Yuuri’s costumes from my Viktuuri time travel fic <3 

Trying to keep elements of the canon costumes while also changing things up is hard OTL, but this was generally what I had in mind :0

Say Hello to my two new babes!!!!

Eric Jensson and Tamnes Jensson are my and my brothers new twin OCs c:
He designed Eric, his personality and choose his name while I did Tamnes. They are around 19 Years old, Eric is straight and Tamnes is bi (just like my brother and me) and they´re supposed to be the protagonists of a new story of mine c:

a trend i don’t really get is people draw mob all aesthetically but like??? he’s a fuckin middle schooler?? that boy is awkward and probably sweaty with a facefull of acne. mob would read warrior cats and have a deviantart. mob would play yu-gi-oh competitively. he’s just a nice kid


December Doodle #3

We all know who love candies, aren’t we? :v xD Jackaboy! :D
Also we all know who love failing arts, aren’t we? :v It’s me! XD