why dont people accept fine arts as an actual career choice, and something that people are actually interested in studying, like one of our school counsellors had to talk to us about universities and she was like “theres also Emily Carr University, but i dont know why its called a university because it only specializes in art and doesnt have more programs” like honestly stfu do u think that every school was a varity of programs??? i dont see you complaining about engineering universities 

|| Danny sat beside him first, and Steve plopped down on the other side of him only seconds later. The two of them had been fighting, been off-kilter with each other, but they still both wanted him to know they were there for him. It was such a nice feeling that Nahele focused on that night on the beach whenever his father let him down. They both threw and arm around him and the three of them watched the sunset in silence. They sat until the last of the warmth from the sun faded away and the only warmth left was on either side of Nahele, strong and constant. ||

this is one of my favourite scenes from the amazing fanfic ‘you can do this’ by osointricate

if you haven’t you should totally go read this fic, it is by far the best work in the mcdanno-fandom I’ve read!! I love how true and honest to the characters this story stays and it has lots of pining, but also established relationship fluff, a whole lot of domesticity and our two favourite dorks rising a bunch of kids together, while they’re not yet actually together, also some angst and kids interfering with their parents relationship, and just a whole lot of happy feels and especially ohana feels (because ohana means you don’t need biological relations to be a family) - basically just all the really good things you’d want in a fic

this is just a short scene, but it really stayed with me and sums up beautifully what the story is about, because even if steve and danny are kinda fighting at that moment, it doesn’t matter right then, because nahele needs them and when it comes to the needs of their kids, they’re a team no matter what (and that is just 100% who steve and danny are, they are family-people)

Okay Im Going Wit)( My Gut And )(ere )(ave Baby Me!!

For You Guys W)(o Are New To T)(e Blog I Was In Beauty Pageants Til I Was About 14 Years Old!!(Around 6-7 Sweeps!) And Pretty Muc)( I Needed A )(ead S)(ot To Give To T)(e Judges To Compare You Too And Suc)(!!!

And Before Anyone Says Anyt)(ing, I Actually Rat)(er Enjoyed Participating In T)(em!! T)(ey Were Really Fun To Do And Were A Really Great Way To Meet New Kids My Age!!

ooc; It’s 2016 and been almost 19 years and people still think Aeris died solely to produce angst for Cloud :’) :’) :’) :’) :’) :’) :’)