some tentative designs 4 a thing?? i’m not sure abt this guy yet

pls don’t tag with fandom stuff or things abt ur ocs, ty!! also pls don’t copy the design if u could.. i see some of u reblogging my stuff tagged w/ ‘omg inspiration for my ___ species’ and straight up recoloring my ocs lol… i see ya’ll being naughty

i haven’t drawn anything in ages, so here. have some bratty bea boy.. some boytrice. some dude-ified beatrice.


Couldn’t decide what pic I like more, so yeah, here is both!

Casual courier listening to Radio New Vegas.

three years ago

Three years ago,
a little seed started to grow.

We aren’t that young and strong anymore,
some said mean things we tried to ignore.

A lot of us passed, are going away,
but we can be sure that most of us will stay.

There have been downs, many tears fell,
still in the end it all turned out well.

Because we believed in ourselves, didn’t let go,
we did sow out happiness hoping that it will grow.

After all those years we are still caring, a whole aweful lot,
still trying to make things better with all the love we’ve got.

The annual Lorax anniversary poem…

Gosh, I can’t believe we are already having the third one :’)

I hope I can keep this wonderful tradition up, at least to 5. 5 would be amazing.

One year ago.

Two years ago.