens” by Haruka Kojin

“I was on an express bus, looking at the pavement which passed my eyes at a high speed accelerated by the car engine. Looking still for some time, my vision automatically focused into a grainy surface of the pavement – appearing enlarged in my eyes.  I do not entirely rely on my visionary sense because my eyes are spheres having limited sensitivities. What if my eyes have rectangular pupils? Another world-view will then be my reality. Imagine how insects with facet-eye like flies or birds view the world? The birds can capture an ultraviolet ray invisible to human, so they must have their own version of reality unique to their visionary sense.” - Haruka Kojin

collab with the great @yellow-lens

they made the sketch, i lined and coloured it

go check out their part of the collab!

back at it again with the ballet au :D

poor baby boy sean is embarassed that he has to wear a tutu

but anyway, collabing with yellow was a blast, if you don’t know them go and check out their art, they’re an amazing artist and a great person too, love ya bb ♥