something quick from just now! warming up a little. until the gag reel, i totally spaced that cas got hit with that rabid dog thing! i think i’d been asked how i hope this would pan out??? but i hope crowley gets out, gets the winchesters and is all like, “MAKE IT STOP PUT A LEASH ON HIM IDK WHAT TO DO I HATE MY MOM”


“Courtney Vision”

I have zero excuses

I just kept laughing while drawing the first panel im sorry

oh man those good ol’ times when everyone wrote off henry as the most bland protagonist of silent hill was the greatest source of motivation for me to keep going because i related to henry the most 

anyhow who cares about people who are quiet most of the time and act awkwardly in social situations, nah they’re just boring, right 


Yoooo! I’ve amassed a large number of OCs over the years. They often come in pairs :D Here are some of them! (Exceptions include Hamilcar who belongs to Niladhevan and Chaoxiang who belongs to Midnightzone).

I….also see a common pattern among them, LOL. You can kinda tell what I’m into, huh? *nervous laughter*