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your art is so lovely and pretty and i would love to be able to draw like you! i was wondering how you picked out colours for line art though? i've noticed that it's not the same colour throughout the whole drawing, and i can't figure out a) how you do it and b) how you get it to be so nicely complimentary of the other colours you use

Hi and thanks a lot! It’s actually really simple! It’s basically just a mix of colored lines and black lines! I usually only use black for the outlines though. I really like doing this because it adds some dimension while still being subtle. As for how to do it you just need to create a new layer on top of your lineart and clip it to it. Then you just add color and it won’t go outside of the lines.

  •  The 1st picture is what the artwork looks like with all black lines.
  • The 2nd picture shows what it looks like after I’ve colored some of the lines. 

As for how I pick the colors it’s really simple too! Just pick a darker shade of what’s inside the lines. So brown for skin,dark green for leaves and so on. (btw the artwork shown here is going up tonight,it’s already in my queue,it’s supposed to match that other witch I posted the other day)

Here’s also a pic of the layers in case you’re still confused on how to do it:

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I really want to be your friend but I’m scared and I don’t even know how to go about it. I would love to get to know you, you seem funny and fun to talk to but I don’t want to scare you off by just randomly asking questions or something. *hides behind her hands while peeking a little*

To be frank, this is super sweet and I love it hhh <333

I would say don’t be shy but I can totally understand¿ Plus I LOVE questions - just smack me in the face with questions (whether they are about me in general, mcl, Armin, episodes, etc). I also love memes so we could get along with that. Drawing and art is pretty common so, I usually draw for close friends but I don’t do art trades (lmao I’m not even good though). Pretty much just fandoms, memes, OC’s, art, venting, etc.

Things I’d recommend not to do is spam my DM box. I have a pet peeve when people keep messaging and messaging (let’s say they’re just dropping things off and keep saying “hi”, continuing to message and I don’t reply) it really gets on my nerves. Also! If you’re an Armin girl then it’s very likely - more like, absolutely likely I DO NOT want to hear about the relationship of your Candy with Armin because, reasons lmao.

Another thing I’d recommend not to do is insult my friends. I know a lot of people can view me as super sweet (which I find very kind, thank you you lovely humans <3) but I can really become very angry if my friend is insulted. Accidentally? Okay, that’s cool. But on purpose, I will actually fight. Uhhmm…another thing that would be great is just;;

but yoo dude hmu i’m open

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I love your character of Sun by the way. He's funny and cute and very expressive! As a bug lover, though, I do miss Ben, Andy, Lolly, etc (I actually followed for that cast haha!). Its nice to see you haven't forgotten them at least, and I know that interests/inspiration shifts over time. Keep having fun, and doing what you do because your art's really pretty and fun no matter what you're drawing!

Aw thank you that means a lot to me! ❤️ I might not be drawing escart at the moment but the story is far from forgotten and i fully intend to make a comic series out of it still

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the voltron fandom is just...hell, honestly. I mostly just stick to the sidelines and reblog the pretty art, but on the offchance I do delve deeper it's like the gif of the dude walking in with pizzas and the room's on fire. lmao the zutara vs ka//ang ship wars are nothing compared to k/ance vs she/th vs sha//ura, i'm just sitting here watching it all go down holding a sign like "LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS (BUT ALSO PLEASE TAG IT PROPERLY)"

Yeah I stay far away from it.


You know I cant deal with Major character death, im allergic. I break out in hives.

Gladio succeeds as Noctis’ shield and the kings are satisfied because while it did not result in Noctis’ death he was willing and had accepted the result.

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