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Jeez, I love Luna and your drawings. I'm not the person that made the other questions about albinos for you. I was just comparing her skin tone with the other characters, like in the drawing Loony made for you. They had the same skin tone. That wasn't a critic.

Firstly thank you for putting your opinion there, but i’m still trying to find “wrong” spot in this subject. Artists can create their ocs with paler, darker or fantastic(bluish, greenish etc.) skins. Also if you create an oc with pale skin or same color base with Luna, is it make her/him albino or it’s make you kinda art thief? (color thief? oh, c'mooon guys)
If Loony(or someone else) create her ocs with pale skin, it doesn’t bother me cause it’s her oc and not my businness. And please don’t forget that, colors are not unique for one artist and it’s very normal to choosing similar colors with another artist or taking color refs from them.

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What pisses me off most is it's another limited time event. I'm strapped for cash, but the completionist in me is gonna still brute force for all four.

Yeah, it sucks that these events are always time limited :/ ‘cause everyone feels pressured to have them since “THEY’LL NEVER APPEAR AGAIN!”, so the urge to throw money into the game is even greater than usual… I mean, I get that it’s the whole point of these >_> But still, it sucks.

(I saw the art and now I kinda want that Tiki… dammit…)

Hey since I saw an artist I have a ton of respect for just got sent hate for “catering to fat fetishists” aka “draws fat people presented as beutifull and loveable and sexy”, and since I draw similar stuff; Friendly reminder that I am fucking fat as fuck and fat people are allowed to create art where we depict ourselves as beutifull and desirable. Because we are. And if some fucko wanna give me guff about “you aren’t That fat!” Pls know that I am actually so fat I cant wear the standard work uniform for my fucking jobb (the t-shirt in this photo is not part of the uniform I can’t button it under my apron), and most employers I’ve had thinks I can fit in some tiny ass size 60 chef shirt. So like, keep your ideas about what kinda art fat people is allowed to create and consume to yourself. Okay?


So…NEW ERRORLUST FANCHILD!! (*coughcauseKaiyasuckedcough*) I even made digital art of him. Kinda sucks tho ;w; ANYWAYS! His name is Neon since his colors are rlly bright. I’m still deciding on a few things (boots/blush color (it’s on the first ref btw)) but yeah…Neon. ((I’ll make more info bout’ him later))