Magicwatch Anniversary!

I thought it’d be fun to celebrate the game’s birthday by making promos of my Magicwatch cards. Look at that pretty art.

Honestly this game has meant a lot to me and has been a great comfort in an otherwise rough year. Honestly it’s so nice for there to finally be a Blizz game I can bond with other’s over, and I feel like it’s made me closer to my friends in general. The characters are wonderful and it’s the first ever game to really bring out the competitive streak in me. Thanks Blizz, you really hit it out of the park with this one. So then, here’s to another year!

anonymous asked:

Mod is a beautiful person who does its best and makes the best art posible.

I’m pretty sure dewmod doesn’t know how to adopt that information in, but I’m pretty sure dewmod is embarrassed and happy

Name: Leafchu

Category: the Garden Mouse Pokemon

Type: Grass/Electric

Height: 2′09

Weight: 67lbs

Body Build: Bipedal mostly

Leafchu are very friendly Pokemon and are one of the more popular Eeveechulutions. Farmers and gardeners are particularly fond of this Pokemon, due to its ability to create fresh air, which it gets from its Leafeon genes. It actually is much harder for Leafchu to discharge electricity, since it must dig itself a small hole and bury the tip of its tail into the ground before discharging. But these Pokemon produce so little electricity that it doesn’t constantly have to discharge, making them a great household pet.