I keep running around,trying to find the ground
But my head is in the stars and my feet are in the sky
Well I’m nobody’s baby, I’m everybody’s girl
I’m the queen of nothing, I’m the king of the world

ruenesca  asked:

I want to learn how to do digital art. Is there a program or book or something that you would suggest for beginners? (and I mean don't even know how to use Photoshop kinda beginners lol) Your art is amazing, definitely something I want to aspire to

ajdhsdsjahdadj ahhhhh it feels so surreal, being someone artspiration xD Thank you!

The best website for beginners (and not-so-beginners alike) that I can think of is Here you can find a number of really awesome tutorials, on both traditional drawing and digital. There are also some tutorials on hardware and the like, and they’re pretty meticulous so I think it’s a good place to start.

There’s also Sycra’s channel on Youtube, who also has a good number of tutorials on a variety of topics.

I would suggest starting with Photoshop, simply because you can find a great deal of tutorials all around the internet for it. A lot of people use SAI, mostly because of accessibility, and Clip Studio Paint is again a very good option (it’s like a very friendly mixture of the good parts of Photoshop and SAI).

I don’t think there are as many good tutorials for SAI or ClipStudio out there though. I personally have a book for SAI, but it’s in Japanese. Anyhow, if you learn Photoshop you can use either of these, you just have to adjust and explore a little. The principles stay pretty much the same.

As for books, I’m not too sure, a lot of the “Digital Painting for Beginners“ style of books don’t really explain more than you could find in a video tutorial, so I personally don’t really think they’re worth the money.

And, I guess, the most important part of all, is be prepared to fail! This may sound ominous xD but I’m very serious, failure is a great way to learn and pretty darn unavoidable (sigh), so don’t be afraid if your art will look pretty terrible for a while! I can assure you my digital drawings were gosh darn awful (I wasn’t very good at digital drawing, and I just wasn’t very good at drawing either, lmao). You’ll absorb information in time, and experiment, and adjust, so there’s definitely going to be improvement if you keep at it!

OH! If you’re using a classic drawing tablet and you haven’t used one before, it’s probably going to feel pretty awkward at the beginning, having to move your hand but look at the screen. I adjusted quickly, but it’s different for everyone, so just give it some time.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with anything specific either, I’ll do my best to explain!