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and then Chrom comes up to Robin and stands there and says 'you imbecile' and orders Robin go to bed and sits next to him until Robin stops shaking because what if he overdosed caffeine and gets a heart failure or something lol

//aggressively struggles not to thoron lmao (continuation of this post)
also now I developed a headcanon where Robin gets blunt and super impatient and easy to annoy after drinking too much coffee. I’m gonna think about this now.

How does it feel to face the death in front of you, slowly crippling and tearing you inside?

How does it feel when your life flashed before your mind, memories you definitely don’t want to remember in such timing as your last breath?

Sometimes, I can’t help but think ‘what if it was’t an instant death?’

What if, Tadashi still alive, only for a several minutes, several seconds? Before the building finally collapsed and gone forever?

He will be standing there, filled with regrets. Unable to move his burnt leg, unable to register the pain, unable to save his professor, unable to say good bye to his little brother.

But then again, we’ll never know for sure.

It’s 3AM and I don’t know if this drawing looks ok or not because I am very tired, but I’ll post it anyway

This drawing with HisoMachi was made one month ago and, since today is the last day of summer, I decided to finish it now and to “celebrate” this moment.

I hope you will have a great day!

I used Hisoka’s outfit and Machi’s hairstyle from mobage cards

My first was hundreds of years ago, and since then my sexual history does not need to be spread around! I could easily just say “One other nation” and you would come prying to know who! 

These parts of my history are not all that important really, things happen, bonds are made, bonds are broken, sexual urges rise on the battlefield and are taken care of, and sometimes it’s nice to feel loved as a person and not just as a nation, or to know you share this slight burden of immortality because you can’t really allow yourself to get close to humans, or anything with a life-span not linked with a landmass’ society. It can get lonely, especially if you’re an island nation like me.


I’m going to go sit down I made myself start thinking….