Tomorrow/later today’s to-do’s:

  • Get a security tag removed from a shirt I bought
  • Buy more soda
  • draw garbage
  • possibly try to make OC Pizza Party a thing this weekend/week(????) because that sounds like a fun art jam and I never outgrew wanting to constantly eat pizza

-Find the tumblr account right here-

Perhaps you have been wondering about this OC Ball you might have seen floating around. Wonder no longer! The Original Character Ball is an art jam being hosted by myself and geekysideburns with venue assistance from heysawbones, where we finally solve the problem of having a character all dressed up with nowhere to go - send them to the ball! After allowing early access for those on the official guest list, we are now opening all doors to the general public… that means you!

Over the week of December 15th through December 22nd we will be accepting submissions of your original character(s) enjoying themselves in a lavish setting, wearing their finest threads. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Please check out the tumblr linked above at ocball, read through the rules, peruse other attendees, and feel free to join in with preparation artwork or date-hunting before the event begins! It promises to be a high-class time for all.

Be sure to tag all posts 2013 oc ball so it can be easy for the hosts to find your posts. Also, feel free to pass it around, tell your friends! We want to see everyone there!


Just a little more than a week left, if you wanna participate, pick a scene and send it to the e-mail with your info!

This won’t mean we’ll stop taking entries, if you think you’ve got what it takes to bring this world to life send us an e-mail! 
Fill your Entry Request and Send it to:

Scene you want to ilustrate:
Another Scene in case the first one is already taken: 

Still have questions? Check our FAQ’s