Keith Week day 3: angst By @fonbella

A space AU Klance piece Bella made for me, because of course I can always count on her to shatter my smol heart with angst 8′) Except that I FIRMLY BELIEVE THEY BOTH WILL MAKE IT AND ALL ENDS WELL!! *sobs* Right…? Lance won’t let Keith go no matter what… Even if they’d go down together

Daily draw. 🙂

Reference is from @rem289’s comic, “Freedom”. 😳

It’s pretty rough (Yes, I know the muzzle’s really, REALLY short. I made a pretty noticeable mistake on the eyebrows, too. And I also know that the pupils aren’t on the same height. 😅).

(Man, I make a lot of mistakes. I may need to redraw this one sooner or later.)

Leave feedbacks, please! I really appreciate every single one of them! 😁


The art piece to accompany this wonderful piece of work by my partner, Mei (@nolongerdazai).

She’s r patient and reliable–the only thing I’ve contributed to the story was just my fangirling (AND FOREVER HAUNTING HER TO MAKE MY FAVE CHARA A //////NG STAR…… WHICH SHE DID!) Ehehehe

Go read the whole story “Stardust” oooooover here guys XD

Also, thank you @daiyabigbang admin and volunteers for the awesome event! XD cheers to the fandom!!

Some other pieces that you might or might not be interested to check out under the cut:

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Wolftember day 30: favorite thing about the fandom?

honestly its just so great and tiny and idk, cozy? its nice, and honestly i’ve met a lot of cool people through podcasts and i am eternally grateful for all of them ^_^

but a special shout out again to the fanfic authors - you guys, just wow. this fandom has sooo many great fics i cannot believe, special mention to @sadhipstercat and @buhtpatrol (boi. artifice? i cri)

and like, i’d just like to appreciate the person who set up this whole thing and whom i consider the fandom mom, @harpers-mirror !

and of course,  thanks @ the creators for being so accessible and cool and kind evil @personalinsanitymoment and @iamzachvalenti

all of you rock. thanks for the ride.