Here’s the picture of Teamiplier + Jack & Wiishu at Disneyland! All holding hands to stay together ^w^ Probably got a lot of the clothes/shoes wrong (OH WELL), and removed hats and sunglasses cuz FACES AND HAIR ARE THE BEST PARTS YO. @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @crankgameplays @wiishu Do the others have tumblr? Idk.


So…While scrolling through internet memes and Kingdom Hearts news and all the Jokes about Woody saying “Sora look a Heartless!” I found some gems pertaining to Overwatch. I literally downloaded these from iFunny.

What is my life? All I could do was think of Gremlin!D.Va!?

This is where my art skills have gone…

Is it even funny? I don’t know…

…Is it strange to say that drawing my Self-Insert art also kinda makes me feel more proud/comfortable with my body? Cause, I like the way I draw myself and I think that I come out looking pretty cute in my style. And maybe with the way that I draw myself, it can be proof that you can be chubby and still be beautiful/sexy? 

Even when I look in a mirror, I think to myself, “Man, I’m pretty cute aren’t I?” Idk, I’m so sorry I REALLY don’t mean to sound vain at all I swear, but I just feel pretty glad that I’ve been feeling pretty good about how I look. Yet I look bad whenever my picture is taken…especially when using the selfie camera lol.

But yeah, idk, drawing my Self-Insert art and seeing all the support you guys have been giving it really boasted my self-esteem about how I look. So thanks a lot guys! ♥ Sometimes I might still doubt myself here and there but for the most part, I think I feel pretty good about my body!

Now if only I could get better self-esteem about who I am inside…XD

anonymous asked:

honestly, although I enjoyed areas sfw art (i r eally really dislike the nsfw art) I'm kinda glad its down? is that bad to say?

nope not at all, her nsfw did make people uncomfortable and that’s not okay and it caused a lot of uproar so yea, its down and thats that.